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Gurus Need A Shastra Advisory Committee?

PADA: This article explains how ISKCON needs to follow the tradition of India. Good idea. Except the author is a member of the GBC's "Shastric Advisory Committee," which "advises" the GBC's acharyas. That means, the author (Mukunda Datta das) assumes that he is greater than the acharyas, because he is the advisor to the acharyas.

This is not in our tradition, that the acharyas have "shastric advisors"? Nor has the author proven that he is superior to the acharyas and that he can thus be an advisor to them? Then again in ISKCON the acharyas are often fallen into illicit sex, so it seems the first "advice" would be to say, these folks are not acharyas, and the people who supported these foolish people as acharyas are -- not in the tradition? Then again the shastra advisory program has never completed their GBC guru tattva paper which they said they would have completed some years ago? ys pd]


  1. GBC passed this resolution that any disciple of Srila Prabhupada who is not an initiating guru is in fallen condition. Since Mukunda Datta Das is a Prabhupada disciple and member of SAC he is of course diksha guru. Otherwise he would be fallen.
    How he attained this status of correcting other ISKCON gurus remains a myth. Did he accomplish special preaching success, open 108 temples or managed to reclaim lost devotees? Nope. So this is once again arbitrary decision. Of course disciples figure that their gurus are checked and everything is ok, what can go wrong?

  2. My wife, Urmila Devi Dasi, is also on the SAC, so she is also an "advisor to the acharyas!" :-)

    But even though she knows Srila Prabhupada's books and tapes better than almost anyone else in ISKCON, they won't let her join their "acharya" club because her superior knowledge would put them to shame! :-)

    Another reason that they are afraid to let her join their ranks is because they know that many of the beautiful, young bhaktins would rather take initiation from a woman than from a lusty old man! :-)

  3. Pratyatosa, YOU are the one who sued your own guru's movement and ruined it?!

    [PADA: Here we go again, this is the same thing the GBC / Bhakta das / Prahlad are saying, the worship of homosexual pedophiles is "your guru's movement." Suing that program is suing Prabhupada's movement. Why do you think the worship of molesters is Krishna's movement, ... that is the first problem?

    The children were committing suicide, that is what the lawsuit was all about, the children were dying. That is not Srila Prabhupada's movement. All you people ever talk about is money.]

    *** Did you have your rich wife pay off the lawsuit?

    [PADA: Right, the children were committing suicide and all these folks are worried about is money, no wonder the children were depressed, these idiots still think this was all about money. There is no mention of the victims. The lawsuit saved more children from dying, and that is "ruining" you plan, and your plan is, they should die?]

    *** No, of course not. Do you think you pleased Prabhupada in this way? What kind of idiot sues his own guru's movement when you should have sued all the individuals involved one at a time.

    [PADA: Well then sue them one at a time yourself? Did you, or the GBC/ Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad sue one person ever for anything? If you wanted to sue the individuals, then do that. The lawsuit was about the suicides, and it worked, the suicides almost went to nil. Your idea is that nothing should be done, and that is why, you did nothing then and are doing nothing now, except saying that the worship of molesters is "our movement," no its your movement, its not our movement.]

    *** Or are you accusing Prabhupada of making a big mistake?

    [PADA: The mistake is that no one did anything even after the children were committing suicide. And no one has made any other lawsuits ever since, no one did anything outside of this suit, including you. What lawsuit have you made? We never heard of them because you never lifted a finger to help the children, and you are upset some of them survived.]

    *** There were many who molested children who simply quit when they got caught. They are the ones who should have been sued. Not ISKCON. Your wife is smart alright but you are stupid.

    [PADA: Well then sue the individuals, go ahead? When are you going to quit moaning and do what you say should be done? Just do it already! We are all going to be dead waiting for you fools to do anything. All the victims will be dead before you sue a peanut, lets face it, you have NEVER had any plan to sue anyone at any time ever, you are all bluffers. If you were going to sue anyone, you would have done so a long time ago, you are simply hot air.

    The children were saved by this lawuit, and thats all there is to it. And the fact you never sued anyone ever proves, you never wanted anything to be done. You just wanted the suicides to get worse, and that is also what Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad said, let the victims all die. They never sued anyone and never will, because they think worship of child molesters is a "wonderful spiritual program." No, its hell on earth, and that is why you people defend it and call it spiritual, you are part of the whole program that victimized these children. Worship of molesters is your movement, do not lump us, and Srila Prabhupada, in with it! Its your program, not ours! ys pd]

  4. "Did you have your rich wife pay off the lawsuit?"

    The lawsuit didn't cost either me or the victims one penny. The Turley law firm took 100% of the financial risk, and they probably lost money on the deal. The ISKCON lawyers were brilliant. They make the lawyers for the Catholic Church look like idiots. Ask any big, big contingency law firm in America, and they'll tell you, "No! We're not going to mess with the Hare Krishnas! No way!"

  5. When one accepts "knowledge" from mundane scholars, and quotes them as valuable and authorized sources of information regarding transcendental subject matters, even though one may have been given initiation into devotional service by a bonafide, unadulterated parampara-acarya in the line of the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya-Sampradaya, such as Srila Prabhupada, one will surely be fooled into thinking that one's academic education on any given field situates one above others of perhaps lesser material qualifications. Thus, contaminated by self-conceit, one will actually think that, as one is situated in a higher plane of understanding, one is duly qualified to monitor the caracter and behaviour of those who may be acting as "pure representatives of God". However, this is actually a grave misconception for, a real parampara-acarya, is supposed to be above such scrutiny, given that, "acaryam mam vijaniyam", he is to be accepted as krsna Himself, in other words, pure and faultless. The very attempt of endorsing such ludicrous ideas, is definitely unbecoming of someone who is supposed to be a sisya of the greatest scholar, and devotee of the Lord for the present age, His Divine Grace, a.c BHAKTI-VEDANTA Swami Prabhupada. There are so many injunctions, rules and regulations in this world that must be followed for obtaining spiritual, as well as material well being. These are all delineated, not only in the Vedic literatures, but also, in the sacred literatures of other cultures, for God manifests Himself acording to time, place and circumstances. However, for those of us who truly want to acquire the rare oportunity of becoming the servants of a genuine God-sent soul, such as Srila Prabhupada, the following quotation should be suficient to serve us as a guideline:

    Naitat samacarej jatu
    Manasapi hy anisvarah
    Vinasyaty acaran maudhyad
    Yatha 'rudro 'bdhi-jam visam

    Isvaranam vacah satyam
    Tathaivacaritam kvacit
    Tesam yat sva-vaco-yuktam
    Buddhimams tat samacaret

    "One should simply follow the instructions of the Lord and His empowerd servants. Their instructions are all good for us, and any intelligent person will perform them as instructed. However, one should guard against trying to imitate their actions. One should not try to drink the ocean of poison in imitation of Lord Shiva". S.B. 10.33.30--31

    My humble obeisances to all. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to Their Lordships Sri-Sri Nitai-Gaurasundara! Hare Krsna!

  6. @"Well then sue the individuals, go ahead?"
    These folks are simply not informed about law. These individuals claimed they worked under ISKCON flag, and thus, disclaim liability for their behavior.
    On the other hand, ISKCON should have brought black sheep to justice.
    This never happened, even when Sulocana was killed, ISKCON tired to protect Kirtanananda and his helpmates.
    Last but not least, what is the use of suing someone when you know from begin with that this pesron is penniless? This is rather no help at all for the victims. And as soon these culprits would be out of prison they again would commit criminal act.
    As soon you explain all this in detail these folks have no answer. But always presenting as weisenheimer, senior primary school teacher, expert of strategic planning strategy.

  7. "What kind of idiot sues his own guru's movement when you should have sued all the individuals involved one at a time."

    The way the legal system works in America is that you sue the organization that the perpetrators are members of. Then, if the organization loses the lawsuit, it is up it to try to recover it's loses by taking legal action against the perpetrators. Therefore, the ball is in the court of the GBC. But they're probably too lazy and/or too busy engaging in sense gratification to worry about doing their actual duty to Srila Prabhupada!


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