Saturday, April 26, 2014

Trivrikrama swami "Final Order"

[PADA: OK, yet we still find no evidence that Srila Prabhupada appointed 11 guru successors, nor does Trivrikrama swami even mention where that was done? Trivrikrama just says there will be initiating gurus, but he never says who they will be? The GBC, the same group that Trivrikrama supports, says their 11 gurus were appointed on May 28th, yet when and where the 11 were appointed as gurus is never shown on May 28th? 

In fact, no names are given in any of the material Trivrikrama swami cites? Nor does Trivrikrama swami even seem to know that his 11 guru successor's project has failed miserably? Trivrikrama swami was voted in as guru by Bhavananda's recoronators, how does that make him a bona fide acharya? Trivrikrama swami says he is bona fide, because he promotes known deviants as acharyas, and is voted in by said deviants? 

"I am the messiah, -- because the Pharisees voted me in as one"? ys pd] 

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