Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rocana Slipping More and More into Gaudiya Matha-ism?

PADA: Rocana is now more and more promoting Mayesvara dasa's writings:     


And Mayesvara is a Gaudiya Matha groupie. 

Meanwhile Rocana has been promoting a series on "Vaishnava Ninda," which seems to be coming direct off the Web Site of the former Jagat Guru swami of ISKCON, another person who has ran off the the Gaudiya Matha. 

In other words, its looking more and more like Rocana is (or has been all along) a supporter of the Gaudiya Matha folks. Or what? The real problem for the Gaudiya Matha and Rocana is that the Gaudiya Matha's gurus had a big problem of deviating and falling down, and thus they did not gain much traction in India. 

And then the GBC's gurus have been falling down, and also not gaining traction in most cases. It would seem that if a study of the Vedic culture was the way to go forward, these Gaudiya Matha people might want to study the qualifications of guru before writing anything else. ys pd   


  1. The whole Sampradaya Sun thing is never meant to present genuine bhagavat-dharma or genuine guru-tattva. It is all about Rocana and his friends. Rocana is not alone, single perpetrator. It is all about one hand washes the other. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Remember those folks hanging around in the temple and always looking for some "service" which is pleasing? Like that. These folks never would put a foot in the Sankirtan van to go out and distribute books. They hated to perform any self-sacrificing work and simply satisfied their material ego. Every temple had at 2-5 such egomaniacs. These were the folks who later on switched to Gaudiya-matha as if this was the only right thing to do. Basically they hated Prabhupada for installing far too heavy rules and regs. We more or less ignored these groupies and so they lived in the temple like honored guest but where de facto enemies of Prabhupada.
    This actually is Rocana's clientele / network. All those pseudo rascals loitering in the temple and simply exploiting the whole thing for their whims.

  2. Rocana is a "Prabhupada only" person, but he actually does not like the rtviks. So he posts Gaudiya Matha stories, or he has no stories at all. His site will be blank. Same as Prahlad people, they are for Prabhupada, but posting Bhakta das. So they are also really for Radhanatha and Gaudiya Matha and against Prabhupada ritviks. Same thing. And both of them do not like PADA because PADA is against their bogus gurus. False flag wavers. Thats all.

  3. don't you have enough things to worry about with your own sadhana? stop fault finding others and take care of your own spirituality. Or don't you feel you need to?


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