Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Karmis More Advanced Than Devotees?

Thanks prabhu, Yes many devotees have actually been big supporters of the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as God's successors program, and that is why their program had to be taken to court and sued for $400m for child abuse, because many of these devotees were / are in denial and illusion over these issues. The main people who really recognized that their child abuse messiah's program was VERY bad news has been -- the dreaded "karmis." And! That is why Srila Prabhupada said its better to associate with materialists than the sahajiyas and deviants posing as vaishnavas

And that is still the case, many devotees still worship the leaders of the molester messiah's program as their gurus knowing full well this program has been worshiping debauchees as Krishna's acharyas, and this program has caused crimes, abuse and murders and so forth. So that means many of these devotees are in illusion, and worse illusion than the karmis because even the karmis never worship a debauchee guru process. They know better! 

Many devotees have also opposed PADA on these issues over the years, while we got full support of the karmis and their police, and that means these devotees contributed to the criminal messiah's regime by aiding and abetting. Even Sanat, Mukunda, Prahlad, HKC Jaipur folks, they all cried like stuck pigs when their favorite child abuse program was being shut down by us. Clearly, they would rather see the child abuse program going on -- and even have sexual predators being worshiped as messiahs -- than to have us shut their program down.

Why? Simple, because they still have sympathy for that program. And that is why they love and promote GBC guru promoters like Hari Sauri's writings and Bhakta das etc. Sulochan called these folks the boot lickers of the GBC. So all these forces combined to shut us down, and perpetuate the abuse and false guru culture. The good news is we are getting more and more folks on our side of the issue these days. 

Then we have people like Bhakti Vikas swami, he lectures that the ritviks are bad -- ok because they do not worship his illicit sex acharyas program, and he says the molester messiahs program is bona fide, so he is a contributor to the criminal messiahs de facto. Then we have people like Narayana Maharaja, he supported the molester messiahs program and he said the children are just getting their karma, so what is the problem? 

That means NM thinks he is authorized to support corrupt acharya's programs and the people who are banned, beat or molested or killed are just bugs getting in the way of his speeding car, they are nothing of significance. So yes, many devotees created this situation by aiding, abetting, acquiescing, allowing, compromising or supporting. 

Your question is a good one, what is their fate? According to shastra bad gurus and their supporters go down to the lower regions, so that would indicate that supporting this process is bad news, even if someone is sort of innocent otherwise. The good news is that the GBC no longer has the heavy duty henchmen it formerly had, the big mouth sub-violent preachers like the original 11 have been subdued due to the time factor, and they have no real base of fanatics except maybe in a place like Mayapura, so without their fanatical enforcers and goondas their program is weak and diminished. So that helps us win de facto. 

I feel very positive about the future because many devotees are waking up and they are withdrawing their support for the GBC guru program and they are sympathizing more and more with our Prabhupadanuga process. Its just a question of time and we win. At the same time many of these GBC gurus seems to be getting hit very hard with the karma chakra since they are suffering and even dying from taking the role of messiah without authority. 

So Krishna is sort of cleaning this up under the table so to speak. And we are finding more of their own people complaining the GBC is not following Prabhupada, that means Prabhupada's books will win in the end as well, he said even if there are no temples my books will live on, and in those books people will be able to discriminate what is bona fide and what is not, and that is happening now. So we should not be discouraged, this is simply a passing meteor shower and that will burn out quickly and the moon of the bona fide acharya will remain. The karmis already get it, we have to worship the bona fide pure devotee like Jesus, so yes in that sense the karmis are way ahead of many of these devotees. ys pd

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