Sunday, February 8, 2015

Heater Needed For Kamalini dd

[PADA: Amazing how the GBC wastes so much money on frivilous lawsuits, and some of them have been living in luxury like Saudi Princes. Then again some of them have been flying around -- jet set style -- with aluminum brief cases and suitcases. And of course some of them seem to always need their I-phone and Mac book computer, while it seems to us at least, the cupboard is almost always bare when it comes to caring for the devotees? Is it just me or is this a pattern here? 

Meanwhile, she should be helped with heat. And PADA would suggest to get started, getting a few cheaper oil filled electrical wall heaters for the main room she stays in, and electrical blankets. These wall heaters are warm if one keeps them close by, and they do not produce dry heat like almost all other electrical heaters, which is VERY bad news if one has bronchial troubles. 

That so many of our senior devotees, or even some of the second generation devotees, are having to struggle so hard for their basic needs while a few elites live like opulent princes, is simply very sinful in the opinion of the PADA editor. ys pd]


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