Sunday, February 22, 2015

Narendra Modi's GMO program

[PADA: A few devotees have gone very fanatical in attacking Genetically Modified food corporations, which is not something Srila Prabhupada was encouraging, that his devotees need to attack large corporations. The hippies of course were always making noisy protest programs to criticize big companies like Dow Chemical and other corporations, but Srila Prabhupada simply did not engage us in this process. He thought this was social / economic / political agitation.

Of course devotees can and should privately use pure and organic foods -- if they can find them, and if they can afford them, and etc. Many of the devotees we know of simply have to buy whatever they can at the supermarket because they cannot afford the "all organic" whole foods stores.

Testing of random fruit and vegetable grocery stalls in Delhi by the India Food Safety board found that in almost ALL cases ALL of the food stall products were contaminated and "unfit for human consumption" due to so much pollutants in the air siphoning into the food, and pesticides etc. Basically, you either eat contaminated food or you do not eat at all, which is why Srila Prabhupada did not make this a central issue, he was practical.

And now that it turns out even Narendra Modi is in favor of using certain GMO products, which makes these anti-GMO devotees look like anti-government fanatics. In any case, Srila Prabhupada did not want his devotees to be engaged in these social / economic / political arenas in public.

Yes, buy organic if you can, yes buy non GMO if you can, of course this is not even a secret. These anti-GMO devotees think they have discovered some vast amazing secret. Nope, this is common everyday news. Thus, most of the general public already knows about this by now, and as such the average USA housewife tries to buy more pure food for her family, if she can find it and afford it. Meanwhile, most of these anti-GMO devotees are against PADA, because they do not want anyone opposing their GMO sexual predator guru program. ys pd

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