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ISKCON Times News (04/21/14)

Hare Krishna,

Beyond Sexism, Beyond Tokenism
Reporter: The Krishna consciousness movement has been what some would consider sexist, because certain propensities for women have been defined, by the devotees or the Vedic scriptures -- I'm not sure which -- and I wondered if you would comment on that. The allegation is not necessarily that the movement is against women, but that it defines inferior roles for them by their natural traits.

Jai Srila Prabhupada!

The Satyabhama Krishna alankara portrays the Parijata story
The eighth day of Brahmotsava celebrations on April 20, 2014 at Sri Radha Krishnachandra temple, ISKCON, Bangalore, was a memorable day for the devotees participating in the various festivities.

Lord Rama - an exemplification of an ideal human life
The 17th Brahmotsava festival at Hare Krishna Hill, ISKCON, Bangalore entered the seventh day on April 19, 2014. Apart from vahanotsava, nritya seva, sangeeta seva and dolotsava which are the regular festivities during Brahmotsava, there was also Kalyanotsava, the divine wedding ceremony of Lord Krishna with Srimati Rukmini and Satyabhama in the morning.

Triveni Ensemble to donate proceeds to Akshaya Patra
There are countless legends told about the great Lord Krishna. While these stories are larger than life, they are dwarfed by tales of the great women that he loved. Neena Gulati and the Triveni Ensemble this month presents "The Sacred and the Sensuous," a show that captures the spectrum of love for Lord Krishna, from longing, to desire, to surrender.

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