Friday, April 4, 2014

Child Abuse cost Catholics $3.0 Billion


  1. So what does this have to do with Krishna?

    [PADA: There has been a child abuse problem in the false post-1977 Krishna religion, and many of the victims were male youths who were abused by adult male perps. The same pattern as here. Its a warning to watch out for this problem, since its found in the so-called regular society as well. ys pd]

  2. It's not a warning, your posting this does nothing but point the finger at the Catholic church.

    [PADA: Right, well PADA editor knows of a local Catholic nun who tried to expose a molesting priest. She was moved away by the big authorities to tend a garden in a remote place, they tried to silence her. She also reported feeling intimidated and oppressed.

    But she kept writing letters to various authorities, including the local news media, and eventually she brought down the priest and this turned into a big millions of dollars lawsuit.

    That's almost exactly what happened to PADA. We warned people of the problem, they did not listen, they tried to silence us and remove us, but we persisted in exposing the issue -- just as this nun did. Yes, this is a warning, when people are trying to defend children, you'd better listen to them. ys pd]

  3. Why is it all you are interested in is when a nun gets a large lump sum of cash?

    [PADA: The nun did not get a penny. The victims approached her for help, and they were despondent, suicidal and helpless, so she helped them. She wanted to help the victims, and she did help the victims, not for money. How come all you think about is money? And you never say one word about the victims? When we said the ISKCON victims are suicidal, then people started saying, well who cares ... this is going to cost us lots of money. They wanted to save money and not the lives of the people. The nun is still a nun BTW, they could not kick her out because she was right to get the authorities involved, she is still penniless and works for the church.

    Why do you folks always talk about money, and not the victims? No wonder the victims are depressed, you skin flints are sitting around counting your gold pieces all day long.]

    *** Aren't you out for justice?

    [PADA: The victims thanked her tearfully for helping them, and some victims thanked me tearfully for helping them. We also did not get a penny, and would not take a penny from these Ravanas in any case. The Catholic's suicides dropped after their lawsuits, and our suicides dropped after our lawsuits, which of course infuriated Judas gold counting people like Prahlad. That's all you people ever ask about, where is the gold, show us the gold pieces, you never even ask about the victims.

    Right now some of the ex-13 year old girls who were married off at New Vrndavana, and their assorted friends, want to start yet another lawsuit. And the reason they want to do that is -- you people are still not lifting a finger to fix these things, and get rid of the people who victimized them, so they figure they have to do these things themselves. All you think about is money and not these victims. These ex-13 year old girls have more "kshatriya man" understanding that you folks ever will have. Ever!]

    *** It seems all you like is money. the same with ISKCON.

    [PADA: We did not get any money personally, nor did the nun did not get any money. She wanted to help the victims, but people in ISKCON, ok people like you, did not want to see the victims helped, that is why it came to a lawsuit. What have you done to help the victims? Ever! Now you are kicking your jack boots on a teeny little old nun, great, what kind of kshatriyas are you people, you can kick a 98 lbs. nun, that's all, no kicking on the victimizers?]

    ** All you can think about is how to sue and ruin it.

    [PADA: A society that worships deviants, and debauchees engaged in illicit sex, as their messiahs, and has mass molesting, and God knows what else crimes, is already ruined. And you gold counters are the reason its gone so rotten, you worship gold. That 98lbs. nun has more male kshatriya bones in her body than 500 fools like you people ever will have. She took on the regime, was feeling intimidated and threatened, but she had enough backbone to continue. You guys are absent from the battlefield altogether, so you can never mind then, go back to sleep, us and the nun will do these things ourselves. ys pd]

  4. *** Queer Ton Ananda Swami from New Vrndavana is dead. Why sue ISKCON for marrying the girls underage when HE is the one who did it, and he was kicked out and is dead now?

    [PADA: OK you did not read the article. The victims are saying that other leaders like Radhanath swami were marrying them off when they were young girls, and that RS ignored their pleas to help them -- after they had so many problems. And other ISKCON leaders (many who are still current leaders today) also let them down and did not help. Radhanath is STILL a top leader in ISKCON now. Can you try to at least read articles before you comment?]

    *** He also went to jail.

    [PADA: And the entire GBC has recently allowed Kirtanananda to be buried in the holy dham, where he is worshiped as a departed acharya. Sorry, not only many of the GBC supported Kirtanananda in 1986, they still do right now. Nothing has changed? They promoted Kirtanananda as their acharya in 1986, and they are promoting him now as their acharya. They buried Kirtananda in the holy dham and they have people doing parikrama, offering obeiances, etc. Now you are apparently agreeing with us, the GBC is STILL promoting the worship of deviants, even today?

    What has changed then? Your program worshiped Kirtanananda before, and still does today, that means, nothing has changed?]

    *** You are just out to ruin Prabhupada's hard earned movement and don't think Lord Krishna will not punish you lifetime after lifetime for hundreds and thousands and milllions of births for causing harm to the movement.

    [PADA: I am not worshiping "the" movement, which worships dead deviants in the holy dham? Yes! That is perhaps "your" movement, but that is not Prabhupada's movement? Why are you saying worship of deviants is "the movement"? Whose movement worships deviants? Not Prabhupada's? Do not lump us in with that movement, we do not worship dead deviants in the holy dham, and we never will.]

    *** Suing Srila Prabhupada's movement will not bring back a 13 year old's virginity. And what about the grand disciples of Srila Prabhupada's? Why are they always left out of the exploitation equation? They never even stood a chance.

    [PADA: The "grand disciples" are the exact people we are discussing? They are infuriated that the group of people who married them off at age 13 are still in charge and worshiped as gurus. Yes, what about them?

    No one even cares about their complaints, except for people like us. Yes, why should we tell the grand disciples they should just accept their victimizers as gurus and not protest? If you were victimized by Stalin, Pol Pot, or some dictatorship, would you STILL want to have to worship Stalin -- even now?

    Why not have mercy on the victims and get rid of the worship of their victimizers? Yes, people are upset we exposed the -- 13 year old girl marrying to old men -- program. Anyway, you need to read what the victims actually said, then comment afterwards. And you need to also wake up, where have you been dude? The 13 years old victims ARE FROM THE SECOND GENERATION. You should be joining us in HELPING THEM. Of course then we have some idiots who are still trying to help Bhakta das revive Radhanath, oh swell! Please RE-READ these things, then comment. ys pd]

  5. *** POD I understand what you are saying. Now try to understand me. The GRAND DISCIPLES Prabhupada spoke of are not the second and third and fourth generation Prabhupada disciples. Generally in the movement they are what is known as the disciples of the disciples of Srila Prabhupada's who became gurus. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO NEVER EVER HAD ANY RELIEF FROM THE EXPLOITATION THAT THEY HAVE BEEN SUBJECTED TO EVER SINCE BEFORE THEY EVER HEARD OF THE MOVEMENT WHAT TO SPEAK OF JOINED.

    [PADA: We agreed with that already, that these ex-13 year old girls were initiated by these new gurus. They were exploited, yep we are with you on that.]

    *** As far as Radhanatha marrying off young girls under the iron fist rule of Queer Ton Ananda, he was forced to follow Queer Ton or be killed.

    [PADA: That is silly. Anyone could walk out the door like we did at any time like we did. No one was "forced" to serve these people, but anyway Kirtanananda is dead and Radhanath still buried him in the holy dham after he was dead. So that means, there is no threat, he likes Kirtanananda.]

    *** If he had protested no girls would have had their marriages stopped, rather Radhanatha and the girls would all have been killed, and who knows how many actually were?

    [PADA: So we went to the media and police when we had death threats, why didn't Radhanath? Why is he burying deviants who are dead, and who cannot threaten anyone?]

    *** Finally you say "THE" movement is no longer Prabhupada's and that is why you try to ruin it. You do not understand Prabhupada. He said to co-operate with each other to try to spread THE MOVEMENT after he has on

    [PADA: OK we are cooperating with devotees all over the world to re-establish the Hare Krishna religion. That is "the movement." The worship of deviants is NOT "the movement." I am not sure what your point is otherwise? ys pd]

  6. *** POD do you understand the difference between a GRAND DISCIPLE, the words used by Prabhupada himself to indicate a disciple who has taken initiation from one of Srila Prabhupada's disciples who became a guru, and a gurukuli, otherwise known as a "second generation" devotee born into the movement?

    [PADA: Srila Prabhupada never implemented any system where his disciples would be the new tier of gurus with their own disciples. We're not sure what difference it makes if some kulis were iniitiated by Radhanath, and other new people were also initiated by Radhanath, all of them were cheated the same way. And Radhanath was their supervisor in any case. Sounds like you are splitting hairs.]

    *** Because they tell that stuff to new bhaktas yet you can't seem to understand these simple phrases. Perhaps the reason is because you want to keep the potential Grand Disciples for yourself or your own movement?

    [PADA: There is no such thing as any second tier gurus, none were appointed. Srila Prabhupada said maybe some more gurus would be made -- when he ordered, BUT he gave no such order. We are also not taking any disciples for ourselves, and "our own movement." This is ritvik-diculous. The words grand disciples does not have much meaning to us, unless there is a second tier of gurus, and there are none. That means the current new disciples being made now should be considered as direct disciples, just like the followers of Jesus are his direct followers, not subordinated to another tier of links. We simply do not recognize any new system of links, and so we tell BRAND NEW people they are meant to be direct disciples of Prabhupada, he is their link, because we are fallible and are not to be considered as liberated links.]

    *** If someone serves his wife and children he is still indirectly serving himself in an extended way. Similarly if you can get someone to serve your "Movement" away from Prabhupada then you feel happy knowing you have cheated one more soul into not following Srila Prabhupada in truth. Therefore both you and those who listen to you are going to hell.

    [PADA: OK, we are promoting the worship of Srila Prabhupada. And you are promoting the worship of -- whom? You forgot whom you are worshiping? This seems to be the whole problem with you critics, you say our idea of worship of the pure devotee HDG Srila Prabhupada is bogus, but you do not ever tell us what system should replace it, and who is the person we need to worship instead? If you cannot identify the diksha guru in your system, we win by default, because we can identify ours. That is why our system is gaining steam and yours is floundering. You need to identify your current diksha link for people, or we will, and that is how we are winning. ys pd]

  7. POD, You say maybe Prabhupada would allow disciples to initiate. You say he never gave the order. You wish to know who is qualified to become guru then you say each and every time you have decided they aren't qualified.

    [PADA: PADA really does not have to say anything? The police, FBI, courts and media decided these gurus are corrupt a long time ago. The mass of devotees fled the temples, and the whole thing is empty and bankrupted. Everyone decided this is bogus, not just PADA?]

    *** Try to understand just one thing, Srila Prabhupada used the words GRAND DISCIPLES!

    [PADA: But he never said, disciples of whom? He never gave any specific named guru who would make his own disciples?]

    *** Nowhere else do we ever find anyone using that term, at least I haven't. He wasn't speaking about initiating only kulis, he was responding to how devotees would be initiating in the future, after he has gone.

    [PADA: What devotees? None are named. He said on the same tape, when they
    deviate they have to be replaced. Are you saying diksha gurus are deviating, and have to be replaced?]

    *** You specialize in circular logic so no matter what someone brings up here you use an argument that leads to no conclusion and if they say too much you say they got cut off. If the post is actually too long it does not go through, it does not allow half a post. Tamal said he saw no one who was qualified to become guru because he had studied all of Srila Prabhupada's disciples. All that proves is one thing, Tamal wasn't qualified to become guru. So if he wasn't qualified how could on

    [PADA: Sorry, you did get cut off right there. This all we can see. Anyway, you keep talking about the May 28th tape, which says when they deviate they have to be replaced, that means, they are not gurus. No names are given on that tape either? So if people are grand disciples, you have to tell us, disciples of whom, and when were these gurus ordered? ys pd]

  8. PRABHUPADA named them grand disciples!

    [PADA: No, he did not, as a matter of fact, the person who published the appointment tape you are now quoting was Sulochana das in 1985. No one else had this tape, not even us. As soon as he published it, he was killed. The tape does not appoint any gurus, nor does it make any grand disciples. It was suppressed. As soon as we published it, we got death threats, we got murdered.]

    *** At least you finally admitted to that. What a cheater you really are!

    [PADA: Why was the tape suppressed? Why was the person who published it murdered? Why is no one named on the tape? Why does the tape say when they deviate they have to be replaced? Why does the tape only announce ritviks for after he departs? And why are you quoting a document that --- we published -- and not the GBC?]

    *** Why the hell would you quote Tamal, Narayana Maharaja, Puri Maharaja, and anyone else who says something you like as if those people are suddenly trustworthy in their opinions? You are simply grasping at straws trying to stay afloat in the midst of the Pacific Ocean. Anyone can see that.

    [PADA: You are quoting the document we published, and were threatened with death for doing that? Anyway, you have not explained why the tape says, initiations for after he departs will be conducted by ritviks? That is why the tape was suppressed. We publish the tape, we get death threats and murdered for doing that, then you apparently say, the murderer's party are authorized gurus? Not sure what your point is? Are you saying the party that banned, beat and murdered us for publishing the tape you cite now are -- authorized gurus? What is your point, not getting it at all, sorry! Please get your facts straight, we published this tape, not the GBC. We had to bribe someone in the archives to get that tape, it was not being circulated until we circulated it. You are quoting the document we had to liberate, and you have not yet explained why it was hidden? ys pd]


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