Tuesday, February 24, 2015

India Beef Trade Under Fire


[PADA: "Hindu Nationalists" are blocking various beef trade / cattle slaughter locations and they are seizing vehicles carrying cattle. Apparently India is the number 2 exporter of beef in the world. Someone sent us a video of a slaughterhouse in Kerala India, where a hidden camera catches workers hitting cows over the head with sledge hammers, its just too awful to post herein, but even we were shocked at how terrible that industry is treating these poor animals. It seems like there is not too much animal welfare regulations, if any, regarding how these animals should be treated.

There is a call among these Hindu nationalists to join together and suppress the beef industry in India, but it looks like its going to be a hard job getting this industry halted, or even substantially slowed. Apparently, its kind of like the problem we have with the GBC, they do unauthorized things to collect money, but they are reluctant to stop because -- there is simply too much money being made.

Its going to take some significant executive action at the higher levels of the India government to get to the bottom of addressing this issue, and Hindu nationalists are now petitioning the higher ups to get involved, lets see what happens. This is certainly an inauspicious sign -- of how far India is falling off the Vedic standards -- for them to be the number two beef exporter in the world. ys pd]     

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