Saturday, December 23, 2017

Deity Worship Manual / Arcana Paddhati (PDF)

[PADA: This was perhaps the main "deity manual" used in ISKCON prior to 1977. Of course in 1978 I got into trouble as soon as I complained that we are deviating from this book's standards, and thus we cannot offer bhogha to the GBC's conditioned soul bogus acharyas. So, that was the first rattle out of the box in 1978, they changed the process of deity worship of Krishna: we now had to offer bhogha to their conditioned souls / contaminated beings / posing as acharyas. 

Not a good idea! 

This book seems to be a pretty good reference, but if anyone has seen known errors / corrections / needed additions in this book please send them to and we can add corrections to this posting herein on this page. We'd also appreciate if people could make videos of the complete deity worship process, marriages, ritvik fire sacrifices etc. along with all the required paraphernalia and so forth, as training tools to teach others. ys pd] 

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