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Prabhupada's Entire Movement was Poisoned

PADA: Thanks Prabhu, yes you are right, the whole movement was actually poisoned. First of all, the entire ISKCON movement of Srila Prabhupada was poisoned by the false teachings of these false leaders. Hansadutta was one of those leaders. They collectively (poisoned) destroyed the movement of Srila Prabhupada. They made the society sick, diseased, ... ok they poisoned it.

And that is why the movement has become a ghost town, has a bad reputation, and has been divided into all kinds of "guru" camps, etc. And the general public has a real bad taste of the post-1977 movement. In sum, even the ordinary public also tasted a few drops of the poison that afflicted ISKCON, never mind the society's devotees became much more severely afflicted -- being in direct connection with the poison givers. And when we consider how the brahmanas, women, children and cows were attacked, well yes, its a form of poison as well. No doubt it harmed the innocent victims very severely just as a type of poison might.

And that is why a karmi CBS TV news woman could understand that Kirtanananda is a deviant, in less than a second, while at that SAME EXACT time Hansadutta -- and thousands of others in ISKCON, were saying Kirtanananda is a pure devotee. People were wearing "Kirtanananda Is King" T-shirts, and these were "the best devotees in ISKCON"? A TV news woman knew that all this was wrong, they did not. They were in other words, in complete illusion, being afflicted by the poisoned siddhanta that Kirtanananda is a pure devotee etc., the very same poison which Hansadutta was injecting his people with at the time.

Why were these people so badly afflicted, and a TV woman was not afflicted at all?

Because people like Hansadutta, whose minds have been poisoned by personal motivation, could not understand things properly. Srila Prabhupada says this many, many times, "the poison is personal motivation." He also says many times, "as long as there is personal motivation, a person will never understand this movement." This is the profit, adoration, distinction problem, and this means, they cannot understand things.

So now we are simply arguing, how deep has the poisoning of ISKCON gone? Did it extend also to the founder of the movement? Well many of us people now say, yes it does. Of course, the devotees of Srila Prabhupada were also many times -- "tortured to death" -- (de facto poisoned) because after being kicked out of ISKCON, a number of them died prematurely due to stress, grief, anxiety, depression, and maybe no small amount of drugs, alcohol poison, and overall premature fatal illness, and who knows what else, being so upset at how their beloved movement was being burnt to ashes by people like Hansadutta.

The victims were in short, more or less -- poisoned. Srila Saraswati would have lived for many more years, but he left early, in disgust at his motivated followers. Our Srila Prabhupada may have done the same thing, he saw his leaders waiting for him to die, so he left. Very same process could be the explanation here.

Since the Hansadutta crowd did not hesitate for one second to "torture and put to death" most of the followers of Srila Prabhupada, why would they not attack the father of these same people? If they would poison all the citizens, why would they not poison the king? Hansadutta never answers that, does he?

Now Hansadutta wants to challenge our group, those of us who feel the poison went deeper. We think that the founder was poisoned. And yet Hansadutta is still quoting arguments from the GBC, the same arguments Tamal's group have been giving. Who accepts their arguments? Not hardly anyone these days. Hansadutta appears to be back with them again, by quoting arguments from the GBC idea in regards to the poison case.

These days, almost nobody accepts the version of Srila Prabhupada's last days from the GBC version. Hansadutta is living in the past by quoting direct from their version, the good news is, he admits he has not studied the issue. "Please do not torture me and put me to death," its not some kind of "silly argument."

Hansadutta says what Tamal says, its foolish for us to say that "the poison is going down" is any sort of a problem. Really? Is that normal conversation around a guru? This is what Krishna Kanta (IRM) also said to us, its normal for people to be talking about poison around their guru. Both Hansadutta and the IRM accept the GBC version of the poison issue. Ram Mohan is now saying the arsenic is the only evidence we have, Srila Prabhupada's statements do not matter?

One thing they argue is, Srila Prabhupada would have had to identify his attacker(s). Did Prahlad maharaja identify the servants of his father who attacked him? Did Jesus identify anyone, even Judas, as his attacker? Did Haridas Thakura name his attackers? Saintly people may or may not identify their attackers. First off, we are not the boss of the pure devotees? We cannot say they would have to do this, have to do that, or etc. Jesus forgave all his attackers, that is the nature of a great soul, he may not even protest at all. How can we argue, he would have had to protest more, or according to our idea? We are not his boss!

We do know that Srila Prabhupada said, Ravana will kill me if I stay in my room. Who is that Ravana? Who stopped the Srila Prabhupada devotees from going to Vrndavana? Who hid all the 1977 documents? Are they saints? How did arsenic get into Srila Prabhupada's hair? Why was Balavanta's investigation stopped?

Why have they never explained why these poison whispers were being said?

And yes, Hansadutta was in the room during the time these whispers were being made, he was right there because his voice is intertwined in the conversations where some of these whispers are being made. He was there, so he should know there was a problem -- at least way before us. He knew they were keeping him in a room, he knew they would not take him out, he knew that Srila Prabhupada said Ravana is in my room, get me out of here.

Why is Hansadutta now saying -- there was no problem here, when he was one of the biggest at protesting at the time -- that something is horribly amiss here? Now he says, nothing was amiss? Well sorry, something was and is amiss, we know that in part because he was saying that at the time!

He wants us to accept his judgement and ideas at present, yet he did not even know that worship of a homosexual as a pure devotee is bogus, when a karmi TV woman knew that, in an instant. He thinks he has got everything figured out, when a TV lady was able to figure out in one second what baffled him for more than a decade. She figured this out a billion times faster than Hansadutta, but we have to rely on his clouded judgement to figure out the poison issue?

A man who could not even discriminate that homosexuals are not the successors to Jesus is our authority?
And so, Hansadutta should have been the one to get these tapes decades ago, and not have waited for us to have to dig around forever, and finally have to fish around from long times ago to get "another eye-witnesses" to get us a copy.

We got a copy from another eye-witness who was there with Hansadutta. The person who got us the tape was right there when Hansadutta was there, this witness figured out there was a problem with poison AT THE TIME. Now Hansadutta, who seems to have a hard time understanding which way is up, is now the authority of all this?

Hansadutta should have lead the charge on this, he was there, we were not. We had to dig forever to get this info, apparently, he sat on it as did all the others, except for, the one guy who eventually got us the tapes who was right there at the same time as Hansadutta. He was there, and so was Hansadutta. How come our eye witness was alarmed, and Hansadutta was not? Meanwhile, if we look at the transcripts, he was protesting and saying they were mistreating Srila Prabhupada by not following his wishes. He knew something was wrong because he said so at the time. Maybe his ego just cannot accept that his pals were real demons, and his hands are dirty because he supported them after 1977.

And now we have Hansadutta resorting to the GBC techniques of name calling, these people are liars, these people are flies, hey, that is the standard GBC technique. Better idea is to actually read all the materials, and come up with a better explanation other than name calling. That's not going anywhere.

Our people accept the issue because they read the materials. Anyway, the people who poisoned the ISKCON movement with their bogus gurus, and seemingly tried everything they could to kill the movement, and kill ISKCON's devotees with their poison bogus guru siddhanta, might be the last people to understand how high up the poison went, that is to be expected.

They might not ever figure this out, because they were too close to the poisoner sabha themselves, and they also administered their own versions of poison to ISKCON, for example bogus guru siddhanta poison, to kill the society. They had their own poison of personal ambition to kill off ISKCON, maybe not as direct as arsenic, but just as deadly in the long run.

How can the same people who killed the movement with their personal ambition poison bottle, understand another layer of poison was going on? Maybe they can't, because their brains are too dirty with their own poisoning of ISKCON issues. Anyway the good news is, the poison boil is popping, and all forms poison are coming out all over the place. Its getting purified gradually, and that means -- ISKCON will gradually be able to get better over time and start to recover.

ys pd

April 11, 2014

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  1. *** When did Prabhupada say his disciples would be "successors to Jesus?"

    [PADA: The GBC said that they are the successors to Jesus, they can absorb sins like Jesus etc. Jayatirtha was saying he was the successor to Jesus, and the entire GBC made a Back to Godhead saying Kirtanananda is like Jesus, so they are the ones who said they are the successors to Jesus. They still say that, they say they are diksha gurus aka people who can absorb sins like Jesus. Good question, who appointed them as the successors to Jesus? ys pd]


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