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Acharya Wanna-be Problems in NC Program

[PADA: Story below in North Carolina is very similar to what happened here in Berkeley, big leaders jockey for position and the program is disturbed -- or destroyed. For example Hansadutta took over 100 devotees away from the Berkeley temple to got to New Vrndavana -- to worship the criminal messiah Kirtanananda, and the temple here was just about destroyed totally -- because there was almost no one left here to care for the place, and the result is there is STILL not enough manpower to maintain it even now. 

It became a devastated ghost town, and it still is to a large extent. In other words, if the people here would not worship Hansadutta, then burn the place to the ground, scorched earth policy. Srila Prabhupada said there has to be 50 brahmanas here just to do the deity worship, and the whole place was left with less than 20 people in total, to do everything, and half of them were also not brahmanas. So Krishna's worship, and His temples and devotees, all have to suffer so a few fools can sit in a big seat.  

Meanwhile, some of the Hansadutta people sent to New Vrndavana became Kirtanananda biggest henchmen, and GBC guru defenders -- like Chandrashekara swami, who has used physical pushing and shoving on the Prabhupadanugas to disturb their kirtana etc. 

Of course, at the time Sulochana said that Hansadutta joining forces with Kirtanananda is "the two biggest criminals on the planet joining forces, just like demon kings used to unite against Krishna. We will very likely both be killed because of these two." He was partly right about both of us being killed.  

In any case, the result of these jokester messiahs manipulating the sentiments of the residents -- was and is, that the temples become dysfunctional and almost impossible to manage, then people feel discouraged and do not attend, as is happening in other places such as the story below. 

Sorry but this problem does not exist in our ritvik temples, everyone agrees to worship the acharya and so our program continues, expands and is met with success, just like the Sunnyvale project is doing. Sorry, but our idea is the only idea that works. Incidently, in addition to Tripurari swami, Bir Krishna and others, Hrdayananda's Krishna West is now making a camp in North Carolina. So either we have a strong position in terms of worship of the acharya, or the new wave of hokey messiahs will move in. If I was living in North Carolina where the founder fathers of homosexual and molester messiahs programs were being introduced, I'd shut that down right away by going to the local media and exposing these hoaxters as dangerous to children. They would not be able to set up their camp in my back yard. 

This is also why Rocana / Wyatt et al. cannot identify their program either, they have no core belief. And programs with no identity cannot move forward, cannot defend themselves, exactly because they have no core positions. ys pd]

Der Kreide Kreis (The Circle of Chalk)


The German playwright, Bertold Brecht wrote a play based on an ancient story (biblical perhaps), called "Der Kreide Kreis (The Circle of Chalk). The play tells of two women claiming to be the mother of the same infant child. to solve this dilemma, the two women and the child were brought before the village elder. The 'elder' requests for a small circle to be drawn on the floor, with a piece of chalk, and he then orders the child to be placed within that circle. He then instructs both women to each take one hand of the child and proceed to pull the child out of the circle! And he declares that whoever succeeds in pulling that child out of the circle, will be the mother.

The two women start pulling on the child's hands. As the child starts screaming in agony, from being almost torn in half, one of the women lets go of the child, while the other woman triumphantly pulls the child to her chest, proclaiming to be the child's mother!

The 'village elder' at that point asks the woman who had released the hand of the child, "Why did you let go?", upon which the woman replied, "I could no longer take the crying of the child!" The "Elder", in response to that woman's answer declares, "You are the mother of that child!"

In the case of ISKCON in general, and the Bangalore Temple in particular, we are witnessing a very similar scenario! In the 'play ', one of the women is so determined to "possess", to "control" the child's body , even if her 'victory' results in the child suffering great pain, or even if it means the departure of that child's soul from it's body!

The controllers of ISKCON, it's gurus, the GBC, and the Sannyasis, all have demonstrated over the past years to have the identical consciousness as the woman in Bertold Brecht's play! In the past, and now again in the case of the Bangalore Temple they are making it clear that they don't care whether or not ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada's body, lives or dies! Their only ambition is to be the "controllers" of the institution of ISKCON, it's buildings, and all other assets! They view everything Srila Prabhupada left us to only exist for the enjoyment of their senses!

As early as 1978 did it become most apparent that 'severing' the institution of ISKCON from Srila Prabhupada's instructions, from Srila Prabhupada himself, was responsible for the exodus of the 'life force' of this movement, from the body of ISKCON. And that 'life force' was (is) the 1000's (over 95%) of empowered devotees, empowered by Srila Prabhupada due to their desire to please him.

And this is exactly what these demonic 'leaders' of ISKCON are again attempting to achieve in Bangalore!
The Bangalore Temple is filled with hundreds of devotees who have dedicated their lives to serving His Divine Grace. Their accomplishments are unrivaled by the totality of "ISKCON". They distribute more Prasadam in one day than all of ISKCON does in an entire year! (And whether ISKCON distributes any significant amount of Prasadam is questionable!? Offering bhoga to the pictures of conditioned souls, that actually being "idol worship", that is hardly the process for transforming 'matter' into 'spirit'!)

Also, the Bangalore devotees, if I am not mistaken, distribute more of Srila Prabhupada's books than all of ISKCON combined. And if these King Venas of ISKCON succeed in their legal manuevering, it will unquestionably result in the "soul" of the Bangalore Temple, the empowered devotees, along with their wonderful service, departing the Temple. And very likely even the congregation will express their outrage with their feet! What will be left of the Bangalore Yatra will be only bricks and mortar, fully resembling the rest of this movement.

And just as the 'fictional' gurus of ISKCON have attempted to do with the institution over the last 30 years plus, they will uselessly endeavor to bring life into the "corpse" of the Bangalore Temple. But just like the fictional Dr. Frankenstein, all they'll be capable of creating is just another Frankenstein monster.

I live in 'Prabhupada Village" in North Carolina, and just like the situation in Bangalore, we also are presently experiencing the curse of 'heartless ambitions', by those anxious to please the Kali Chelas ruling ISKCON. Through deceit and treachery, the ISKCON loyalists (only two families) have managed to take control of our Temple board. And an attempt by the members of our community to call for a more representative Temple board (approximately 50% of the devotees are Rtviks, 15% GBC supporters, 15% Tripurari followers, and the rest "neutral" ex-disciples of Harikesa, etc.), that request was rebuffed with arrogance and insults.

The result: 80% of the devotees have chosen to no longer participate in the Temple functions. And, unfortunately, that mood on part of these devotees in turn is being exploited, being taken advantage of, by the two families who have "prostituted" themselves at the feet of Tripurari! These families are now facilitating alternative Sunday and festivals programs, with the obvious intent of steering people away from Srila Prabhupada, into the cult of Tripurari.


  1. This scenario has happened before up in Canada I heard. Bwah ha ha ha ha! You fools in North Carolina let it happen again!


  2. Didn't these people know? They have to make sure no idiots take charge of their property? Why don't they use common sense? Keep the property in the hands of the Prabhupada only program? Use it or lose it!

  3. [This is also why Rocana / Wyatt et al. cannot identify their program either, they have no core belief. And programs with no identity cannot move forward, cannot defend themselves, exactly because they have no core positions. ys pd] Dear Puranjana dasa, what is this 'no core belief ', 'no identity', 'no core position' that you are talking about.

    [PADA: We said this all along, you folks cannot identify your program, because you have no defined program, hence no temples, no identified devotees of your program, no defined current source of diksha etc. and because of that, the Gaudiya Matha people etc. are taking over your situation, because they have a defined program. Rocana has no program whatsoever, at least we have one in Vancouver, and its expanding because we can identify our diksha guru, identify our lineage, identify our system of authority, identify our temple, program etc. Rocana and you do not ever do that. So -- others will fill in the gap and take over.]

    Also what is it that we have to defend?

    [PADA: We should defend Prabhupada's worship vs false guru worship, and your program is not doing that, so these other gurus are moving in, including babajis and etc. Read our blog and you'll see evidences of these other lines taking over influence in and around you people who have no current source of diksha guru.]

    Care to explain ? Meanwhile Hansadutta dasa says: 1. Let's just consider Puranjan, He has no authority from Prabhupada to do what he is doing. Wyatt - We believe Hansadutta dasa is right on this. Did Srila Prabhupada gave you the authority or you self authorized yourself to criticize and condemn or as you put it to resist and protest. 2. He never had any responsible service while Prabhupada was here Wyatt - Why don't you give us some history of your service to Srila Prabhupada while he was present. 3. He was not a Sankirtan, book distributer, he has opened no temple ever.

    [PADA: Hansadutta sent all Berkeley people to Kirtanananda's place in January 1986, shortly after that, their people came out here to kill Sulochana. I would have been killed when three of their goondas came here to Berkeley to get me, and they would have killed me, except the police were dong undercover surveillance and so they arrested these goondas when they were chasing me. Two of those goondas were Hansadutta's disciples. He has no authority to promote homosexuals and deviants as God's successors and orchestrate the murders of people who do not worship his deviant acharyas. Sorry, no one is allowed to orchestrate murders of Vaishnavas, nor support those who are orchestrating such odious actions. Hansadutta has never had the authority to promote these deviants as ISKCON's messiahs, ever, and the result of his doing that has been mass criminal action, including child molesting, murders, and countless other crimes we cannot even recount them here, it would take 500 pages of writing. He says we are flies, well he created the garbage that the flies are describing. I do not need authority from Hansadutta to say worship of deviants as God's messiahs is wrong, God is giving us that authority. ys pd]


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