Thursday, April 10, 2014

ISKCON Selling Brooklyn Temple for $60m


  1. And people still say its not all about the money? Show us the money! Now its $60 million? Nothing compared to all the $$$$ already stolen. Down-sizing and selling asset, it whats going on all the time. Where is all this money going, to Romapada? They already sold so many other property, and no one knows where all that money is. Brooklyn already had their Haitian disco and Bingo hall, not making enough from these bogus programs? This sounds like another idea to shake down the peasants for cash.

  2. Same in Europe, EURO GBC. These are all folks originating from Eastern Europe who are now in control of 50 ISKCON properties starting in Italy, Villa Vrimdavan, up to Korsnas Gard, Sweden. De facto they sit upon a fortune worth 1 billion. Collected by poor hardworking Sankirtan devotees who meanwhile were all kicked out. In order to cover this privatization they stage diversionary tactic that there is debt, bad publicity, new laws for non-governmental organization. So all this is meant to keep those kicked out devotees far away and in this way they peacefully push through privatization of whole ISKCON Europe. De facto these folks cash in 40 years of fine Sankirtan work into their own pocket.


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