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Prahlad das / Mukunda das -- hid the poison tapes?

Mukunda das: Srila Prabhupada – 'Bedside Conversations 1977' (Vrindavana, India - 8th & 10th November) Digitally re-mastered by Bhakta Paul (Prahlad das) from a cassette found at Bhaktivedanta Manor UK in 1988.


PRAHLAD DAS: For the record, neither myself (or Mukunda or Sanat) tried to hide the 'Bedside Conversations 1977' (poison whispers) tape as (PADA / Puranjana) is saying.  Here are the facts concerning this.

I first read Prabhupada's books in 1987. I joined ISKCON and lived at Bhaktivedanta Manor UK in 1988. Soon after i joined, when i was a new bhakta, i was given the service of cleaning a room at the Manor which was used by visiting sannyasis. (I once found a small diamond on the floor there, which i just left on a table, thinking Krishna was testing my honesty).

Anyway, it was there that i found a cassette tape with 'Bedside Conversations 1977' written on it.  I took the tape back to the Bhakta room and copied it using a twin-tape player which was there before replacing it back in the sannyassi room. I listened to the first minute or so then stopped it because i did not like to hear Prabhupada sounding so weak and the recording quality was poor. I had many Prabhupada lecture/conversation/ o

[PADA: That is all your message that came through. OK so Mukunda says on his site that you had the tape in 1988. And you are the person who then transcribed that tape and digitally re-mastered it. If that is not what you folks are saying, then what are you saying? 

And  you further say your 1988 tape is the one you used for digital re-mastering, so it must have been very clear. You could not have re-made the clear audio on his site from a tape of poor quality. You also said you pulled out the whispers from your 1988 tape, that means you had an exact copy of the original, not a tape of poor quality. 

However, you should ask Mahesh and others where they got their copy from in 1997, they got it from PADA, not from you or Mukunda, or anyone else. We went to a copy shop and made 250 copies and then mailed copies around the world, that is how all these people got their copies.

We got a copy from Abhinandana, and he told us, not one else had a copy because the archives had given him the only copy of the original, no one else had it.  Maybe some sannyasis had it or not, but if they had a copy, and you made a copy of their copy, and did not reveal that to others, that is certainly a cover up. What else is it? And since you claim to have a crystal clear copy containing the whispers, you had an excellent copy. 

And you are saying you and others had this clear tape in 1988. And you did not expose that? Why did you folks wait for PADA to make the tape public if you had a copy, even a bad copy would still be clear in message and indication of what happened?

As for the whispers, none of that was known in 1988, that only happened after we sent copies to Alachua and they discovered the whispers, that was after 1997. How could you have known about the whispers earlier, unless you know more than you are telling others? Digital re-mastering was also NOT perfected at that earlier time. We would say, the tapes were not digitally re-mastered by you, but later after 1997 using much more up to date audio forensics, by the people we contacted in Alachua.

And if you did know about the poison complaint, why was no one informed? If you had a clear copy with the whispers audible in 1988, then you had a very clear copy, and hid it, that's clear, because no one else did have a copy, of course even a bad copy would have been clear that this is a poison complaint. And we were asking Sanat and Mukunda at the time to help us get a copy. So if you people had a clear copy in 1988, as you claim you did, then you apparently hid it.

It seems to us what really happened is: you folks are NOW using the audio tape from PADA, which OUR contacts made and re-mastered, and OUR original transcript, for the most part virtually the same text as we first published in 1997. And you are using the whispers that were found from OUR people that we sent the tape to. We see no evidence you used any other tape, transcript, or whisper audios, other than from the people WE sent the tape to. In sum, you are not the people who made the audio, transcript and whispers as Mukunda's site claims, this all came from PADA and the people we worked with and sent the tape to.

In any case, if you had a copy of the poison tapes in 1988, and you knew there was a poison complaint on the tapes, this is a cover up.

What you may be saying is that Mukunda is making all this up, you did not have any actual copy in 1988, you did not digitally re-master anything, you simply borrowed all the materials us and our contacts made after 1997. Thus there was no cover up, because all this only became known after PADA released the audio tape in 1997? So his site is not accurate, the person who got the tape out was not your folks in 1988, it was PADA in 1997. And now you further state, you actually heard about the poison issue in 1998, ok thats one year after we brought it out. That means you had nothing in 1988, this is not correct. If it is correct, you covered this up. ys pd]           


  1. ...I had many Prabhupada lecture/conversation/morning-walk cassettes that i had just bought from Visnu Murti Das and had not yet listened to so i thought i would maybe listen to the 'Bedside Conversations 1977' tape at a later date.

    [PADA: OK so you had the tape but did not listen to it, except no one had the November tapes, the archives had not released them. Vishnu Murti did not have a copy of the poison tapes.]

    I left Bhaktivedanta Manor in 1989 when i was being pressured to accept one of their "gurus". I was not attracted to any of them and considered Prabhupada as my Guru. The tape ended up in a box where it remained un-listened to until 1998 when i read something on the internet about Prabhupada being poisoned. That was when i remembered it, dug it out, listened to it for the first time and heard the poison whispers.

    [PADA: OK well everyone was talking about it in 1998 because we released the tapes in 1997. Vishnu Murti did not have that tape, and its still not released to the public even today, it was not available except by us and our making copies. ys pd]

  2. Prahlad: Can't you read or are you just so desperate to accuse me of hiding the tape that you just ignore what I wrote?

    [PADA: You are the one who said you had a pristine clear copy which was able to be digitally enhanced, and you had that copy in 1988. That means you said you had a crystal clear copy the same as we had, and you hid it because we never heard about it.]

    *** I did not get the cassette tape from Vishnu Murti. It was a copy I made of a tape that I found in the visiting sannyassi room at Bhaktivedanta Manor. And I did not say that I digitised the tape in 1988.

    [PADA: It does not matter when you said you digitized it, it would have to be a clear copy in order to digitize it. You said (a) it was not a clear copy, and (b) it was a clear copy. You lied? Saying you had a clear copy in 1988 means you hid the clear copy.]

    *** I did not listen to it until 1998 and I made a cleaned-up digital re-master + transcript after 1998 when PC digital recording technology was available to me.

    [PADA: OK that means you had a clear copy, but you said it was not clear simultaneously? Meanwhile you said you only found about about the issue in 1998, AFTER we put the tape out already. And the transcript "you made" is oddly identical to the transcript I made? It seems you copied our transcript? It seems you stole ours and claimed credit for our work. You (A) did not have a crystal clear copy, (B) then you said it was clear, in sum you stole our 1997 tape claiming credit for our work. You also could not have got the whispers from an unclear tape, you would need a clear original. And your whispers are the same as our associates made? No, you stole our associates work, and took credit for their work. You are stealing the work of others and claiming credit for yourself, which is what the GBC does every day.]

    *** I think the tape I found was different to the tape you had in 1997. It contained only extracts of conversations from 8th & 10th November. I found this out by checking the last Prabhupada conversations book. Please stop writing nasty lies about me as you have been doing for the last 10 months.

    [PADA: OK if you had a tape that was crystal clear enough to enhance in 1988, it would have to have been a second generation of the original which I had. You never had such a tape, you stole our 1997 audio, you copied our 1997 transcript that I made with the Bengali gentleman, and you stole the post-1997 whispers audio our associates made, and you took credit for other's work. That is what Tamal did? Then you said all the people who put all this together are liars, and you started to quote the IRM attacks on the poison issue to discredit the ENTIRE issue and save the poisoners. In sum, you are interfering and meddling with the poison issue the same as the GBC is, and attacking the people who put the issue out as liars to discredit the issue. You are helping the bad guys, again. And you handily forgot that you supported Mukunda's neo-nazi anti-semite site, you are a liar, and you are trying to discredit the poison case by interference. ys pd]

  3. Sorry, Prahlad Das, you told us you support Mukunda's web site which advertises all kinds of anti-semite neo-nazi speakers, using photos of Srila Prabhupada, which sells DVDs made by these speakers. Other devotees may have some sympathy for that agenda, that is not the issue at hand. They are NOT using photos of Srila Prabhupada, they have NO web site that promotes these things, NOR are they selling their DVDs as you folks are. YOU are the ones using Srila Prabhupada's name and image. You are thus the person we are talking about and YOU said that a site that exploits Srila Prabhupada to promote neo-nazi-ism is a great thing because "its gets lots of hits." You are changing the subject, again. You are a neo-nazi, your site proves it, we have shown a photo of your site PROVING that many times here, look at it!

    Anyway, you are also trying to promote the IRM because they are attacking the poison issue. At the same time, promoting yourself as the person who originally put out the tape, the transcript and the whispers, when that was done by us. In other words, you are trying to make a circus freak show out of the poisoning of a pure devotee by all this contrary propaganda, because you think its some kind of joke that you can tinker with, just like Hansadutta and the IRM think its a joke they can tinker with -- to discredit the issue. Meanwhile, while saying the poison issue is foolish by your citing the IRM, at the same time you are saying you originated the tape, all of this to confuse, confound and confute the issue. You want to make it into a circus, some kind of joke you can tinker with. You first of all have to explain why you support using Srila Prabhupada for your neo-nazi-ism; Why you said you originated the tape when we all know that is a lie; And why you support people who say the poison issue is a foolish deviation, as you are doing by citing the IRM's complaints against us for promoting that issue. Nor have you explained why you are saying the people who originated the tape are liars, to make the tape into a lie? Why do you kiss Judas feet every day of your life? ys pd

  4. Prahlad: Can't you read?

    PADA: Yes, we can read. As soon as we came out with the poison tape, the transcript, and the whispers, and all that. which was years before any other folks ever dreamed of doing so, you folks said we need to kick jack boots on the person bringing out the tape, lets call him a liar so we can discredit the poison issue, and save Judas. Anyone who says Prabhupada is complaining of poison is a liar, and you say that because you love Judas. Recently you confirmed that and wrote that the person who brought out the tape needs to be killed, because you folks are leaders of the Judas lover's club. Why do you always want to save Judas and attack the people who are exposing Judas? Simple, you love Judas. We got it already. ys pd

  5. GBC garoos always wanted to kill PADA, Prahlad wants to finish off the job and get rid of PADA. Thats it, he is their new follower. GBC garoos have new followers, nothing to get upset about. Cat is out of the bag already, it too late to get rid of PADA. These people are dreamers think they can put the bogus guru genie back into their bottle and no one will notice the problem. Very silly people.

  6. PADA: Yep, Prahlad says he had the poison tape in 1988, but he forgot to listen to it until 1998, one year after PADA made the tape public and it was all over the net already. He says he has the tape of Srila Prabhupada all along, and just let it sit there for ten years without ever bothering to listen to it.

    Then, coincidently, just after the PADA version of the poison tape was out anyway, after WE released it, he all of a sudden listens to "his copy" of the tape. And now he wants credit for releasing the tape before us, but he even admits himself, the discussion of the tape had already been started all over the net in 1997 by PADA already?

    We think he is not taking his meds! Again. Yes, he released "his copy" after we had already released it to the whole world years before "his copy" was known to exist? And then oddly his transcript and translation of the hindi is identical to ours, ok yep, he stole our tape, transcript and whisper work, and wants credit for himself. Yes, that means he is another profit, distinction, adoration and glory hound, so he is taking credit for the work of others. He is another glory wanna-be, not far from the GBC gurus concept. ys pd

  7. People wanted credit for Srila Prabhupada's work. Its the same disease, envy.

  8. Prahlad: I did not "forgot to listen to it". I did not know it was the 'poison-tape'.

    [PADA: It does not matter how it is labelled. As soon as we found ANY tape of Srila Prabhupada, anywhere, especially in those days, we listened to it in the next five minutes on our walkman. We are interested in what Srila Prabhupada says, whereas you can let his words sit for ten years,because you never cared what he said.

    That is what you are really saying, you have no interest in the words of the pure devotee, so you let his words sit and collect dust for a decade. Then you admit, the only reason you took interest at all is because PADA made the issue public, we had to wake you fools up. You hid the tape, or you slept on it, what does it matter?]

    *** It was labelled 'Bedside Conversations 1977'. I did not know of poison-issue until 1998 as I have already stated.

    [PADA: So in 1988, when everyone of us was looking for ANY of the 1977 conversations, you had it, and you hid it, that is what we said you did? And now you admit, you had the 1977 tape that we were all looking for, and you hid it.]

    *** I have explained this all to you already but you have either not posted what I wrote or simply chose to ignore it. Also there is no "translation of the Hindi" in my transcript.

    [PADA: 90 percent of the conversation is in Hindi! You are listed as the author of the 90 percent Hindi transcript on the site we listed above, your site says you made the whole 90 percent Hindi transcript, again most of that is in Hindi. Most of the transcript is original Hindi, and your Hindi identical to mine, that means you stole my Hindi transcript and made yourself the author, just like the GBC stole ISKCON and said Srila Prabhupada is their hired writer. I am your hired writer now?]

    *** You are talking nonsense and lies, as usual. Of course you will not publish this comment in full because you are a cheat and a rascal.

    [PADA: OK Prahlad, you said you had the tape and did not care one fig about it, neither did the GBC care and they also had the tape, and you are now the author of the Hindi, because I am your hired writer? Prahlad, you also said you wanted to have me killed, thus you think like them, talk like them, act like them, hide things like them, take credit for other's writing like them, maybe you are them? ys pd]


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