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Hansadutta das Writes about PADA


Dear **** Prabhu, obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada. It's not good for you to communicate with these devotees who are forever finding some failt. especially people like Puranjan. Prabhupada used to say " These are two kinds of animals, Flies and Bees,- the flies will always go to the stool, the bees will always go to the honey, you will never find bees going to Stool, similarly flies do not go to the honey.

[PADA: OK except, we barely survived Hansadutta's program in 1986 of establishing -- what Hansadutta said at the time -- was his "eternal best friend Kirtanananda." Hansadutta also said to everyone at the time -- Kirtanananda is "the purest devotee on the planet." This was after Sulochana was killed, and Kirtanananda was sitting on a golden throne covered with the hands of 50 boys. 

A deviant person who is covered with the hands of 50 boys while sitting on a golden seat, who is wearing a golden crown while orchestrating murders of Vaishnavas, is "the purest devotee on the planet"? That is how much illusion Hansadutta has been prone to. 

The purest devotee on the planet?

Perhaps Hansadutta also forgets that when the husband of one of the women he was having illicit sex with wanted to shoot Hansadutta in the head with a shot gun, PADA editor was one of the people who restrained that man and convinced him not to blow his head off with double buck shots? 

Hansadutta does not even seem to be grateful to those of us who saved his life, due to his propensity for having illicit affairs with the wives of his disciples. In fact, the devotee woman he eventually married after that was -- the wife of yet another disciple. He just "took her over" just like he takes other things over. He ordered her to marry him and leave her husband, and her husband then left the movement being disgusted with the whole thing, thanks to Hansadutta. Who would blame him for leaving? 

Then again there was Jagganath das who committed suicide after also being disgusted, then there is mother Tribhuv who died of cancer after telling us -- she could not live after Hansadutta's regime booted her away from serving the deity, then there is Jiva, ok do not know how he ended up dead with six shots in his chest, but some recall Hansadutta pointing a gun at his head, in sum -- there are a lot of dead bodies around / under these jack boots, its hard to say how many.     

Yes, its a fact, Hansadutta was saying at the time that the people who orchestrate devotee assassinations are pure, and that is actually where the "stool society" Srila Prabhupada warned us about comes from. And Hansadutta was number one in promoting Kirtanananda at the time. The fact that Hansadutta says we are "flies after stools," that is how he gets us folks murdered, that is how he helped get Sulochana murdered, by discrediting us and painting us a demons. Hansadutta seems to forget that the mass of devotees and general public consider his and Kirtanananda's guru regime as "the stool society."

Notice! As soon as a CBS news lady in 1986 saw Kirtanananda covered with the hands of 50 boys, she said to PADA editor that "this man is in pedophile heaven" Yet, as soon as Hansadutta sees the same Kirtanananda -- dressed in golden laced silken clothes, wearing a big golden crown, covered with the hands of 50 boys, Hansadutta thinks he has met the re-incarnation of Jesus. And Hansadutta falls down and offers his obeisances crying like a lost puppy "here is the purest devotee in the jagat." So this is the difference between someone like Hansadutta -- and an ordinary mundane TV news woman from the mundane news. She can immediately understand who is pure and who is not, several billion times faster and better than Hansadutta can. How does this happen?

First of all, this does not mean that Hansadutta has not done some good service in the past. Then again, we all did some good service in the past, we were all in "Krishna's Lila or sport." However, we cannot simply rest on our past deeds, we need to continue. So what happens is, we initially fall from the spiritual world and when we are still relatively pure, we are placed by Krishna as taking as birth as residents of higher planets, that is where we go right away -- after we fall from Vaikuntha. 

Unfortunately, we then gradually start sinking down to lower and lower planets and species of life, as we become more and more polluted, entangled and enmeshed in material desires. And thus -- we degrade more and more, and we start act in lower and lower modes of behavior. After awhile -- as we fall further and further downward in consciousness, finally we are taking birth as snails on a devotee's concrete driveway, hoping that devotee will be merciful and move us onto the grass before we get run over by a car. 

Same process with people like Hansadutta, he was very dear to Srila Prabhupada, he was empowered to do great service, but then he started to become more and more entangled in the offense of imitation of the acharya, so much so, that gradually even a regular woman would be millions of light years ahead of him in understanding that Kirtanananda is a deviant. 

In sum, Hansadutta lost his spiritual vision and shakti due to offenses to the pure devotee, what to speak of Hansadutta promoting the murderers of Srila Prabhupada's servants as Jesus-like messiahs. And in this way we can all lose our shakti, and we can became ignorant snails due to offenses and material entanglements. And in this way even a good devotee can lose his discrimination and intelligence. This is technically called "buddhi nasa" in the Bhagavad gita, a person loses his discrimination due to mundane entanglements, and this process is greatly accelerated when one openly offends pure devotees and props up the orchestrators of the murders of his servants -- as divine messiahs.]

HD: Prabhupada also said, no one has to go to school to learn to laugh or learn to cry, similarly when the time comes, every boy and girl knows what to do for sex, it's not a subject for school, reading or writing, everyone knows. KRSNA and everything necessary to get KRSNA is all we are ( As human beings ) meant to learn. If this is learned, everything is understood.

[PADA: Right, well first of all Hansadutta was arrested with a machine gun in his car when his farm was raided by Federal Marshalls. And this created a horrible news media spectacle story which ruined the good name of the ISKCON society all over the USA. Thanks to Hansadutta's antics, millions of people were turned off from Srila Prabhupada and Krishna, this was the result of the self-advertised "gangster-prankster" messiah Hansadutta. 

So yes, we are meant to serve Krishna in our human lives, however millions of humans have now permanently decided NOT to serve Krishna, after they read about the criminal organization Hansadutta had created in the name of Krishna. Hansadutta was openly calling himself the "gangster prankster guru." And so the kindhearted, peace loving "new age" people here in Berkeley told PADA -- they are afraid to even go near the Hare Krishna's temple -- because there are violent gangsters there with machine guns, who might steal your purse and take your credit cards out for a spending spree. 

Thus, most of the people, in fact almost all the people, are not going to come to Krishna ever, at least not ever in this lifetime, thanks to this gangster prankster guru wanna-be. He made people fear and loathe Krishna, and he thought his self-importance as more substantial that Krishna's importance. OK, and that is why we fell here in the first place. we wanted to get a bigger name for ourselves, and so we stepped on Krishna's name to catapult our name ahead of His. 

Hansadutta in sum "Hansadutta-ized" Krishna's movement into a violent criminal cult, and the Berkeley police arrested 75 people right here at the Berkeley temple in less than 12 months, because Hansadutta wanted and encouraged criminal behavior and he wanted that to be the public image of the movement. Hansadutta in short, wanted to paint Krishna as a criminal mobster. And thus Hansadutta is the topmost servant of Krishna, the criminal mobster servant of the criminal mobster God. Not sure "what the karma is" for painting Krishna as the leader of a criminal organization -- that worships criminals, homosexuals and molesters as its messiahs --  but it won't be pretty, that much we can guarantee. 

As the Sri Isopanisad says, the fate of people who promote false messiahs is worse than the fate of the common man, because these false messiah people are severe offenders. And the result of these severe offenders is that they may turn the public against Krishna, which is of course what good demons wanted to do all along, they wanted to alienate the mass of people from their connection to God. Most sinful! In sum, Srila Prabhupada says in the Bhagavatam that these imitations of guru are "never tolerated by the Lord nor any agents of the Lord." Never tolerated! As Sulochana used to say, he would not trade ten billion years of his bad karma for two seconds of these people's bad karma, he is correct.]

HD: I never learned anything I had no ambition to be anything , I hated school ( I Still do ) I never went to school, still, when I read and heard from Prtabhupada, everything was automatically understood..... how to preach, how to cook, how to sing, dance, make money, translate and print, and distribute books, recruit devotees, manage . open centers.

[PADA: But then you forgot all that because you offended your guru and his followers and promoted deviants to sit in your guru's seat. And while almost all of his followers (like us) were being banned, beaten, chased with baseball bats, if not shot to death, and Srila Prabhupada's children are being mass starved, abused, beaten and molested, you Mr. Hansadutta, the self promoted messiah of the jagat, were sitting around getting loaded with dope and having illicit sex with a bunch of followers. You lost you connection to being a human being, never mind being a devotee. Illicit sex and drugs is the behavior of demons, not devotees. 

The punishment for your offenses, such as blending Krishna and His acharyas together with your illicit sex and drugs program and having us (the actual followers) painted as offensive "stool flies" for opposing -- so you could get us killed -- is clear according to shastra. Just as you and your vicious regime treated us, you also will be banned, beat, shot -- just like us victims of your program. And you will be treated just like the Aushwitz for children program you folks created for Srila Prabhupada's children, while you folks sat around in a doped up stupor not giving one single hoot about your victims. Thus you will have to sit in the shoes the victims of your own regime, and see how you like the way your regime treated all of us. 

All we can say is -- Jesus is correct, "forgive them Lord -- since they know not what they do." And did we forget to mention, you were Tamal's hand maiden, the Judas of ISKCON was your team mate in the early 1980s. The founder father of "the enforced cult ritualistic worship of homosexual child molester messiahs" was your best pal and team mate? 

Lets see, you and Tamal most likely knew that Kirtanananda was being labelled as "Queer-tan-ananda," and yet you thought he was your messiah? The successor replacement for Srila Prabhupada is "Queer-tan-ananda"? Someone is going to have to pay some heavy dues for establishing that bogus lie, and its not us "stool flies" who are going to have to pay even one aluminum paisa, we risked our lives to oppose all of you. 

And did we forget to mention that Tamal was number one at the scene of the crime when Srila Prabhupada was complaining of being crucified with poison? And you were having tea and crumpets with the main suspect aka Judas in Topanga etc in the 1980s? So yes, we are going to be the stool flies in your people's soup forever, because we are never going to forgive the people that Srila Prabhupada identifies as "Ravanas in my room." 

Srila Prabhuapada sums it all up, "My only request is, please do not torture me and put me to death." Why is this some silly "fly in the soup" joke to you people? Lord help those who laugh at Jesus being crucified, of course even the Lord cannot help the people who think this is all some silly flies pointing out nonsense. No one can save the people who think "do not torture me and put me to death" is flies pointing out some foolishness.] 

HD: I Meet John Lennon, George Harrison, and many other ( Nick Nolte, Kate Bosworth, Om Puri etc.. ) big celebrities , even had Hit Record in the phillipines . I managed to generate Tons of money for Prabhupada's book publishing. Spoke at Harvard University, Mc Gill University, Berkeley University, Radio TV etc.....

Don't waste your time with these "root bound" devotees. If you keep a planted plant in the same pot for all the time, at some point the roots having no place to expand, begin to go round and round in the same pot, but the plant never gets any bigger, it remains stunted " Root bound " Similarly, if you put a two inch koi fish in a small fishbowl at home , it will never grow bigger, the same fish, if you throw it into a lake (Which I used to do every week, up at Mt. Kailash in California , it will grow to be 4' feet long, and very happy .

[PADA: Good question, why did you destroy Mt. Kailash farm?] 

Everyone is now an institutional bureaucrat , they have memorized all the rules, regulations, formulas and most of all... the short comings of people like me. When I suggested to Urdhvaga to change the name to " THE BHAKTIVEDANTAS " ultimately he could only remember that 37 years ago some devotees were calling me HariKirtan Thakur. He could not remember anything else of my seven year service to the German yatra.

[PADA: OK, so you know that we ALREADY established the name "Prabhupadanugas" in 1984, and that is the name we are all pretty much using right now. You want us to change the established name -- to the name of your group, so you can get some glory for that? "Bhaktivedantas" is a good name mind you, but it would be a big struggle to get everything changed over.

Why not simply work with the people who have been making Srila Prabhupada the acharya all along, using the banner "Prabhupadanugas"? We do not want to try to hold the copyright licence on the Prabhupadanugas name, in fact we hope everyone uses it eventually, but why do you always want to upset the programs that we are already making? Yes, you were the Hari Kirtan Thakur, but those days are over now. 

You cannot live today on your past -- that you were once a millionaire -- because after that -- you lost all your millions gambling. You no longer have the credibility of any sort of Thakura, its over. You did good service, but there is the story of the devotee who kept stealing and getting caught going in India's customs with Rolex watches etc. 

After he got out of jail after being arrested more than once, Srila Prabhupada said to him, whatever service you have done up to now has been undone, because you gave us a bad name in the newspapers. Ummm, applies to yourself about two billion percent. Yep, that devotee then promised Srila Prabhupada -- to never get involved in crimes ever again. Hah hah, two weeks later, he was busted at Heathrow airport trying to smuggle hash into the UK, and he was sent to jail for six years. Another bad news story.]  

HD: Similarly Vedas Vyasa's book is a subtle deliberate work where he tactfully (but Obviously) condescends and belittles, and insinuates my disqualifications .... rightly or wrongly. Indirectly, this is a criticism of Srila Prabhupada, who ordered me to go there, stay there and was perfectly aware of everything about my personal qualifications and efforts to serve him.

[PADA: OK wait a minute, Srila Prabhupada should be blamed for your nonsense? Really?] 

HD: The whole movement is now in the grip of neophyte - jealous, and envious Bureaucrat like, so called devotees. They will never change, they will never do anything but shore up their pitiful self centered profile.

[PADA: And you were their head priest / enforcer / hatchet man, who helped them get into those seats of power as acharyas. You are to blame for aiding and abetting this regime, it did not happen in a vacuum, you were their cheer leader, help-mate, hand maiden, and violent enforcer hatchet man. This never would have happened without your types helping move the mess along.] 

HD: All you have to do is take a walk, talk to people, just to regain your bearings, no need for big plans, no need to criticize others, no need for money, everything you need is in your heart, be satisfied in your own heart and mind. Brahma Bhuta Prasann atma.......... let KRSNA and Prabhupada flow into your heart and mind, let yourself be led by the Lord. By Prabhupada's mercy, find some like minded devotee, or make some devotee with whom you can talk of Praabhupada and KRSNA..... let ISKCON go, you will find no shelter, no life, no Joy nothing there. Its all in your heart, not in this endless "CHEWING THE CHEWED" you can do, you are better than this. Think about it. Be happy with your own KRSNA consciousness.  Be - Atma-rama..... self satisfied.

Your humble, old Godbrother, Hansadutta das ... P.S. Please send me Chakravarti's e mail and telephone Number if you can / Hrimati Devi dasi Visited me last year, I sang a little with the guitar, it was nice to see her. Ravanari is in Mayapur, but more or less invalid from stroke. I always like him, he has done a lot of Arabic translation work. So many great troopers / Sankirtan men, my heart if full of.

[PADA: Your heart is full of covering up for the bad guys by saying their critics are flies in the stools, which gets us banned, beaten, and killed. You did some good service, you helped us with the original books, but that is not a license for continued bad attitudes and behavior. ys pd] 


  1. Hansadutta should give you a medal of honor, he survived the Hansadutta Bataan death march to hell. I never knew you saved his life, interesting. What really amazes me, its how the leaders has no idea all the people they crunched into dust. They rose up by standing on the skulls of others, they are all the same to me. Arrogant to their last day on earth.

  2. Hare Krishna,

    What I always found troublesome about Hansadoot is while yes, he did admit his involvement in the great guru hoax after Srila Prabhupad's departure, he has not been forthcoming in the details of the hoax. He's like " yeah, I cheated everybody, Prabhupada only appointed us a officiating acharyas, now don't ask me anymore questions". In a criminal investigation, after the accused has copped a plea and has admitted his wrong doing, part of the plea agreement is always that the government is entitled to rake that person over the coals, basically that person is subjected to extreme interviews to get the truth and the whole story. Someone once said, " it's like having sex with a gorilla, it's not over when you want it to be over, it's over when the gorilla is finished with you". In Hansadoot's case, he hasn't had to tell us really anything that happened from Nov 1977 to Mar. 1978. There are a ton of questions that he'll probably never answer. Given the damage he's done to Iskcon and hundreds of people, one would think that he would be spending the rest of his life trying to rectify th,e wrong he and his 10 abscoder friends did, but no, he spilled the beans in the early 90's and that's about it. Now, it sounds like he's critizing the very people that have worked tirelessly for decades to expose his crookedness!

  3. Hansadutta also went through most difficult situation and we shouldnt strangle the Prabhupadanuga process over some friendly fire. Meanwhile you all know, these previous leaders Prabhupada would recruit were kind of tough guys. Something like Blackbeard, William "Captain" Kidd, Bartholomew Roberts "Black Bart", Sir Henry Morgan, Sir Francis Drake. In sum, don't put everything on weighing scale. These folks are still crowd puller whereas we are rank&file. Of course there should be etiquette. However try to understand, folks like Gurukripa, Hansadutta, are hard-boiled person, lots what they say sounds heavy to wake you up but is rather in good fun.

  4. Yah, were just rank 'n file, we deserve to be walked over by da tough-guys!

  5. These people never get it, they ruined Krishna's movement. They will get it later on but, not in this present life. They forgot rule number one, do not ruin what belongs to Krishna. Thats a giant no! no!

  6. I love it! Hamsadutta is like Blackbeard and all the other 17th century pirates, so we should all just try and "understand" their position. In otherwords, "just shut up and accept prabhu"

  7. [Posted by PADA editor]

    Zoltan Balarama Das Corbett: The very memories of their treacherous deeds is an offense to their very being, as they try to climb there way back into our good graces after trying to destroy so many many great devotees in their quest for a good foot washing. ISKCON will be destroyed from within.

    S.P. the demon will come dressed as a devotee like putana and our duty is to point out the fakes and the takers. Beware the false followers of Srila Prabhupada for they are more destructive then a trinavarta demon and have murdered / molested and have been more harmful then any demon in history.

    I stand un afraid as do all of his true disciples voicing the truth to all regardless the danger, for there is no danger when serving Srila prabhupada. HE AWAITS YOU ALL MY FRIENDS SPEAK LOUD SPEAK AND CLEAR, GALOKA AWAITS THE WARRIOR. JAI SRILA PRABHUPADA!!,


    [PADA: Thanks Zoltan, right, when we were trying to point out the problems, they said all these problems are simply flies making a big noise, they wanted to make a smoke screen to keep the evil program going. You are right, these people caused more trouble that Trinavarta. We have to make sure history is recorded about this mess, so it will not repeat. ys pd]

  8. WYATT: One need to understand why the sudden interest by Hansadutta to join the ritvik forum, to engage in the discussion, to give comments, to inquire about his godbrothers. This is going to be his last effort to try and become some kind of a leader again like he was back during the zonal acarya period.

    [PADA: Yep, seems like another attempt to be the big cheese again.]

    He has noticed that the ritviks are now somewhat more organized, has a stronger following, better equipped ( temple, land etc ) than before but lack proper leadership. Hence his subtle move to fill that leadership void with the help of his dedicated minion Bhima dasa. He also notices that Iskcon has become weaker, lacks direction etc. Hey, with 40 plus appointed gurus falling from grace, that should kill anyone's (serious devotees) confidence in wanting to take initiating from their stable of appointed gurus. And so, Hansadutta dasa is thinking, now is the right time to move in. But we doubt he will succeed. He has not fully understood the minds of these foolish ritviks.

    [PADA: Sorry Wyatt but the ritviks are several decades ahead of you, we understood that no one has confidence in bogus acharyas in 1978. We also understand that Hansadutta is motivated for some glory still and so on. We are not being fooled. The ritviks had this figured out way before you did, these 50 plus falling gurus are totally bogus, so we just worship Srila Prabhupada, and according to you, that is also what you are doing, so if we are fools, you are one of us. ys pd]

  9. (2nd part) Therefore, he should forget about that and focus on coming clean by unloading zonal acarya baggage that he has been carrying for the past 40 years.

    [PADA: Right, the ritviks were the first people to challenge the idea that gurus have zones, everyone else, including Wyatt, are now catching up to that argument.]

    He should reveal everything, name names, the plots etc. And thats not all. He should also reveal about the gbc meeting that caused Srila Prabhupada to suspend the gbc body. To quote Indrani's statement above: "What I always found troublesome about Hansadutta is while yes, he did admit his involvement in the great guru hoax after Srila Prabhupada's departure, he has not been forthcoming in the details of the hoax. He's like " yeah, I cheated everybody, Prabhupada only appointed us a officiating acharyas, now don't ask me anymore questions". And she is not the only one with this thought. There are many with similar sentiment. Until he comes clean with this, nobody (devotees) is going to trust him regardless of what he says or does. Think about it, do what needs to be done. Then chant and be happy and then when the on

    [PADA: Agreed, a conspiracy always has many dark secrets that only the conspirators know. That is the trouble, they are holding back, and blaming us for making their stool society. No, they made a stools society, and then left it for the rest of us to clean up. They are blaming the flies for the stools, but they created and caused the stools. ys pd]

  10. RE: Hansadutta. To make it brief, personally Krsna and Srila Prabhupada can excuse the original 11, they might, but I won't. By their, "I'm on an equal level as Srila Prabhpada" stance, they drove away 90% of their God brothers and sisters, that's aside from all the illegal crimes they committed. My wife was at the Berkeley temple, and she says that 90% devotee's left, including her, who very mistakenly donated $15,000 to Hansadutta. He says it went for books. She could have used that to pay off a student loan. Aside from that, the 2 ladies parties collected lots of $$$ for him. They just did not care as long as they had "their" disciples. They basically destroyed the Hare Krsna movement in the public's eyes, and destroyed the lives of 90% of the devotee's. That "I'm on equal level with Srila Prabhupada" attitude has taken 35 years to dissipate but still hasn't! They still think they are great advanced devotees despite the devastation they created. I used to look up to Hansadutta as a writer and good Srila Prabhupada disciple, but never again. The second major stab wound was and is the changed books, which all of the leaders are responsible for, since they all supported the bogus GBC gurus who supported the book changing program. Your Servant *********

    1. Far as I know Hamsadutta re-printed the original books in Thailand or someplace back in the early 80's. I met him one time, he was talking about becoming guru again and was asking another devotee if the local devotees would be able to accept him as an uttama adhikari. I said, "Are you kidding me?" and he said to the other devotee, "See, I told you they wouldn't.". Then the other devotee said there was still a chance if I would only keep quiet about what I knew about Hamsadutta and then to top it all off Hamsadutta THREATENED ME on the spot to go along with him or else. So I immediately went around and told all the devotees about him. He was really pissed. I wish someone had warned me when I didn't know better about my so called guru it would have saved me a lot of exploitation by those creeps.


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