Thursday, October 17, 2013

ISKCON Comes Clean! Their Shiksha Guru is an Aparadhi!

[PADA: Wow! Check this out! These are the same exact quotes we first began pointing out were bogus from Narayana Maharaja in our 1990s PADA News Letters. These bogus quotes are now being repeated EXACTLY on the official "OneISKCON" site! This is great progress. Yes, when Tamal was saying that Narayana Maharaja is the GBC's "rasika acharya" and "his best friend next to Bhavananada" and so forth, he was introducing NM's aparadhi comments into ISKCON.

And Tamal's biggest cheer leaders were folks like Giriraja swami, Trivrikrama swami, Satsvarupa swami, DANAVIR etc. who were ALL pushing Tamal and his Narayana Maharaja agenda into ISKCON. There was the infamous "gopi rasika" group headed by Tamal and gradually consisted of many other GBC gurus like Sivarama swami, Satsvarupa swami, Indradyumna swami, Mahanidhi swami, and others. And we are still struggling with these so-called RASIKA deviations in so many other forms right now.

However! This is really good news!

ISKCON leaders are gradually SURRENDERING TO PADA. They are REPEATING PADA's exact same CITATIONS about NM, EXACTLY as we stated these things in our newsletters in the 1990s, and all along really. We said all of this many years ago.

Yes, its a fact, we cited these EXACT SAME comments from NM, and said they are offensive to the acharya Srila Prabhupada, and that people like Danavir and others are supporting these offenders. Its taking time, but the PADA ideas are finally sinking into ISKCON. This is amazing, these people are copying and pasting our IDENTICAL comments about NM! And this exposes Tamal and his bogus rasika club members like Trivrikrama, Danavir and so on. Just keep on quoting PADA, this is the way to go! Hee hee.

[NOTE: Yes, these offenders are the same program supported by Bhakta das and his new disciple Prahlad.]

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