Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rasika Tattva Arguments

[PADA: Some of Narayana Maharaja people are arguing with Mahanidhi's people, who are arguing with various GBC people, and so on and so forth. Yet the first problem we have with a lot of these people is that they supported either the GBC's and / or Gaudiya Matha's "conditioned soul" gurus, and / or they think the soul is originated in tatastha / brahman, and there are so many other basic level items that have been -- misunderstood.

Meanwhile there are folks arguing about obtuse and highly esoteric topics like -- whether or not younger aged females in the Vedas should be described as having "upraised breasts" -- or not? What? Meanwhile, we have had a long list of deviants posing as messiahs -- and instead of fixing that mess -- we are instead discussing these alleged "rasika tattvas"? Sorry, we have to learn how to walk WAY before we can run. We need to understand the basic siddhanta points before running off to these higher topics which are basically not very relevant to us at this stage.

Some of these folks are criticizing each other as sahajiyas. And we would argue that since we have not yet grasped a lot of the basics, then yes, going into details like Raganuga-ness is premature aka sahajiya. At the same time, it seems that a lot of folks in the Gaudiya Matha / ISKCON think that the rasika devotees, i.e. the acharyas, the people who are factually qualified to talk about rasika, are falling off into illicit sex and so on. BV Puri said, this phenomena is way worse than any of the babajis and sahajiyas.

Yes pilgrims, this is sahajiya. We do appreciate the general concept -- that we need at least to think sometimes of the goal of bhakti yoga, i.e. the uttama platform, the rasika platform, because that is the goal.
Its important to at least have some idea of what is the goal in any endeavor, whether we are building a house, playing golf, driving to a certain location, etc.

However, to simply emphasize "the goal" -- and let the practical arrangement and process for attaining the goal crumble into a criminal empire -- is not very mature or realistic. And this idea of -- telescoping of the goal -- with people barely progressed in the neophyte process, is typical of sahajiya programs.

It seems that we have collectively not yet been able to grasp the foundational basics first of all, like -- what is a guru, what is managing ISKCON correctly, etc. ys pd

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  1. Right, Raga bhakti and allowing ISKCON to become a house of criminals. This is why ISKCON has fallen, these people went away and did not care.


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