Monday, May 30, 2016

GBC Resolutions 2016

Krishna No Longer Dictates to the Acharyas?

[PADA: Hrdayananda vows to no longer going to criticize the GBC body. The acharya cannot criticize the GBC? This is getting more ritvik-diculous. The fact that the GBC has to censure Hrdayananda at all means he is de facto a ritvik, and not an acharya. OK he is ritvik at best. Acharyas are never censured by the Church management, the priests are.

And we cannot read or distribute Bhakti Vikas swami books, oh great, we cannot read the books of the acharyas? I think this means the main body of GBC wants to vote in women as their new wave of acharyas? We cannot read the books of their own acharyas?

This is more meltdown mode every day.

This is pretty amazing. Krishna dictates to the acharyas, but the GBC says Krishna is doing a rotten job, so they have to kick Krishna off the "acharya management and dictation" post and make themselves the dictation to the acharyas. We need to remove Krishna, umm and take over His post, that is how we fell here in the first place.

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