Friday, February 6, 2015

ISKCON Mayapur Meeting,4795/

Today saw the start of the much-anticipated Sanga of Sannyasis, Gurus and GBCs, (SGGS). Over eighty of ISKCON’s most senior leaders and preachers from across the globe gathered in Sri Dhama Mayapur for three days of association, contemplation, and in-depth discussion in response to Srila Prabhupada’s directive to find unity in diversity.

Leaders representing India, Africa, Russia, Europe, and the Americas were present, making it truly an international gathering.

Facilitated by a member of the Strategic Planning Team (SPT) the day began with devotees sharing in groups stories of what they have witnessed other devotee’s doing over the past two years that has inspired them. This proved to be an uplifting session where, among others, examples were given of unknown or unsung devotees performing incredible feats in the service of Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON.

[PADA: The SGGS! The SPT! The SAC! Right, the ISKCON leaders are all united. Since 1978 they all united to promote their idea that Lord Krishna's successor acharyas are: voted in; voted out; chastised for failing to follow the principles; suspended for deviations, monitored for deviations; monitored for not chanting their rounds; acharyas are also watching the cheer leaders when they at viewing the Superbowl on TV; acharyas are regularly falling into illicit sex, drugs, rock and roll; and some acharyas may end up eating meat and hating Krishna.  

In sum, these leaders are hard at work, busy as bees, toiling in the salt mines, how can we make Lord Krishna and His acharyas to be less than Tamas Guna levels? Yep! Its all in a days work over here in Mayapura! 

Reading the observations, participants voiced concern, among other things, on the trend they were seeing on diminishing standards in the movement as they continue to move from a temple-centric to congregation-based movement.

[PADA: Yep, you kicked almost everyone out of the temples, so now its "congregation based," -- we got that already! Anyway, the main topic of their meetings is always the same, how can we degrade the post of acharya to be behaving more like pigs, dogs, animals, or if they are humans, then they are sexual predators, embezzlers and orchestrators of murders etc. 

And the GBC leaders apparently all agree with Jayadvaita, that acharyas are falling into -- illicit sex with men, women and possibly children. Ummm, what kind of acharyas are they producing over here? Even dogs are not having illicit sex with men, women, and possibly children, why are they not elevating themselves and worshiping a dog?  

That means their "gurus" have a long way to go just to get to the platform of TAMAS guna, because even people in TAMAS guna try to go to church and worship an actual pure person and not promote the worship of debauchees as their messiahs. Its also amazing that as soon as anyone says God's successors are not debauchees, they are banned, if not beat and killed for opposing this debauchee acharyas program -- by the Goonda Bully Commission program. 

The good news? They only had 80 leaders in attendance worldwide, whereas in 1979 they had hundreds of leaders in attendance. Their program is dwindling and our program is expanding, its that simple. How many people think God's successors are debauchees and less than Tamas guna fools? As it turns out, not so many! The most sensible person apparently there is Badrinarayan, he says he will not vote for gurus anymore, because their gurus keep flopping, at least he knows their guru vote system is totally a fraud. ys pd]     

Srila Prabhupada's higher standards for acharyas --

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