Friday, April 18, 2014

Apparently: No Love Lost for "GBC's Gurus"

[Priyavrata has been saying the GBC's gurus "did great service."]

Amar Puri says: Aspiration at the personal level of ones’ own agenda is always very dangerous. Srila Prabhupada knew this very well in His Iskcon Institution at the early stage. However, Srila Prabhupada not only selflessly rendered his service in the mission of His Guru Maharaja but engaged also who so ever came along to help him regardless. He did not check who is who? Why, because a Mahatama sees everyone equal.

Now that who is who have created so much havoc in the Institution on account of their personal greed and desires of all kinds that it has become imperative to point out that the personal creeper of their desires have been rooted so badly which is unthinkable to bring back to its normal original state as per the Instructions of Srila Prabhupada's desires.

So who are the culprits? They are the GBC people and their associates whose names have been mentioned in the comments. I wonder, where is the CREDIT to give and where is it DUE ?

Sundarananda says: Pritavrata das proves his slavish lobotomised cult status by defending the most disgraceful and lowest of human beings Kirtanananda. He says:

"I know factually in my heart of hearts that devotees like Hansadutta, Kirtanananda, Hayagriva, Satasvarupa, and so on, have practically demonstrated their great service to Prabhupada; Hayagriva with his wonderful, authorized, editing as well as his own writings. Satsvarupa with his writings, Hansadutta with his book distribution, and Kirtanananda with his New Vrndavan project. We should be ignorant to their individual accomplishments."

What! Kirtanananda will be rotting in hell for many lifetimes as a result of his crimes against humanity. Krishna only knows how many sincere souls were driven out of Srila Prabhupadas movement by his perverted and genocidal ways. Priyavrata says Kirtanananda demonstrated his "great service" to Srila Prabhupada. I can hardly believe what I am reading !!

Perhaps Priyavrata should speak with some of the abused victims of Kirtananandas regime and educate himself about assassinated victims like Sulocana das who was murdered for blowing the lid on the bogus Guru business. Obviously Priyavrata has no experience with justice or law enforcement. Incredibly, Kirtananandas rotting body was put into so called samadhi in Vrindavana, what a disgrace, I guess Priyavrata would agree with that and visit his so called samadhi on pilgrimage.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Sudarsana Das Vanacari says: Priyavrata is posing the question. Should persons who poisoned Srila Prabhupada, murdered devotees, smuggled drugs, murdered children, sodomized little boys, were convicted felons, gun runners, deviates, pimping out ‘devotee women’, thieves, racketeers, conspirators, liars, cheats, psychopaths, pretenders, bogus guru hoaxers, intimidators and offenders of honest devotees, offenders of Srila Prabhupada Himself, delusional aspirants, power hungry megalomaniacs, misfits, fools, adulterers, gangsters, hitmen, madmen, sociopaths, tyrants, sudoriferous sleeze-bags, surreptitious toerags, gutless invertebrates, impotent cowards, maggots, self promoters, hypocrites, phonies and spurious reprobates be insulted publicly, or cast aside like rubbish? Well the answer to that Priyavrata das is I hope YES! for the sake of everybody else!

Vaisnava Dasanudas

[PADA: Sheesh, and people think PADA's language is "too heavy." Hee hee hee! ys pd]

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