Thursday, October 3, 2013

Krishnas in Russia Respond To Allegations Against ISKCON

PADA: Srila Prabhupada says, if the preaching is bona fide and the behavior of the devotees is good, then the Krishna movement will be accepted by the public -- and protected by Krishna. However! If the preaching is bad, we can lose our status as a bona fide religion, and be rejected by the public, and even face government repression etc. 

Then, the first thing the GBC did after 1977 was to say -- that the worship of Jesus is totally bogus, post samadhi, posthumous, and in sum worship of Jesus is the postmortem worship of a dead person. And the road to salvation is instead, we need to worship the GBC's illicit sex with men, women and children messiahs instead of pure devotees like Jesus. 

Then they wondered, why is the religion being persecuted? Well, if you are every single day attacking the worship of pure devotees as bogus, and you are telling people they have to worship a pack of debauchees as their path to God, your religion will not be accepted, or protected by the Lord, just exactly as Srila Prabhupada warned us -- would happen. 

The post 1977 GBC has gone way out of their way to make sure the public thinks the Krishna religion is based on the worship of illicit behavior, and criminality, then they wonder why their concocted religion is being rejected and harassed by the authorities? 

The GBC wondered the same think when New Vrndavana was raided, how come we are being persecuted by the government? Well maybe if you did not enforce the worship of deviants by using contrived bannings, beatings and violence, then you would not have these problems? The GBC thinks they can enforce the worship of deviants and then be accepted by the public and the government authorities, nope, Srila Prabhupada said if you do that, you will be finished, just as the Gaudiya Matha fell down into the same bogus process of making false messiahs. 

The GBC thinks they can make a criminal mayhem program in the USA and then sneak off to other places and start fresh over there and their criminal regime's past will never catch up to them. Umm, that is what criminals do all the time, they leave the USA and go to places like Latin America, but guess what, they can still be arrested because their past may become known at any time. Simply leaving the scene of the crime and escaping to another place, is no guarantee that the past will not overtake you over there eventually. They have to clean the slate and openly state that their worship of deviants program is bogus, and start to worship the pure devotee, then they might get a shred of credibility, and resultant protection from the Lord.   

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  1. Prabhupada said if the preaching is successful the demons will become angry so that is what is happening in Russia you envious demon! You are envious of ISKCON'S success! What a fool!

  2. Our preaching is Russia is doing great. Many Prabhupadanugas are being made there all the time, and we have converted some of the ex-ISKCON centers there to worship Srila Prabhupada. There are also a few ex-Russian devotees living here near Berkeley who are now Prabhupadanugas, and they love what we are doing and they are preaching (translating) to their friends in the Russian language about us.

    We also have some Russian devotees agreeing with us on the changed books issues and so forth, and they are preaching that to their Russian friends. So our program in Russia is expanding all the time.

    One of the biggest Russian book distribution matajis recently joined our program. We also have four centers in Ukraine. Russian devotees in Vrndavana have talked to some of our people and they are asking nice questions. We are also getting inquiries from Russian devotees here to our PADA news, and they are asking about the history and so on and so forth.

    PADA's Krishna 1008 blog has its first highest numbers of readership in USA, then second is India, although India is catching up fast. Then its a fight for third place readership between Europe and Russia, thus we have many readers there in Russia. Of course we also have many readers in former Soviet regions.

    You are actually quite correct, the demon GBC guru's program is quite angry at us for preaching there in Russia. You said it rightly and we agree fully, the demon guru program is angry at our preaching in Russia which is having great success there.

    We agree with you.

    The demons are of course always angry and envious that we are stopping people from worship of their illicit sex gurus, and we are getting them to worship pure devotees, and this makes the demons angry because they want people to worship the illicit sex as guru program. Yes, we agree with you, the demons will become angry at the Vaishnavas who are preaching, no kidding!

    These demons even banned a nice family from the temple a few days ago, because this family said they want to worship the pure devotee and not bogus illicit sex messiahs, and so you are correct, the illicit sex guru program is angry and envious and so they removed these nice devotees.

    This happens as soon as we tell the demons we are not going to worship their illicit sex guru program, they are angry. Thats always been the case, Ravana wanted to be worshiped, and he was angry that the devotees would not agree.

    That is all the demons want all along since Ravana's time, to ban, beat, harass and even kill the Vaishnavas, and that is why they are angry at our nice preachers and their preaching in Russia. You got it! They have not only ban our preachers, when I was in Los Angeles a Russian devotee was beaten to a pulp and had some of his teeth knocked out by your demon clan. That is how you folks treat some of our nice Russian Vaisnavas, you are a hundred times worse than the KGB. ys pd

  3. Yes, these bhogis gurus treat vaishnavas worse than KGB. that is right!


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