Sunday, December 31, 2017

Devotees Wanted for Jan 1st Rose Parade (Los Angeles)

Dear Friends,

On Monday, January 1st we will be going to the Rose Parade and doing Harinama! We will be leaving the LA temple at 5:00am. We hope you can join us! It is a super magical event. There are a million people bored out of their minds waiting for the floats and really appreciate us coming by and chanting the Holy Name. If you'd like to go, please let us know and we'd love to have you along!

Also, we like to hand out prasadam candy canes to the audience members. We have 7500 candy canes and will be labeling them today with the Holy Name. If you could find a little time to come help, we will be in the LA temple room starting at 11:00 today. Please come hang out and help if you can!
With Appreciation,

Guru (Mukta Carita) and Poonam (Prema Vrsti)

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