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Discussing "Investigation Discovery" TV show

The Monday night New Vrndavana show about the murders will eventually be archived here:


Last night there was another TV show in USA (Investigation Discovery Channel) about how the GBC's "acharya" Swami Kirtanananda was apparently molesting children and he had people murdered for objecting to this program. Yet now the GBC has buried him in Vrndavana as a samadhi acharya? 

Why is the GBC burying known sexual predators, and criminals, in the holy dham? This is an offense to the dham. Why are folks like Badrinarayan, Indradyumna etc. participating in this aparadhi sabha? The GBC is still teaching children that Krishna's successor acharyas are often debauchees, they are destroying their spiritual lives. They are corrupting the morals of minors. Srila Prabhupada says people who preach that acharyas are often deviants are going to the lowest regions of hell, and they are. 


CH: I believe that almost all the adults living in New Vrindavan from 1983 to 1985 where well aware that Cakradhari was murdered and who did it. But being brainwashed and foolish they all thought it was OK and authorized by their Savior because of his so called rape of another man’s wife. If just one of several hundred people did the right thing and came forward, then the murder that occurred in May 1986 of Steve Bryant would’ve never happened. I’m not just speculating I have good reasons to believe that many people knew and no one will admit it.

JS: TIRTHA said Radhanath Swami's prints were on the bills as well, as in "counted every bill" prints on them, but TIRTHA lied to me often in the past, so I really don't know.

MT: I think its weird that they killed Charles St. Denis just because he was sleeping around.

JS: Tirtha was paid, it was over $5000. To TIRTHA $5K was 'riches."

Henry: As noted in the documentary last night, Drescher claimed that KS wanted Chuck dead because he was spreading rumors that KS was having sexual relations with some of the illegal Mexican laborers (many homosexual) whom Hayagriva had recruited during his trips to Mexico at parties, I think at the Petit House or the Frazier house where the Mexicans lived at the time.

JS: I had to drill a well at LAKE VISHVADIKA when HAYAGRIVA was living over there with a van load of boys he brought home one spring. HAYAGRIVA went south most winters. I did not know about him and the workers, but now, it makes more sense. I never knew factually until HARI VENU told me the TRUTH and that was in 1994 or '95. DUH???

Henry: Chuck St. Denis used to sell drugs to Hayagriva / Howard Wheeler, and I think, sometimes they'd party together. When Howard had a little too much to drink, he told Chuck about Kirtanananda's exploits at parties with the Mexican laborers. Howard was extremely proud of the young Mexicans, and called them his “Treasure of the Sierra Madre.”

PADA: Yes that was also something Sulochana was saying. KS was too much close to the young boys ...

Henry: Chuck loved Bhaktipada and regarded him as a pure devotee. When he heard from a reliable source (Hayagriva) that KS was enjoying sex and breaking his sannyasa vows, he was hurt and angry and confronted Bhaktipada himself in public. Others were there. That spelled the end of Chuck's welcome at NV. 

PADA: And lead to his demise?

JS: Many devotees joined with little or no high school or training, just street urchins in waiting.

PADA: What about Taru's apparent murder?

MT: Yes where is he and why was he killed?

PADA: He was protesting the KS regime, then he disappeared ...

JS: Ask KASYAPA or SWAMI JOE MURARI. They can walk you to the corpse site.

MT: RIP Taru.

JS: He was A GEM!!!

MT: Was this missing person Taru ever investigated?

JS: Gone cold case ...


JS: KASYAPA would go to prison for using the backhoe to bury the body ...


Thanks prabhu. Yes me and Sulochana had little help, back up and / or resources. I was driving a taxi, and using some of the money for printing my own stuff and giving Sulochana donations for food, gas, clothes and printing his pamphlets. Sulochana had a microfiche of the letters and we were printing and distributing. No one else had these letters. We were operating on the thinnest of shoestrings on all levels. 

Yes, in 1986 the New Vrndavana folks complained that me and Sulochana were "fringies" and bums, living on the cheap, while their gurus lived like millionaires. They said we should "get better (karmi) jobs," and quit causing problems. Does anyone believe that criticism now? Well no, most people now believe we did a valuable service getting out the letters, the will, the appointment tape and other important quotes. Of course Sulochana's murder shook down the whole society and put a huge torpedo hole in the hull of the "living guru's" program's ship. 

Never mind later the GBC was sued for changing the books, sued for molesting, and then we brought out the poison tapes. So we have gone a long way on our fringie bum's income, hee hee! And did we forget to mention that some former children from New Vrndavana thanked me for helping get them out of there in 1997, they said there were still major problems with young people being exploited STILL going on even then. A few of them even told me, their lives were saved by our getting them out of there.    

Today only a few Kirtanananda program lovers like some die-hard GBC's folks, and their clones like Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur folks, still complain that me and Sulochana are basically demons for using a taxi driver's income to oppose Kirtananda's molesting and murdering regime. They say that taxi driving is sinful since it moves around pizzas, and sometimes maybe meat in people's groceries, and of course prostitutes, drug dealers and who knows what, so its not a good income. Yep! That means they are saying Jayananda is a demon. 

Therefore! Me and Sulochana should drop everything we are doing, let the molester messiah's program go on unchallenged, and go to college to get a better job. Exactly what New Vrndavana people said to us in 1986! That means all these folks wanted the banning, beating, molesting and murders to have no check and balance whatsoever, exactly what Kirtanananda and all his crooks and molesters wanted! Birds of a feather? 

A ex-gurukuli told me we should make a worship shrine at that Taxi company and make that a sacred place, because they funded the effort to unseat some of these big rascal false acharyas and take down their criminal empires. And this alone saved many hundreds or maybe thousands of more children getting victimized (like this ex-kuli). 

Sulochana was interviewing exploited ladies and he was also honing in on the molesting issue, and some of these big gurus knew this might be a huge problem eventually. And it was, the GBC were later on sued for the abuse issue. Sulochana said we are sort of like David vs Goliath, we do not have a very strong position, but we do have the truth, and this will come out eventually, and it has.   

ys pd

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