Saturday, October 26, 2013

Save Hawaii ISKCON!

{PADA: Govinda dasi has added a comment on the bottom, sorry, we were told she was supporting the petition below and her name was on the original text someone sent us. She says that she does not support this actual petition, but she has other comments. Please read her comment below in the comments section. In any case we have heard all kinds of horrible things about the managers in Hawaii, so there is some sort of problem there. Govinda dasi should write a detailed article on the history of all this and explain the whole situation from her point of view, this mess begs explaining. ys pd]

We, the ISKCON International communiity:  Show our loving support to Iskcon Hawaii at Srila Prabhupada's sacred tirtha of New Navadwip,

We, the ISKCON International communiity: Show our loving support to Iskcon Hawaii at Srila Prabhupada's sacred tirtha of New Navadwip,

    1. Prabhupada Das
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      United States

This Is most important because currently the GBC has not visited Iskcon Hawaii in 2 years to see and hear for himself exactly how a temple in his zone is being managed and refuses to take action despite numerous appeals via phone and email from concerned and extremely dedicated temple devotees serving both full and part time in different capacities. This petition is also of utmost importance because the current temple president refuses to follow the basic standars required by Iskcon law and His Divine Grace, to daily attend the full morning program, visibly chant their japa purely and offenselessly. This neglect by both GBC and Temple President does not establish a strong foundation for the spreading of Krishna consciousness in a spirit of cooperation and love and trust, We sign this petition in support that once and for all,humbly request Iskcon Hawaii be managed by a GBC who ensures that the proper standards are maintained by a qualified temple president, according to Iskcon law. Furthermore, we support that the Iskcon Hawaii community stop being vilified, ostracized or banned for simply wanting to ensure that they have a voice in the future spiritual success of their temple.


  1. I would sign the petition, love to, it only makes sense, except then a goon member of the goon squad will go after me and beat me up. They won't do any real service, but they would travel thousands of mile to beat someone. That is my opinion.

  2. Dear Devotee Blog Administrator,
    Pamho. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    I did not write this petition, nor do I support it. Someone has misrepresented me here, either intentionally or accidentally. On Change .org I wrote the reasons that I do not support or agree with this petition, and it is printed there on that site. This is very inaccurate. Kindly remove this post as it misrepresents me as well as the situation in Hawaii. Thank you very much. Your servant, Govinda dasi acbsp

  3. I wrote a comment 4 days ago, it is posted at (the link up above) and it clearly describes the situation here in Hawaii, and why I opposed this this petition.
    Thank you for your assistance in removing my name from this. It would be best to remove the whole petition, since it very likely is going nowhere.

    Your servant and sister,
    Govinda dasi


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