Friday, October 4, 2013

Memorial For Subuddhi Das in Los Angeles

* Memorial for Subuddhi prabhu in Los Angeles *

Photos taken on Oct 3 in front of Srila Prabhupada, Tulasi Devi, and many friends. Over the years he was with us, he offered so much and asked so little. We send blessings on his journey and pray that Krishna has some nice service for him. Good fortune to you, Subuddhi.


  1. Right, city council of LA threw his dead body in a pauper's grave and his van was thrown into carpress. Now ISKCON is trying to make money with this devotee who out of despair ran into police gun fire. Plz wake up, this is not about honoring a Vaishnava. If they would have the slightest respect for this devotee they would have given him official residence. Rather they treated him like fly-speck. This whole sanctimoniousness orchestrated by these folks is all about collecting money from clueless visitors. on Memorial For Subuddhi Das in Los Angeles

  2. Did the police record Subuddhi Prabhu's final words? I wonder if he chanted Hare Krishna in a hail of gunfire? What will the memorial be? A permanent plaque shaped like a van placed in the same space Subuddhi used to live on? Will it last for the next ten thousand years? All glories to Subuddhi das!


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