Friday, April 11, 2014

Poison Issue Importance: Abhaya Carana Seva das

Abhaya carana seva das says: pamho agt ACBSP,


Thank you to HG mahatma das to give further explanation on the assassination of our guru maharaj. Actually SRILA PRABHUPADA was so powerful that he could have killed tamala asura and all his misfortunate followers, just by HIS pure sweet will, but HE did not that by being a rasa rasika bhakta of the first order, through HIS pure titiksasva karunika mercy towards ALL the meleccha yavana pulinda candala etc…

All the bogus disciples of this disgusting tamala asura must be kicked out of iskcon, not to say worse, even if they deserve it, including all the supporters of this abominable demon. Instead of giving them the position of temple president in f-iskcon, as already happens, and is still nowadays going on for many bogus disciples of this wretch who is still in the hell to finish to pay the horrible karma by assassinating our beloved acharya who was completely undisturbed by the effects of the poison, as we can see from the picture above, any ordinary living entity could not keep such wonderful control of the mind by leaving the skinny material body without any lamentation.

SRILA PRABHUPADA could live another 10 years minimum, actually the span of life for pukka religious people is one hundred years in kali yuga, it was thousand years in dvapara yuga the age before kali yuga, to not speak about satya yuga the span of life were ten thousand years like the demigods.

Anyway SRILA PRABHUPADA was beyond the factor time by being a tri kala jnana, someone who can see present past and future through HIS pure transcendental devotion and chastity, therefore HE accepted the murdering as the will of SRI KRSNA, by forgiving HIS poisoners just as JESUS CHRIST did also by being another saktya avesa avatara, by his saying: Father forgive them because they do not know what they are doing, same of tamala asura, who is the perfect example of a demon mentality without any vaisnava history background.

He got forgave by SRILA PRABHUPADA but SRILA PRABHUPADA was so powerful that HE could burn to ash all their offenders in a fraction of a second like HDG JESUS CHRIST these are the real devotees and we can see through THEM how far we still are from perfection by looking for revenge most of the time. Never mind we are glad to be connected with SRILA PRABHUPADA causeless mercy free revenges etc…

agtSP ys haribol

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