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Krishna Balarama Swami's Smarta Brahmana Ideology

VADIRAJA DAS: The thing is that it is very easy for people with a strong ego, to be unable to work in unison with other devotees. And not an easy thing since you have to give up your false ego in order to accomplish Krsna conscious enterprises.

[PADA: This is why the Krishna Balarama swami program will never arise to amount to much, he is not working with others, rather he has declared himself to be the independent "current acharya." He is thus unlikely to be able to make more centers and programs, since that has not happened in all this time already. Whereas the Prabhupada devotees keep adding more and more centers and preachers worldwide.]

VADIRAJA DAS: I have that terrible hunch feeling of the kind we felt back in the late seventies or mid Eighties, when we felt so much danger from the guru promoters who were fanatics and who turned dangerous by the minute. The get angry and start cursing us, just like Jahnavi and KK are doing now. Its so funny, how the same thing is happening now. They promote people as pure devotees just as the GBC did, just exactly.

[PADA: Krishna Kirtan's new hero Krsna Balaram swami was supporting the GBC gurus, at the same time that the GBC's program were having us banned and killed. And now Krishna Kirtan is promoting the same identical KB swami, whose program helped get folks beaten and killed. No big surprise either that HKC Jaipur has been supporting Krishna Kirtan. Yes, now KK is using the same rhetoric as the Kirtanananda folks did in the 1980s, we are offensive to his guru and etc.

In any case, KB swami's program is doomed because he is now saying that only those born as brahmanas in India can advance. Unfortunately for these folks, Srila Prabhupada already said that these caste monopoly smarta (brahmana by birth) ideas destroyed the Indian culture, and dragged India to hell.

Why are folks still attracted to the same caste and birth ideas that have all along created ruination for India, and formed artificial monopolies on Krishna, so that others have been denied access to Krishna? Its amazing that anyone can STILL be attracted to a person who is sold out to this smarta brahmana caste-ism idea, it means KK has never even studied these issues, or he would know Vaishnavas reject this smarta caste program.

Now KK is saying that because we reject his caste brahmanas ideas, we are going to hell, whereas Srila Prabhupada says the direct opposite, its the caste brahmana programs that are going to hell -- and leading others there as well. Of course, saying we are going to hell for opposing -- appointed / caste / deviant gurus is what the GBC and their bucket boys at HKC Jaipur have said about us, but hardly anyone thinks its wrong for us to oppose deviant acharyas, rather they agree with us that such bogus gurus need to be challenged. Now these HKC folks are promoting the speaking of Bhakta das and Hari Sauri, who are promoting worshiping these GBC gurus. This is just not going to fly.

Anyway, KB swami's "Guru by brahmana birth," has been the smarta brahmana's idea for centuries, and this idea is opposed by all the Vaishnava acharyas and their sincere followers. You are right Vadiraja prabhu, KK was doing better than this previously, but he was criticizing both the GBC and simultaneously attacking us (the ritviks) so eventually he had run out of runway, his plane was crashing.

He had no other shelter, so he ran off to take shelter of a person who had defended the GBC, and who is now smarta brahmana birth vada ideologue number one. Our friends at HKC Jaipur did almost the same thing, they said the GBC is bad, PADA is bad, and all the other ritviks like Bangalore are bad, so everyone else is bad, they are the only pure ones on the planet, but then they started to promote and take shelter of Radhanath lover's club leaders like Bhakta das, and GBC guru lover's club leaders like Hari Sauri, they had no place left to go. They are going backwards. They attacked all the other ritviks, so they had nowhere else to go, so they went back to licking the boots of the GBC's guru program cheer leaders to get support from that quarter. Or else as some have said, they were secretly with this agenda the whole time and it just finally came out ...

Sorry! We need to take actual shelter of the bona fide acharya -- or we may end up taking false shelter of these pretenders, deviants, fools and bodily identified smartas etc. Srila Prabhupada warns us of these pit falls all the time, so that means, KK is not reading or he would know all this already, you got it! KK is also in denial about the role KB swami played in supporting the GBC, in denial about the suffering of the children which he says is not even significant, in sum KK is another history denial case, and so is KB swami another history denial case, which is why Sulochana says, birds of a feather flop together.

VADIRAJA DAS: Krishna Kirtan tilted too abruptly and I think he is going to lose some Friends. This KB swami thing seems to be a very naive move. They are simply against Puranjana, so they take shelter of other fools to help one another. Why side with the haters and then say that you "work alone and without any group"?

PADA: Well this is another problem, all the various anti-PADA folks for example in UK have not been able to build even the most basic of programs there. They cannot get along with others, or even each other. At the same time, this is actually a good thing, KK has either recently latched onto the people who formerly propped up the GBC, and who are now smartas, or he was with them all along. An infiltrator. That means he can no longer claim to be a Prabhupada person. Better that he cleared the air.

At the same time, I am sorry to have to report this, but when we said that there is a criminal program in ISKCON, including sexual abuse, people like KB swami were all marching along with the crowd that said this is all bogus, mundane talks, lies etc. and we need to work with the GBC. KB swami was working with the GBC gurus and discrediting their critics, that means he enabled and empowered the GBC gurus by acting as their supporter and defender, and he also attacked us people who were pointing out that their emperor has no clothes.

So KB swami propped up the bogus gurus, simultaneously he discredited the opposition to the worship of deviants as acharyas. In sum he propped up the worship of the deviants, and thereby he empowered the criminals. So that is how people like KB swami enabled all these crimes. I am sorry that the KB swami people think it is bogus for us to oppose criminals posing as acharyas, and that its ok to co-opt with such regimes like KB swami did. Amazing! Anyone who supports the worship of deviants regime like KB swami did is a saint, anyone who opposes such regimes is bogus.

If KB swami is citing factual shastra, then the first thing he has to say it that he made a huge mistake in his part of assisting promoting these 11 people as gurus, because shastra says conditioned souls cannot be gurus, and he has to say the 11 were never appointed as acharyas in the first place, thus he made a mistake supporting them. He has to clarify that these 11 were only appointed as administrators and not as acharyas, otherwise he is still helping them by creating this confusion.

When is he going to fix that?

And he should also apologize to people like Sulochana, and other victims of the regime he was supporting, by saying he had no authority to promote them. That's all, just clear up the actual history here, otherwise it looks like he is still saying Srila Prabhupada made a mistake by appointing 11 acharyas, who were not qualified. No, KB swami was in illusion that the 11 had been appointed, there was no guru appointment, he needs to make that clear.

Also for a person like KB swami to say that the original books are not authorized is foolish since these books were used all the time by Srila Prabhupada for his lectures, classes and he cited them on morning walks etc. And now KB swami is making his own Gita, just like Kirtanananda did, and he is wearing a beard, like Kirtanananda did, very similar. Only KB swami is even more arrogant since he thinks his India body makes him more advanced than the people who rejected the GBC while he was still supporting the GBC, no, he is behind us, not more advanced than us. ys pd

What is it with these beards?

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