Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Yogesvara's New Prabhupada Biography


[PADA: This is good news and bad news. At least these guys are emphasizing Srila Prabhupada more and more, and we think that is good news. Overall ISKCON is having to emphasize him and his seat and remove their bogus gurus and their seats. Bravo.

Yet! Yogesvara says ISKCON is failing and is marginalized because it needs a paradigm shift to relate to the general population better, and we thus need to study their problems like Global Warming and ISIS to relate to them better. Ummm what? Devotees need to read the karmi newspapers and this will help them preach better? We already have that problem with the anti-Monsanto, anti-vax, anti-chemtrails, anti-Bill Clinton and Bill Gates crowd. They can barely make devotees or programs, and almost no one cares about their constant kerfluffle over these issues. They have marginalized themselves.

And worse, Yogesvara makes is appear that the GBC and their illicit sex acharyas program, and resultant banning, beating, molesting, murders and crimes -- going on under the name of Krishna -- is not what is marginalizing the society? An ex-kuli told PADA (paraphrasing  to avoid the colorful language): Yogesvara is living in an ivory tower, he has never understood our problems that we have had, nor does he ever mention our problems effectively, nor did he help us when we needed it. He is a person who has marginalized the society because all of them marginalized us.

Yep, Yogesvara appears to be a supporter of the illicit sex acharyas program, at least he is not protesting that program in any meaningful way that we know of. Another problem is that while these guys never seem to understand the real problems, meanwhile they write and promote their own books, like Satsvarupa, Guru das, and others, and they seem to be more about self promotion by being some sort of associate of Prabhupada rather than solving things realistically.

Anyway, the solution is to emphasize Srila Prabhupada more and get rid of the goonda bully commision program that is forcing people to worship fools as their messiahs, that will not attract people to Krishna -- and its not. That is the real issue and Yogesvara ilk will maybe some day figure that out. ys pd]   

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