Saturday, February 7, 2015

RE: ISIS Hostage (by Dasarath dasa)

Dasarath Dasa: I am shocked by what I just learned this morning (news article below), about a young lady named Kayla whom I had encouraged after graduation from NAU to go to Vrindavan and work as a volunteer at the Sandipani Muni school for orphan girls, which she did for two years. 

She had an amazing pure and caring heart. She initially was determined to go to Africa and help orphan children there, but I told her the benefits of living in the holy dham so she changed plans and went to Vrindavan dham. She undoubtedly had the blessings of Lord Sri Krishna.

As devotees, we also sacrifice our lives to make the world a better place by distributing Srila Prabhupada's books and telling the people of the world that they cannot have peace without God-consciousness or Krishna consciousness. Some devotees have and still do put themselves in harms way for the benefit of others and spreading the sankirtan movement.

I humbly ask the devotees to please send your blessings and prayers for this very humble and special soul. Thank you.


PADA: The material world is an unforgiving place, and we see examples of this constantly. Each day I drive on the San Francisco freeways, and there are multiple car accidents, ambulances, and stretchers carrying around the wounded (or dead) bodies, And all sorts of people and animals are dying of all sorts of other reasons at every moment, or every second really. As Srila Saraswati Thakura says, this is no place for a gentleman (or gentle woman). 

This is why Srila Prabhupada stressed the extreme urgency of our being Krishna conscious now, without waiting another moment, because we may not be alive for another moment. And when we leave this body, we may be reborn as a fish, a dog, a frog or -- 8,400,000 other species, and this may also occur in the next moment. 

We hope this lady has been able to take shelter of Krishna in her ordeal, because there basically is no other shelter. A devotee is not happy to see the suffering of others, and Krishna is also not happy to see us suffering, but until we become Krishna conscious and return back to Krishna, we are destined to suffer. This is Krishna's way of reminding us we are not really going to have success being His competitor. Anyway, we pray for Krishna's protection for this lady and hope Krishna will bless her both in this life and the next. ys pd


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