Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Summary of Lord Rama Story


  1. Dear PADA,
    relatives of the same family? Why these German Prabhupadanugas nerver report anything of Chakravarti and Dinasharana? There is absolute discretion, like maximum security apparatus. Only possibility - these are members of the same family? Thanks for any suggestion!

  2. Right, all kind of strange things happen there! Just in the neighborhood of German Prabhupadanugas is castle Hohenstein bought by Chakravarti and Dinasharana.
    They borrowed money from Bhaktivedanta manor and the whole thing was supposed to be a real estate deal. Meanwhile Chakravarti has an affair with a young mataji (married) and nobody knows what actually going on there? Why this silence? Total secrecy, is Ravindra still GBC, what about that huge debt, etc, etc. Why is Prithu pujari at Lord Nrsmhadeva farm?


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