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Thanks from PADA / Madness and Dysfunction in ISKCON

PADA would first like to welcome all of our new readers. We are now getting more and more readers from very far away places like: Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Trinidad, Tobago, Latvia, Peru, Ireland etc. -- and an increase in hits from larger countries like India, Russia, Ukraine, UK, China, Indonesia, and so forth. It seems that some folks will always appreciate what PADA news is doing, and we appreciate your interest, which has resulted in our growing readership worldwide.

Then again, some won't appreciate.

There are always different newspapers for everyone, that's just the way it is. We believed all along that ALL of the important ISKCON issues needed to be addressed such as: The bogus guru appointment, the changed books, the child abuse, the poison issue etc. There are still a few residual 1960s - 1970s ISKCON devotee hold outs who are still saying we are wrong on some, or all, of these issues. OK, but they never proved that? Rather more people are accepting we are 100 percent right on ALL of these issues.

There are still some problems with denial (psychological break with reality) going on, and we are going to address that in the article below on psychological problems if not madness in the Krishna religion environment. As the Los Angeles police told us, the Watseka temple area is "the most dysfunctional block in the city."

They also told us to stay away from Watseka because "these people want to kill you." OK, that means there are some dangerous psychopaths who are potential murderers around Watseka, and the police are well aware of that. Psychological problems? You bet. Karmis know all about it? You bet. PADA made the karmis know about it? Nope, they figured this all out by themselves. They were telling us about the problem, and not vice versa.

There are some of the ex-children (now adults) of the 1960s devotees (like Krishna Kirtan), who have been influenced by their goody two shoes elders, the people who created this dysfunctional psychological imbroglio in the first place by commission or omission. And people like this still say that all our points are pyscho-babble, psy-war, lies, deception and so on, just as their parents group said in the 1980s -1990s and onwards about PADA.

As one devotee told us, this is called "mass denial" in cult speak. Srila Prabhupada was not in favor of this mass denial tactic, he spoke often about the deviations of the Gaudiya Matha's bogus gurus.

So lets see, PADA was wrong, there was a guru appointment? Nope. Wrong on changed books? Nope. Wrong on mass child abuse? Nope. Wrong on the poison complaint from Srila Prabhupada? Nope. We were and are right on all these issues. To deny these issues is a form of psy-war against the victims, not only the ex-children but also including Srila Prabhupada, who was saying he was being poisoned. "Denial of victims" is the number one problem in bogus cults, which is what the bogus GBC's generated after 1978.

Oddly, Krishna Kirtan has dedicated himself to one of PADA's biggest "cause celebres," namely making original books, something we were saying had to be done in the 1980s. He has now become the biggest fan on our 1980s issue. Apparently, not everything we say is pys-ops? Anyway, all the mass denial of child abuse did was -- to make some of the youth of ISKCON depressed and thinking about ending their lives -- because their abuse was being denied, ignored and swept under the carpet. To say that PADA's repeating their complaints is psy-ops warfare, lies, deception and so on, is a psy-ops warfare against these children of ISKCON.

And we feel -- that unless this mass denial (and pushing our first generation of children under the bus) is halted, most of them will STAY alienated, possibly forever. How did opposing us help these children? It did not, it made their situation much worse and alienated them almost totally. Saying that our repeating the complaints of these children abuse victims is "lies, distortion, psy-op warfare" is an attack on these children. Its driving another car over people who have already been run over by a bus. Its re-victimizing victims, in other words, its standard bogus guru cult behavior.

We have found -- from direct experience -- that the devotees who have tried to suppress us -- to suppress these issues, and to ban and banish PADA -- and others -- addressing these issues, have simply created a situation where the news went out from the internal society into the public, police and media anyway. Suppressing criminal activity only creates more pressure to the situation and makes things only get worse.

We can sweep things under the carpet for only so long, and then its stinks so bad, the neighbors call in the authorities to have our place cleaned up by the public health department. We and allied others have tried to address the ISKCON problems, and we were booted out the door. The problems thus continued, until they became public media disaster issues.

Anyway, a devotee wanted us to discuss "Why Are So Many Devotees So Crazy"? This is from a serious person, so we thought we'd try to answer it sincerely.       `


PADA: Thanks prabhu, for your question.

First of all, we have to look at the biggest source of ISKCON's widespread madness, namely the current management. Lets see if they are acting crazy? If so, then their craziness could be filtering down to the subsequent lesser levels. We would say -- many of the managers are crazy, because for starters, they are saying and thinking contrary things, contradicting themselves, which is what crazy people do.

For example Danavir's "oneiskcon" web site says that Tamal Krishna swami has been guilty of bringing malefic influences into ISKCON -- like Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja and others, and that Narayana Maharaja is implicated in making offenses to HDG Srila Prabhupada. Danavir's site also complains that Tamal Krishna swami has been making an artificial interest in bogus "academia" -- by his going to a Christian college etc. Then oneiskcon says the ritviks are like the Christians, apparently because -- they are not going to a Christian college like the oneiskcon guru is? Anyway, according to oneiskcon, Tamal is basically ruining ISKCON. Sounds reasonable.

Then the next thing we know, oneiskcon folks and Danavir are advertising Tamal's books, saying we all need to worship and listen to Tamal, and follow Tamal and go to listen to the Christian professors at their colleges. OK this is diametrically opposed (crazy-ness?).

Tamal is (A) Supporting offenders and making a bogus academia agenda, and a Christian college agenda, therefore, we should (B) Follow Tamal? They are arguing with their own shadow. In other words, they are confusing people, "do not follow Tamal because he is introducing various rascal programs, therefore, follow Tamal because he is a pure guru, and go and visit his samadhi." This is asking people to do two opposing things at once. AKA -- Madness.

Same problem we are having with the Kirtanananda out cropping. Many ISKCON leaders say (A) he is a criminal, homosexual and deviant, therefore, (B) follow Radhanath and worship Kirtanananda in a samadhi. Of course this is the same problem we are having with the Bhakta das / Prahlad group, yes Kirtanananda is bogus, so lets promote his second in command -- Radhanath. This makes no sense to the average person? OK it sounds like madness. We are against this guy, so we worship this guy? Makes no sense whatsoever. Then they wonder why there is no unity among the devotees? Because they do not want unity, they want many independent out croppings of unauthorized mavericks being worshiped (like the Gaudiya Matha had).

There are also people who say we can have both the ritvik idea and allow others (Gauidya Matha etc?) acharyas to initiate at the same time. How will that work? They do not seem to have any idea how an institution can be managed that way? Srila Prabhupada said in 1961 that if everyone initiates it will be a failure. Now the GBC says the same thing "everyone can be a guru," everyone can initiate.

Ooops, that is what happened in the Gaudiya Matha, and it failed. There has to be one system of recognized authority, or else there will not be any unity. If everyone becomes a maverick acharya, there will no longer be any unified society? There will also be no easy way to check criminal behavior (case in point post-1977 ISKCON).

Yes, we GBC are all for Mahanidhi, because he is our rasika bhava guru, ooops, no we are against him because he is introducing sahajiya babajis into ISKCON. But you knew all along he was associated with these babajis? You only mentioned something when it all came to a head and there was a scandal and crisis. So it sounds a little bit insane, this person is our guru, ooops, nope, he is a rascal and a deviant. Yes, this is called madness.

And that filters down to all levels of the society, and creates schisms, animosity, and no small amount of spin-off groups. Bogus ISKCON has created so many of its own competitors like: OK the ritviks for starters, then the Sridhara movement, Jayatirtha movement, BV Puri movement, many others, and recently the Mahanidhi spin off etc So if we are spawning and creating our  own competition, this is more madness.  

And this madness is well known to the outside world. For example, when the book "Monkey On a Stick" came out, its sub heading read -- "murder, madness, and the Hare Krishnas." Notice, the ordinary public is well aware that there is madness going on here. So, its not like this mad behavior has not been duly noted by many people, maybe many millions of people.

Then we have a class of people saying, jeepers, why did you folks (along with people like Sulochana) protest all this madness, its making bad publicity? Well maybe its because some of us are not that mad, and protesting madness is what sane people do? Jane Wallace of CBS news said to us, its a good thing we met you dissenters, because otherwise, it would look like -- ALL -- of you are mad people. Of course people like Prahlad are upset that anyone thinks even one of the Hare Krishnas is sane, he says no one should protest the madness at all. OK, that means the madness takes over, as has occurred under his scheme?

Anyway, lets see if some of these GBC managers could be classified as mad folks? For example, Satsvarupa says: (A) Gurus are pure eternally blissful devotees, Gurus are totally detached from material attachment; Gurus are  residents of Krishna loka etc., at the same time he has supported people writing and saying: (B) Gurus are falling down into illicit sex; Gurus are taking psychotropic drugs; Gurus are having illicit affairs with their female therapists; Gurus are having headaches that last for decades; Gurus are criminals -- and so on.

So this would be almost like saying -- Jesus is really Satan and / or -- Satan is really Jesus. Its a contradiction. A person who is fully attracted to Krishna cannot be attracted to material things, but the whole theme of the post 1977 GBC is that -- the gurus, the pure devotees of God, are constantly being attracted away from God to mundane foolishness, and even worse foolishness than the regular mundane people fall into.

Obviously, both items cannot be correct at the same time. So this is called contradiction, which is the first sign of madness, a person who says two diametrically opposed things -- at the same time. What many people do not realize is that Satsvarupa Das Goswami has been the author of many GBC's post-1978 documents, which say the same basic things, gurus are pure -- and they are falling down.

Then again even other GBC gurus said that Satsvarupa's books like "A Life Of Prayer" and "Sanitorium" -- are crazy, and should not be distributed in ISKCON. And then we have Bhakti Vikas swami who attacked the writings of Bhakti Tirtha swami as madness, yes he is our pure devotee guru, so do not read his writings, its all madness. That makes Bhakti vikas swami a mad person himself, for saying that gurus are writing foolish things?

And then later BVKS got into trouble for attacking Radhanath's books, so -- Radhanath is our guru, he is our lord, master, saint and messsiah, but on no account read his bogus books, his words are bogus. This is how the whole system of BVKS gurus ruins people's lives. They tell (order) folks to worship their appointed and annointed bogus Jesus, except the Jesus BVKS gives you, is writing like Satan? The GBC system has destroyed thousands, some would say millions of people by whip-sawing their victims like this? In any case its madness to say, here is Jesus, but do not listen to Jesus, his words are foolishness?

Does BVKS or any of them care? Nope, because mad people do not even care about their victims. In fact the ISKCON leaders are famous for saying their victims are getting karma. This is where some people have suggested these people are dangerous psychotics, who actually have no feelings for others at all, they are totally self-absorbed selfish -- rascals. At least that is the growing consensus.

Sridhara Maharaja was also an important person who helped the GBC formulate their whole idea that acharyas / messiahs are mad fools. He said (in his book "Sri Guru") that acharyas "go mad" after money, women and followers. Of course "mad" people may also resort to criminal behaviors at any time, which is why Sridhara's acharya's ("mad gurus") program members are often connected to criminal behaviors. Then again, after the GBC voted in more gurus after 1986, there were some folks calling this M.A.D. (Mad Acharya's disease), and now, its spreading because they are voting in more "acharyas." One of the persons who said this is MAD was -- an ISKCON acharya. So they even know they are spreading madness.

Around here, we have a nice Bay Area home for mad people, its called the prison for the criminally insane. And the people in there may at any instant commit violent acts  So GBC and their ghost writer Sridhara Maharaja establishes that the acharyas are, or may be, the criminally insane, mad people, persons who will commit acts of violence at any instant, because the acharyas are often -- simultaneously mad and -- criminally insane people. To say that the successors to God are mad criminals is -- itself madness, never mind its a huge insult to God, to say His successors are mad criminals.

Just as Sridhara maharaja predicted (that his acharyas are going mad) his post-1936 acharya Ananta Vasudeva became a mad person. He rejected the Gaudiya lineage, he fell into bi-sexual behaviors, dissenters were killed, his child was poisoned to death, then Sridhara's "acharya" committed suicide, not being able to face the fact his child had been murdered to cover up his scandals. OK, madness.

Therefore, people who listen to these ideas are also going crazy because it makes no sense that a person can be simultaneously (A) Pure and (B) Fallen and even (C) criminally insane, all at the same time. Jayadvaita uses this argument as well, he says gurus are pure, and they are simultaneously falling into debauchery.

Then there is a whole other laundry list of contradictions for example: (A) Gurus are appointed and there are only 11 of us. (B) We never said there are only 11 gurus, we said everyone of the disciples became a guru after Srila Prabhupada departed. OK but (C) 11 is not everyone? And (D) there is no proof the 11 were appointed either --- and so on.

Then we have the Mukunda / Prahlad team. All we have to do is listen to their spokesman Muktipada "talking to pixilated avatars" from a video game to know these folks have gone off the rails. So all this is what happened in the past in the Gaudiya Matha, some people declared themselves to be gurus, and then there was "a fire in the Matha" and the whole thing was ruined, and the leaders and the rank and file who were influenced by those leaders -- went Kooky-birds. That means of course we really need to be independent and take shelter of the acharya Srila Prabhupada independently.

So this is a clear indication that all of this is being caused by mundane influence, a normal devotee is not a mad person, but a person who mixes material and spiritual and creates bogus gurus thereby, does cause madness. Srila Prabhupada had to leave the madness of the bogus guru program in the Gaudiya Matha, and we should do the same. The good news is the the madness is sort of breaking down more and more, because its gotten so deviated and far off the track, its no longer possible to package their deviations as bona fide, and the result is -- more people want to follow our process of accepting the bona fide acharya. ys pd


  1. Krishna worship does not work, ok so we need to worship you instead? Thats a non-starter, ok maybe your dog worships you. Grant you that much! ys pd

  2. Thanks prabhu, well yes, there are religious dysfunctioning people all over the place. Right now the Tea Party aka "religious right" is trying to shut down the USA so they can get Armageddon and "the end days" going. They think if they do that Jesus will re-appear and save them. Dysfunctioning? Yes, so its not only some of the Hare Krishnas who are having this problem, the whole USA is having this problem. Yes, good idea, that should be the theme of a PADA article. ys pd

    1. "I am not running for office and I approve this message."

  3. The modern Christians are making the same mistake, Tea Party religion, its dysfunctional. Thats right on.

  4. Thanks prabhu but you seem to have no katha going on, at least that we can see, whether gramya, Krishna or otherwise. We have not seen where you are discussing anything whatsoever, anywhere else. Show us your superior example, or else its a little like barking at the caravan. And if PADA is gramya, why are you reading it then? You are not making any sense here?

    Srila Prabhupada often cited and used examples of other religions to illustrate a point, and if we are not allowed to do that, you have to show us where he said we were not allowed to do that.

    We have some friends who have left ISKCON to return to being Christians, and we might want them to know that the Tea Party conservatives of the Christian right have a few troubles of their own -- for starters, being supported by, and taking millions of dollars from, corrupt big business and promoting their interests, instead of the interest of Jesus.

    So, before people condemn the Krishnas as dysfunctional and hypocrites, not so fast, you may have that same issue in your own process. We think people need to think through these things before blowing their horn on how great their "better" religion is functioning. They seems to be having some of the same troubles we are having, and its fair game to compare the same problems. We have no idea why we cannot mention the same problems going on elsewhere, unless you want to stack the deck against the Krishna faith, which is not fair. ys pd

    1. Just today it was announced a bishop was suspended for spending crores of rupees on his personal bathtub, house, luxurious living arrangements etc.

      Why not run a story about him?

  5. Hare Krsna Anonymous.
    All Glories to His Divine Grace, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prab hupada.
    All Glories to the Prabhupadanugas.

    What is your problem anonymous, why should PADA Prabhu run a story about the bishop?You do that!!! On your own website!!!
    PADA is not GRAMYA okay, go find another website, and He is right, why are you reading His article.
    Who are you to condemn the Krishnas? Every religions have their problems, they have also the child abuse, in every country!!!
    Go away and think about what PADA Prabhu has wrote in His article, you are wasting our time.
    Hare Krsna.
    All Glories to His Divine Grace, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada.
    All Glories to Prabhupadanugas.
    Hare Krsna PADA Prabhu,
    Always Your servant,


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