Thursday, October 17, 2013

Save the Russian Temple (Web Site)


  1. This is of course orchestration - ISKCON Russia to act like a prima donna. Russia's ISKCON leaders are in a huff that they don't get the land for free anymore as it was previously settled. However, in fairness they should admit that it was them who caused City of Moscow to withdraw the land donation. Next week India's prime minister comes to Moscow. Russian Catholics want to build a church in Delhi and expect land being donated. Lets see if ISKCON Russia is able to convince people that their temple project in Moscow is a real temple or rather a private cult center. Right now things rather look like that people of Moscow don't consider ISKCON as genuine religion anymore. And they disagree to give them anything for free. On the other hand ISKCON Russia is rich enough to buy the land on their own. Why all this ballyhoo?

  2. Way to go Pada. Thanks to your rhetoric and blaspheming of Srila Prabhuapda (iskcon) people don't consider iskcon to be bona fide anymore so we lose our religious status.

    [PADA: All we said is -- that Srila Prabhupada is correct, illicit sex with men, women and children is -- not -- the qualification of God's successors. Sorry, that is what Srila Prabhupada said, its not what we said? You are confusing us with Srila Prabhupada? He said its a severe aparadha to say the guru is a conditioned soul, what to speak of saying the guru is a debauchee? Now you are saying, its demoniac to agree with the pure devotee? That is how you folks got us people killed, by branding us as demons -- for citing the pure devotee's words. You did that, not us?

    All we said is, that HE is correct?

    And guess what happened next? As soon as we said that we agree with Srila Prabhupada, then all of your idiots not only contested and argued with us, your program had us banned, beat and assassinated. You folks thus brought all this into the attention of the police, media, TV, courts, FBI, and open public? The police came to us, the media came to us, the FBI came to us, they all wanted to know what was going on here, they approached us to figure out what -- your program -- is doing? They called us, to understand why your folks are banning, beating and assassinating the Vaishnavas?

    We did not even have to go to them, they came to us because they saw your program as criminal. Perhaps if you guys did not have a program of harassing and even killing us for saying the pure devotee is not a debauchee, none of this would have ever happened? We have been hunted like dogs, being chased with baseball bats, getting death threats, being beaten, shot and even killed etc, and -- we wanted this to all go on like this?

    Are you taking your medications?

    Why would we want to be hunted and killed like dogs? No, your program has been hunting and killing us, that is not our doing, its your doing, and you created all the publicity associated with this.

    We were serving nicely in ISKCON until your people decided, -- lets start open season hunting us. That is what Sulochana said, your folks have declared "open season hunting" upon us Vaishnavas, we did not do that, your program did. If your program think hunting and killing devotees is going to make good new media publicity, you are not taking your meds. We did none of this, we are being chased, we are not the chasers. You are blaming the victims.

    The movement has no credibility anywhere because of your program of worship of illicit sex, which is rejected by human society, everywhere. You have to change your policy if you want a better public image. We had a good image until you folks took over and made your worship of debauchees program. We objected to that right at the get go, and its your fault you did not listen to us, we could have saved you from all this horrible PR, but you did not listen to us. OK, so what happened is 100 percent on your shoulders, we objected, you ran the bus over us, and went on, so the whole burden is with your camp. We told you this is going to ruin ISKCON, and then -- you folks wanted us dead. That means, you wanted to ruin ISKCON and stomp jackboots on anyone who would halt that process. Its your fault this happened, we did not say anything except, Srila Prabhupada is correct, then your program said -- these people have to die. Thats your fault. And you are still not changing the policy, our people are still being banned, removed, ejected, sued and so on, your program has not learned nothing. Thats why we have to stay public, ys pd

  3. No, PADA is not the reason why people don't consider ISKCON to be bona fide. False gurus such as Harikesa, Hridayananda, Jayadvaita, Ravindra Svarupa, Radhanatha etc. are the reason why people don't consider ISKCON to be bona fide. You lose your religious status because of those false gurus, not because of PADA.

  4. "Way to go Pada. Thanks to your rhetoric and blaspheming of Srila Prahuapda (Iskcon) people don't consider Iskcon to be bona fide anymore so we lose our religious status".
    Dear Prabhuji, please take a look at this post by Pada, "UK Iskcon Leaders Huge Salary. (From Mahesh Raja prabhu). Then, perhaps you might be able to understand what Pada and the Prabhupadanugas are talking about and stand for. My humble obeisances to you and everyone else. All glories to HDG Srila Prabhupada! All glories to Sri-Sri Gaura-Nitai! Hare Krsna!

  5. Right, these people are living like kings, going to expensive health clinics, or Cedar Sinai hospital, going to 500 rupee health spas, getting massages, living in four star hotels etc, while thousands of devotees are unable to get any care whatsoever. The real reason people do not like PADA is, we are hurting their guru business. ys pd

  6. I agree. My respecful obeisances to Pada's courage and sincere efforts in glorifying Srila Prabhupada. May Their Lorships Sri-Sri Nitai-Gauranga ever bestow Their blessings and protection upon you. Hare Krsna!


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