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GBC Gurus and Tantric Devil Worship? (Bhakta Amira)

All Glories to Beelzebub!

All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Please accept my humble most obeisance at the lotus feet of the Vaishnava devotees of the Lord.

I have a reason to write and a reason to write incognito so please do not become disturbed because my real name does not come out here. I am not an old devotee I am a young devotee who has yet to take any type of diksha initiation and have been taking shelter of Prabhupada’s books, tapes and music and I am very satisfied. There is reason enough why I do not take diksha initiation from ISKCON guru. I am alone with my wife and child.

I am not a ritvik devotee because I see there too many problems in different camps.

[PADA: Right, this is one of the reasons we hope that people like Prahlad and HKC Jaipur folks begin to realize that their idea of starting giant cat fights among the so-called ritviks and Krishna devotees in public is not helping people surrender to Krishna and Prabhupada. As we see here, its turning people off, and we have had the same complaint from dozens of other people, if not more. These guys say they are the only ones preaching and no one else is, so its creating the same Gaudiya Matha "many different camps" mentality that disintegrated their mission.

So fine, they are preaching, but preaching what? That they are the only bona fide devotees and everyone else is bogus, which means, they are trying to make schisms, friction and fractures within the so-called ritviks, and then that means -- people like Amira do not want to participate. AT ALL!

Who wants to join people who are infighting all the time? Anyway, we are working on creating an alliance, and we are getting more and more good people on board, so its forming up gradually. And we hope to make a more unified presentation in the future. One devotee wrote to tell me, you guys are the circular firing squad, hee hee! So we need to work on solving that perception if we are going to make progress, or we will be rejected just like the GBC is being rejected.]

I do have special ability to research on internet and special ability to see things that maybe other devotees cannot see. I do not look for these things but they come to me. I have understood that the guru system of ISKCON is wrong. This I have never had problem with because if you are student of history you can see when you trace back history to see what happened and not simple acceptance of what is written or talked about today. If you study history the first gurus were illegal appointment by themselves. Second and third appointment based on first appointment idea or concoction is also illegal. So I do not do anything illegal.

[PADA: Well good, that is what we said in 1978, there was no appointment of gurus. Almost everyone thought we were crazy and offensive at the time, now the people who think there was a guru appointment are considered as the crazy ones. People might complain about our process and methods, but our process works, we got most people to agree on this issue.]

We have one son. He is a good boy of 4 years old. From my research into the Gurukula system of ISKCON I will not ever send our son there. First thing they do not follow Prabhupada in teaching and they use government system and we have taken to Krishna consciousness because we have given away the karmi system. Second as history student I see there has been too much abuse of the children in the ISKCON gurukula and the administration has turned a blind eye and there has been too much cheating and deceiving by them. So I am sorry I cannot trust the ISKCON and our child will not step his feet in any school we will train him at home.

[PADA: This has been perhaps the main cause celebre of PADA, the children issue, and again, nowadays just about everyone agrees with PADA on this issue, and thank God for that! Amira will take better care of his kid than anyone else can, and we fully applaud this idea.]

Changes have been made to Srila Prabhupada books which I feel in my heart is very bad so I have taken great trouble in finding some of the unedited books of Prabhupada which I believe is my right to do and my right to train our son in this way.

[PADA: Yep, our next cause celebre has been the changed books of the Satan-fraud acharyas, and now almost everyone is on board with us on this issue.]

Then I began to find out things that are very very bad about ISKCON and now make me frightened to see any devotee. I heard one talk by a Mata ji in Sridam Mayapura some years back she spoke of child abuse and Devil worship. Her name is Jvala Mukti devi dasi mataji and after listening to her something inside me pushed me to find out more and so I pray to Prabhupada and to Krishna inside my heart and I saw something very bad.

First, I understood that this mataji spoke truth. Then I saw inside my heart that some big diksha gurus and other leaders are doing this (devil) worship. I saw faces of these people who I cannot now say are devotee of Krishna. They dress and act and talk like devotee but they worship another God and they desire to destroy ISKCON from inside just like I heard that Prabhupada has said.

When I was little child I have experience of this kind of worship in my country. This is very bad and very great dangers but you can get power when you do this. Not good power but bad power. I went to my father home and spoke with my mother who is like you can say Clarevoyent, much more than me because I am devotee and have no need to develop this in me. My mother said that what I see is true. She say Prabhupada is very good man but many of his students are bad and lie. She said they are like Christian say Judas and they betray Prabhupada.

[PADA: OK that is our next cause celebre, we said Prabhupada was poisoned by some of his Judas leaders, and more people agree with this as well. Seems like we are on a roll here?]

I understand now very nicely why some guru devotees have much power and disciples. My mother also said that soon these devils will be having light shine on them and devotees will take sides and there will be a big problem in ISKCON. She said to me that I must warn devotees about this. So this is why I am writing.

You must understand that this is very old middle eastern worship and very many people think that these devils are God and but this God he is cheating them but their families have come from long line of worship this God and they have gotten strong faith and strong power from the worship.

My real name is not here because they must not know my name for power to do harm is when they know my name. You must already be knowing that demons or asuras are wanting this ISKCON destroyed and so they are here doing that and most of you have been cheated by them and think they are pure devotee with good heart and merciful but they are not.

You can call me crazy or what you like. I have seen their faces but they have not seen mine. I have seen what they have done to children, same as they have always done to children. You will not believe at first time but soon you will have big doubt. There are many very good hearted devotees that have come to this ISKCON but these demons have cheated them like milk that a serpent has tasted they poison their hearts.

Crazy or not but this has happened already and if you believe or not does not matter because they are working very hard to destroy ISKCON and to destroy you. As Prabhupada has said from within they can destroy from within and this is how they are destroying from within.

They use the power of the devil whose name I cannot speak as is my family history but my family do not accept anymore this God. They do not accept any God but I do because my uncle he had very old copy of Bhagavad Gita and Isopanisad in Arabic from when he was boy and I first read Isopanisad and my mind was very much attracted and then after reading Bhagavad Gita I was fully convinced that I wanted to change my mind from my family mind. They are not angry with me but help me a lot.

Please I mean no offence to any good devotee and please forgive my English. Although I study in school and college English my writing is very bad.

Please be a student of history and see how much of ISKCON has been changed and then think how is it possible to have the power to do this. First power is given by the devil second power is given when you refuse to see the truth and you support the evil men and women. Only accept power from Prabhupada from his books and by his worship and then you can get Krishna.

Yours faithfully
Bhakta Amira

[PADA: Are the GBC using devil worship or tantric black magic? We have had a number of different reports on this, for example a "psychic" devotee told me he saw a horrible demon gargoyle on Tamal's shoulder, and Tamal was moving as the gargoyle moved, so he was being controlled by a demon entity. I personally felt that Jayatirtha was covered with a big black ball of the sins of his followers, because passing by him knocked my breath out. So these accumulated sins are making them go more and more mad. 

Then again when Jayadvaita says that gurus are engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children, or he asks why in the hell are people chanting "Jaya Prabhupada," little hints of their real personalities come out.

A psychic reportedly told Satsvarupa he is also covered with a giant black ball of bad energy, just like Jayatirtha was. Satsvarupa's Lilamrta paints pure devotees as mundane men etc. Suhotra was allegedly a family member of the author of Satan's Bible. And I caught Hansadutta reading some totally bogus books about ghosts and spirits, and one of his books said Jesus is the king of the ghosts. 

Now at least a few ex-kulis think there are some actual Satanic ritual child killing sacrifices going on, who knows for sure. Its already not a good situation when some people feel that is their process. Of course we all know they already "sacrificed" many children to suffer other terrible abuses. One child told me he wished that he had been killed and sacrificed because that would have ended the pain.

We have heard these and many similar stories over the years. Of course "you become what you worship," so when the GBC makes little children worship their illicit sex and drugs deviants, what does that do? It corrupts these children, and that is their apparent purpose. OK! Its totally Satanic to make children worship illicit sex deviants. Anyway we could go on and on here, but you get the point.

A Bengali friend of PADA said there he was in Mayapura and there was a rumor that some GBC folks had hired a black magic tantric to have my head destroyed around the mid-1980s.

Then he said that what happened instead was -- the curse could not overtake me for some reason, so it reversed back to the GBC; and so Satsvarupa had headaches; Kirtanananda was whacked in the head with an iron pipe; Jayatirtha's head was chopped off; someone cut Jayapataka's neck badly -- and his head currently looks like a dried raisin -- and he can barely talk; and other GBC just went mad in the head because their heads quit working.

And then one of our critics named Sanat hit himself in the face with his post hole digger, which crushed his whole head in. And he almost died and had to get his head wired back together. So the Bengali friend said that if the curse cannot take down the victim, it comes back to the senders and their defender friends like Sanat, at least that was his take on all this.

And this Bengali man also said he is sure that Jvalamukhi is right, there are some black magic tantric or Satanic programs going on with these guys. I would not doubt that in any case. Anyone who would poison a pure devotee and then create a mass child abuse program, and orchestrate killing dissenters, is not a devotee of Krishna. He is a devotee of Beelzebub. Anyway good luck Amira, you got it figured out pretty much. ys pd]



  1. Hee hee, right, this is why we have the "Cost of Silence" problem, a lot of devotees are simply too fearful to speak up at all because many believe the GBC's program is Satanic or demoniac and it will attack them for speaking up, or will make their lives hellish on some level or other.

    And that is more or less true, so its sort of like any totalitarian regime, there is suppression of the renegades. So that is why a CBS news lady told me that most of your Krishna people have no idea what the Bhagavad Gita says, that you have to fight evil doers.

    We have seen that many of the senior devotees of Prabhupada gave up the fight to save ISKCON, and simply left the battle and allowed the evil empire to take over without much protest, or worse, a lot of acquiescing.

    For example, I see one of these senior guys from time to time and he reeks of pot, and sometimes alcohol, and he loves some of the GBC's gurus and he promotes them. So he gave up the fight and went back to his old ways, and helped the hi-jackers, and that is why we believe a lot of this happened as a sort of test from Krishna.

    Are "Prabhupada's" people going to fight a bogus guru program that is hi-jacking their religion, or are they going to surrender their church to these guys? And so, it would appear most people failed the test. Worse, various Gaudiya Matha people helped the hi-jackers and guys like Tripurari, Jnana das, Jagat guru swami, Pancadravida, Dheer Krishna, Pusta Krishna and many others went over there "for shelter," sort of like helping the MAFIA by worshiping its high priests. So a lot of the devotees direct or de facto helped along the hi-jacking process, knowingly or not.

    Meanwhile another devotee complains we are saying Satan is more powerful than God because all this Satanic stuff happened and God did nothing, which means God did not protect His devotees.

    Nope! We are saying that unless we surrender to God and follow His ideals, for starters by objecting to evil, then Satan or maya will overtake us, and our society. This is not the fault of God, He gave us good instruction to defy evil, and that order was not followed and so then we had "The Conspiracy of Silence" problem, which is what crooks like to hear, no sirens as they walk out of the store carrying the stolen booty. Anyway, at least we attempted some protest, and that is why the CBS lady told me, "Thank God I met you or I would think all of you wanted to worship fools as your gurus. At least I know not all of you are surrendered to these fools." Nowadays, more and more people are coming out of the wood work and speaking up, saying the same things we said in 1979, so it appears we were simply guilty of the crime of being ahead of our time. ys pd

  2. A***** Devi Dasi: If I still attended their temple it would be dangerous for me because I would speak up. What would you do if you see these abusers and their helpers sitting on a vyas? I personally could not stomach it.

    I would probably be escorted out for shouting that a pedo or child beater is preaching in the temple. With all due respect, what the f*** is going on with this organization? Get him out or arrested -- or something! Also not only what the f*** but I mean what the F******#$%%##$?????? Also Gauri is their current tp and guys like Kripamaya are as f***ing guilty as hell for giving him a stage. These people make me .... sick to the stomach.

    [PADA: Right, well give me a few of these women and I'll go into combat with them anyday. Better they are in the foxhole when the enemy is coming because at least they will attack the bad guys, while a lot of foolish men in ISKCON have attacked PADA. Yep! Some of these women have a lot more testicles than a lot of our "men." Heh heh heh. Well anyway, more folks are waking up. Its unstoppable at this point ... ys pd]


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