Friday, April 4, 2014

John Hubner / Larry King "Monkey on a Stick"

PADA: Well unfortunately, this is what happened, Sulochana was killed for opposing these "living gurus." We were interviewed by CBS TV news, and later John Hubner for the book "Monkey On A Stick" because we were "next on the hit list" according to the police, so the media wanted to hear our side of the story. Yep, how did you guess, some of our critics then said we "destroyed ISKCON" by exposing these bogus leaders and making so much "bad publicity." They wanted the status quo guru corruption to continue. 

Yep its a shame we survived our challenging these bogus gurus at all. Better that their bogus guru regimes would have gone on unchallenged? Anyway, what is done is done, we challenged them and -- for better or for worse -- it really does not matter anymore, these bogus gurus have been exposed. Sorry for the dust we created in the process, and sorry we lived to tell the tale. Apparently at least, Krishna wanted us to live, and for this corrupt guru regime to be exposed. ys pd   

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