Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Indian Women Used as Surrogates for Western Couples


  1. What can be done there is not much change after all those years when Prabhupada remarked: "So long I am in India, practically I am wasting my time. Outside India, this reception is taken so seriously that every part of my moment is properly utilized."
    India is sending out tons of young Indians to throw newspapers into Westerner's postbox in the early morning hours. There are thousands now in the West doing this job and sending money back to India where their families live. Then of course there are those who are highly educated they also come to the West in order to make money. So Indians seem to be programmed that way. The whole country lives in such severe poverty that they can't think of anything else than $$$$. Article might be slightly exaggerated because there are lots of surrogate mothers in the West too. After all who wants children as their own who look like adoptive child from Indian parents?

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