Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sadhu Das Informed ISKCON Managers / Police Before Attack

****** DASA: Dayaram Dasa, Alok Govinda Dasa and Bhadra Caru Dasa, all of them are officers of Iskcon Mayapura. These members are living out of the Iskcon Mayapur Campus, but they have a re-enforced armed Iskcon security guards. One guy is posted on the roof of Bhadra Caru house with a shot gun caliber 12.

Way before the attack, Sadhu dasa informed to Iskcon Mayapur M.C.S , and informed to the local police station that he will suffer considerable dangerous attach from (JPS followers) Mahabandhu Dasa. So the Mayapura managers M.C.S and the police knew in advance that Sadhu Dasa's life was in imminent risk of death, but purposely they avoided to offer protection (because they are being paid off and are part of the corruption). 

About the whole picture today in Mayapur, there is a hidden missing link, that is difficult to understand: Why the authorities there allow these completely fallen down to manage the whole main project of Srila Prabhupada? For many sincere seniors devotees, is a lot of common elements that connect today's Mayapur with the past of New Vrindavan during the madness of Kirtanananda. Its got the same violent cult aspects.

So, who are the responsible for the introduction of that much illusion at the religious complex of Iskcon Mayapur if not the entire GBC body? The wish of His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada for Mayapur was that of a Holy place serve as a perfect example of pure spiritual society, where the rest of the world can visit, where people can become inspired to adopt the holy behavior of Sadhacar, a sinless life of full dedication to the service of God, altogether with His energies. But instead, garbage is growing there. Of course, the daily management of garbage has now become a challenge.



  1. Here is the problem, the so called gurus encourage so called ksatriyas to serve them in that capacity because they are afraid of other people exposing them as bogus and need some muscle to keep others from speaking out and ruining their scams. The so called ksatriyas have no brains or brahminical qualities but think if they serve the so called gurus they will achieve name and fame as great devotees, and because they have no brains they also think they will go back to godhead by beating up innocent devotees for the sake of protecting the false reputations of their gurus, this was seen at New Vrndavana when K. Swami had his henchmen kill devotees for speaking out against him, saying he was not a pure devotee, after he stole their wives, molested their children, etc. Children were purportedly even killed after their fathers were murdered for speaking out.

    The same thing is continuing on today at Mayapur I agree. This is my opinion. If you go to Mayapur you had better learn to keep your mouth shut temporarily while you are there otherwise it might just be shut for good by the so called disciples of the so called gurus there. The fair thing to do when a devotee visits is to hand the devotee a flyer stating that saying anything about such and such guru will result in death by devotee. So called devotees that is. Still, devotees should not do that, they should only kindly and gently remove the devotees from the premises.

  2. completely unrelated topic, but.....does anyone know what umapati swami/das is up to these days? where does he live? does he still actively preach? does he still pretend that he is a sannyassi? puranjana, do u have idea of these questions prabhu? ......And what about thus great acarya, krishna balaram swami . he is the closest living acarya on prabhupadas level. link:

    1. Krishna Balaram Swami was staying in Los Angeles in the early 90's when a white woman accused him of having her child with her. He denied it, but the child came out half Indian. So the local GBC asked him to take a simple DNA test to see whether he was the father, or not. He said he would rather bloop and not serve Prabhupada than be subjected to such suspicion, so he left. He then became very critical of Western Vaishnavas and said, in opposition to what Srila Prabhupada said, that Western devotees cannot make any advancement. You have to be born a brahman like he was. When asked if Haridas Thakura, the Namacharya had to be born a brahman, instead of saying no, the body does not matter, like Srila Prabhupada said, KB Swami said, "Who the hell do you think you are, Namacharya Srila Haridas Thakur?". He seems to have missed the point here. I guess that is because he really did father the child after all. This is what I have heard.

  3. Haribol Prabhus who own this is James Walker again. I have sent a response to the above article about 5 days ago about the anonymous poster who bad-mouthed Krishna Balaram Swami, I have not seen my article posted on the thread. Character assasination of such a great devotee as Krishna Balaram Swami brings irritation in the minds of the followers. If you can post such offensive unsubstantiated posts as the anonymous person who criticized Krishna Balaram Swamiji, why can you not post my substantiated reply? Since this anonymous writer did not provide his/her name, or the GBC person in question (if it is not the anonymous writer), along with who the child in question is. Swamiji does not yet know.

    [PADA: OK first of all no one knew who your guru really was. Next, we did not get your comment, it disappeared. Not all the comments come up here for some reason. Now that everyone knows we are dealing with Krishna Balarama swami, lets see what they comment, I personally do not know him. ys pd]

    1. Haribol Prabhus. In case my message didn't go through I am splitting it up into two parts. Please post the entire message as it is. Part 1:

      I am not a coward, hiding under the name of anonymous. My name is James Walker, a prospective disciple of Swamiji. I found Swamiji when I was searching for a genuine Guru on the internet. I had never had contact with ISKCON Gurus before meeting Swamiji, but after meeting such a real Guru as Swamiji, when I learned about the living ISKCON Gurus, it was clear to me that they are all bogus. In regards to the
      unnamed person that says Swamiji had a son from a western woman and that he rejected taking a DNA test to prove that he is not the father of that son, that is completely nonsense because in my experience of being with Swamiji for the last 7 years I know Swamiji would never deny such a proposal because he is a very simple and straightforward devotee. The statement that he would rather bloop and not serve Srila
      Prabhupada rather than give his DNA is outrageous because such a statement would NEVER come from Swamiji's mouth, as he has always been totally dedicated to his Guru Srila Prabhupada and always speaks very highly of him. I would be very glad to know the name of the GBC leader hiding under the name of anonymous that posted this and the
      whereabouts of that son so I can ask Swamiji for the DNA myself. I know for sure Swamiji would not deny giving it to me because I know he has nothing to hide and if he did so I would leave him immediately. I do not want to disturb Swamiiji with such nonsense written by this anonymous show bottle devotee and I am almost 2 hours away
      from Swamiji. Whether or not this GBC leader has the guts to confess his name, if anyone reveals where this child is, I will discuss this point with Swamiji and get Swamiji's DNA.

      I had some respect for the Hare Krishna leaders until now thinking that they are vegetarian and chanting Hare Krishna. But this is the straw that broke the camel's back.

    2. Haribol Prabhus, Here is part 2 of my message in case the whole thing didn't go through. Please post my entire reply (both parts, or the entire original message) as it is.
      I have read Swamiji's books several times and in the Guru Nirnaya Dipika, The Scriptural Decision on Who Can Become Guru and Who Cannot, he mentions that Srila Prabhupada's books were dictated onto a dictaphone and the original tapes are either being hidden or have been destroyed. He mentions that Haridas Thakur was Lord Brahma
      in a past life, and he did not initiate any disciples, but Swamiji never spoke and never would speak disrespectfully of such a revered devotee. In Srimad Bhagavatam, Swamiji discusses that even if a former dog eater chants the Holy Name sincerely, he can become a pure devotee in this lifetime but cannot become pure enough to function as Guru in this lifetime. And even a former cow eater can become a pure devotee in
      this lifetime, but how could they possibly become Guru in this lifetime? Because a dog is an outdoor animal whereas cows are worshipped even by Lord Krishna in Vedic civilization.

      The modern Hare Krishna leaders want Krishna Balaram Swami to be seen by the world as no better than them. That is why they fabricate such nonsense under anonymous names but those who are smart can detect the truth because the agents of Kaliyuga cannot stop a meritorious person from finding real gold, which you can find at

  4. Haribol Prabhus,
    This is James Walker again. I wrote the statements of my Guru Krishna Balaram Swami yesterday and I have not seen it posted on your website. Can you please post this? I am sending it again.
    I visited Krishna Balaram Swamiji today and asked him about him having a half Indian, half Western child, as quoted by the anonymous ISKCON GBC devotee. Swamiji simply laughed and told me to post the following message:
    "...There are no real devotees in present day ISKCON. They have incurable spiritual brain cancer. Whoever believes that there are true devotees in ISKCON, their head needs to be examined. I can prove quoting all the Vedic Sanskrit scriptures of India that all the Gurus of present ISKCON and their disciples are going to become ghosts after suffering in hell, and no one can prove otherwise on the basis of the original Vedic scriptures. It is best to reform before death."
    Swamiji waits for his DNA to be taken because he wants that child to come and help him in his mission.
    - James Walker


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