Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shyamsundar das (Sam Speerstra) Still Looking For Diamonds

[PADA: Shyamsundar (ex-GBC of England) bankrupted the UK zone buying bogus rubies from India. Later, he bounced a check that he personally gave to Srila Prabhupada, because he had spent all the temple's money on these bogus jewels.

Srila Prabhupada met with me alone at the time, and he told me to make money somehow or other, and to start  paying some off these debts made by Shyamsundar. Which I did ...

We did not even have money to pay for gas (petrol) for the samkirtana vans, or to pay to the electrical bills etc. Eventually, Shyamsundar blooped and he was reported to be on a number of "expeditions" to find sunken treasures, lost gold mines and so on. Later he almost died of, I think, kidney failure. Malati found someone to donate a kidney or something like that, and he was saved.

Now he is found in this video, how did you guess, still searching for (more) lost diamond treasures. OK, this is one reason we had so much trouble with the "out of control" situation going on in ISKCON. Many of the present and ex-senior leaders have been more interested their personal book and tapes ministries, watching football, and who knows what else, including finding lost diamond mines, than serving and helping the mission of Srila Prabhupada. Yes, it almost seems that they do not care.

Its sad as well, that after spending his life looking for jewels, and getting cheated terribly, and almost dying while looking, and being so broke he had to get Malati to beg for medical help, that he still thinks the goal of his existence is still to find -- jewels?

This is oddly like a movie we saw as a child on TV. This man spends his whole life looking for the lost gold of Montezuma. He finally finds it in a deep cave, but he is by then very old and almost invalid. He cannot move quickly. As he sits on the throne of Montezuma, -- the cave starts to collapse into a big dust cloud, and he is so invalid, he cannot move fast enough to escape. The scene flips to the outside of the cave where there is a huge cloud of dust, ok the man dies inside the cave.

He spends his whole life looking for the lost gold, but he dies just after he is finally sitting on the golden Montezuma throne. I find it simply astonishing that people who have learned so much about Krishna philosophy are ending up something like this man in the Montezuma gold movie, which I saw as a child. We appreciate the good things Shyamasundar did at certain times, and we are not trying to pick on him personally, but we wanted people to understand why PADA has had such a hard time getting things done, some of our supposed helpers and senior brothers were out digging for diamonds and who knows what else, when we (and ISKCON) needed their help the most. ys pd        


  1. Once Prabhupada left many times it was like the three Musketeers at the temple, one for all and all for one. The one temple provided for all the Prabhupada disciples, and all the newer granddisciples provided for the temple. Thus the Prabhupada initiated disciples got a free ride for about a decade. Then the situation changed, at least here in America.

    By then the temples had run dry. The older devotees hadn't done a thing in ten years, while the granddisciples' gurus started leaving also, do to offenses and material desires of their own. So the granddisciples left too. What's a Prabhupada disciple to do when all of a sudden they have to work for the first time in ten years? Why go off searching for gold! And if they stay, they end up with the old cows in the back of a barn somewhere waiting for some small amount of hay and oatwater to sustain them. Either way they are just a bunch of old losers, who have lost their status and are still hungry.

  2. Yes, I think a lot of the senior devotees just hung on as long as they could tolerate it, and finally almost all of them also had to drop out, they just could not take the oppressive and offensive atmosphere anymore.

    The good news is that despite most of these devotees are now paupers, and one of the GBC's guru folks wrote to say how great their gurus are, because their gurus will die in Cedars Sinai, at least all these pauper devotees left and quit supporting the corrupt regime.

    So they will be spared the bad karma of support of evil gurus. And so they will at least die in a favorable state since they at least have some pious connection to Krishna, whereas the evil gurus and the God brothers who still support them will have to answer for all the corruption they produced. ys pd

  3. For a conditioned soul to be too close (e.g., vapu) to a pure servant of God is like a blade with very sharp edges on both sides. Depending on one's handling of it one may, either be uplifted by cutting the knot of material atachment or, be beheaded spiritually and forced to glide down to the hellish regions. In Srila Prabhupada's efforts to spread his message througout the world we've seen and are still seeing a lot of people going one way or the other. The question would be then, which way one would personally like to go? My humble obeisances to all. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to their Lordships Sri-Sri Gaura-Nitai! Hare Krsna!



  5. I have not heard any reports yet. Lets see what happens. ys pd


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