Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Estimated 1 Million Chickens Cooked While Alive in USA

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  1. Dead or alive, the US consumes more than one million chickens daily just for one meal. Then a similar number for the next. Even breakfast is made out of chicken laddhus, eggs, as they call them in India. What is your point Pada?

    [PADA: The point is that there was once regulations that the animals had to be dead, and this is not being enforced, so they are being cooked while alive, so its another sign of kali yuga increasing.]

    First you are angry at the GBC for not wanting someone to steal Krishna's temple complex in Bangalore.

    [PADA: The GBC has spent 20 millions dollars suing Bangalore, they could have built ten temples like Bangalore with that money. They just want lawyers to live in mansions, plain and simple.]

    Stick to Krishna Consciousness and don't defend Madhubandit for if you do you too will take on a heap of the impious lives of activities he will have to suffer for birth after birth, lifetime after lifetime, or don't you care?

    [PADA: I do not worship illicit sex, so I am not worried at all, the GBC forces people to worship illicit sex, they have to worry. ys pd]


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