Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Christian's Pat Robertson Predicts Asteroid Hit


[PADA: Asteroid hit will "wrap it all up," could be next week? Apparently the post-1977 Hare Krishna's are not the only people with fake gurus who make paranoid predictions to terrify their flocks. Pat Robertson has a TV show seen by millions of Christians in the USA, and actually around the world. Another Christian preacher we had over here, with big billboards and radio ads, who predicted the end of the world three different times -- giving three dates and times (and he got everyone to sell their houses and etc.) recently died, and yet the world is oddly, still here? Heh heh heh.  ys pd] 


  1. The Bible says "No one will be able to predict the final days.". So whenever a so-called Christian predicts it is going to happen we can know without a doubt it is not going to happen when they predict it is and also that such a person is simply cheating.

  2. Pad,

    Pat had a segment on Krishna Consciousness once on his program that he played several times in one day. It showed the murti of Prabhupada among other things. With some research you might be able to find it still. It was around 20 years ago.


  3. Why do we praise some Christians (my neighbor) and also criticize them (some of the leaders)? Well ummm, some of them are are sincere and some of their leaders are causing problems, ok like ISKCON. Duh! ys pd

  4. Yes, there is one ex-devotee in LA who ran back to the Christians, he is thinking we devotees are all going to start eating beef steaks again, so we will all get coronary heart diseases, like his folks are doing. Yep, not going to fly is it? He wants to give other people coronaries to "save" them? Sheesh!

    But on Easter Sunday, he sent us maybe ten messages all through the day, meaning he is not at Church worshiping Jesus on Easter, rather he is mediating on us, while all the rest of the bona fide Christians are in church, this fellow is writing to and about PADA.

    Yep, he claims he wants us to join him in worship of Jesus, but he is not even worshiping Jesus on Easter, he is simply another fraud. We hate to have to break it to this guy, but Jesus is more important than PADA, as all our ACTUAL Christian friends know already. So he is another version of frauds, he is not even worshiping Jesus, even on Easter, while writing his holier than thou pontifications to us. Another fraud. If someone want to go back to Jesus, fine, we encourage that if that's your path, but do not write us ten messages on Easter because you are not really interested in Jesus either? That is sometimes called "false flag-ism." ys pd

  5. Thanks Mike, your friends told us you are now promoting "progressive USA politics." That means you support their abortion and gay sex marriage agenda. You are telling us you are for the babies, and you support killing them? The Krishna devotees, even the bad ones, do not support your program. You also want us to go back to the Christian diet, and that is the same diet that killed your girlfriend. You want us to join you in -- dying? You want us to support your progessive kill babies, support gay marriage, and die from your diet program? All this, after you wrote a public message that you have nothing to do with the Krishnas, then you started writing us 5000 messages, even on Easter Sunday, because PADA is more important to you than Jesus? Sorry, your abortion, gay marriage, meat diet program, we are not buying it! You also need to get a job so you can pay your rent and fix your car, and quit living in your mother's garage smoking dope, which is why you forgot you told us you had nothing to do with us, then started writing us. ys pd

  6. People want you to sit around and smoke pot like they are? They want the bogus gurus to have no opponents, they love these bogus gurus.

  7. Thanks for your encouragement prabhu. Yes, in any case our programs are always expanding, none of our opponents will ever be able to stop the progress of people thinking of Krishna because, its what Krishna wants. Krishna wants people to think about Krishna, and its going to happen whatever anyone else says or does.

    You got it.

    Incidently, we have many times recognized the great work of Christians who have helped us, of course even the Christians are part of Krishna. As Srila Prabhupada says, if we are glorified or attacked, its all Krishna, and so we just have to tolerate and keep on moving along. The fact we have so many opponents simply proves how much impact we have had. Every time people write "the ritviks are not going anywhere" "you have no impact," ok except you are writing us all the time to tell us that? That means we are on their minds all the time, so they prove we are having an impact by constantly attacking us. That means they are always thinking about us. We think some of them should find a girlfriend instead of writing us all day long!

    The fact is, they are not having any impact of even slowing us down, rather we are getting more interested readers every day.

    The Christians have done a great job keeping us alive, so we love them very much and appreciate their Lord Jesus, in fact we appreciate Jesus more than a lot of so-called Christians do. So yes, we need to keep on going and have faith that Krishna will assist us, and He has, and much of that help has come via the Christians. So, we love them! ys pd

  8. Any man that writes another man ten times a day, is creepy. Yup, agreed.


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