Thursday, October 17, 2013

GBC leader in a coma


  1. What is your point in saying GBC leader in a coma? Are you implying somehow he is suffering because he is GBC?

    [PADA: We have seen some GBC leaders laughing when other devotees (that they kicked out) fell into intoxicants. Yes, some of the GBC leaders gloat over the falling and suffering of others.

    We are not laughing or gloating here rather --

    We have been pointing out -- all along since 1979, that many GBC leaders are suffering sickness and fall downs because, again -- as we are pointing out all along, they are not qualified to act as diksha gurus and absorb other's karma (sins). Nor are they authorized to support others who engage in this deviation.

    Srila Prabhupada said that the guru is taking sins, just like Jesus is taking sins, and if they are not qualified to take these sins, they will get sick, fall down, or both. They should not take sins in any event, even if there were not getting sick and falling down, because its mis-leading the public.

    There has been a health and fall down epidemic among these GBC leaders and gurus, and we would say, that Srila Prabhupada was correct when he told us we are not qualified to take sins -- or we will get sick or fall down, or both. Yes, we think taking sins without authority is going to cause problems, why?, because Srila Prabhupada said it would cause problems. Jayapataka looks and acts like a guy who is 109 years old, why?, he had no authority to take sins, thats exactly what Srila Prabhupada said, you cannot take sins (and act like Jesus) or you will suffer from illness and / or fall down, we did not say that, the acharya said that.

    And after they die they go to hell because they are surrounded by the sins they took but could not absorb. That is also described in shastra.

    At the same time many of the rank and file exiled devotees are also getting sick and dying untimely, because they were kicked out of their house by these guru fools and thus many rank and file are depressed and so on. So these leaders are causing the untimely death of others as well. So yes, they caused their own suffering as well as the suffering of others. That's what we said all along, and no one has given us any logical explanation why that analysis is wrong.

    ys pd

  2. Satsvarupa says he has had "powerful, incurable, painful, incapacitating heachaches" ever since 1978, and he says he has been "the guru of pills" trying to fix that. And this is logical and normal for you? Is this how you live normally, you cannot go to a meeting since that gives you a splitting headache, you need enemas because you cannot even go to the bathroom, meanwhile you order a woman to divorce so you can "grab her tatas" as he husband says is what happened? I am sorry you think this is logical and normal living. That's not normal for the rest of us, you can live like that if you want, we do not. ys pd


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