Monday, February 9, 2015

Srila Prabhupada Position Committee?,4798/?

[PADA: The "Srila Prabhupada position committee" will convene soon at the GBC meetings in Mayapura, that means, they are still trying to figure out what his position is? And they are going to have a "straw poll vote" to decide what his position is? 

This is getting more ritvik-diculous every day. 

Meanwhile, the GBC's "guru committee" promotes themselves as acharyas, who would all know these things already, and they would not require a "shastra advisory committee" (OK guys like Gaura Keshava etc.) to figure these things out. Meanwhile, the "Female Diksha Guru committee" and advocates are being seen as a big schism within the GBC. If their male gurus are failing and flopping left, right and center, what is going to prevent their female gurus from failing and flopping? This will simply spread the guru disease. ys pd] 

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