Thursday, April 17, 2014

Heaven Is For Real (the Movie)

PADA: Thanks prabhu. No, we are not saying this movie is authentic from Vedic view point. What is clear however is this, the little boy in the movie has inspired many people in his home town to get serious about worshiping God. Later on, many thousands more people were inspired to worship God, thanks to the book about the boy. Now, maybe tens of thousands will be inspired to worship God thanks to the movie. Already people are reported to be crying while watching the movie, they are getting inspired to think of God. 

That is what we as devotees of God are also supposed to be doing, inspiring other people to think of God, and worship God. Some people report to us being inspired by PADA, and our idea of worship of the pure acharya. OK that's at least better than nothing, but all of us as devotees should unite and spread Krishna's holy name together and help others. That's the real mission, and that is also the direct order of Srila Prabhupada, cooperate and spread the mission. 

Of course, we have had a hard time since 1977 finding cooperation, since we are saying we will not "cooperate" with programs that support debauchees posing as Krishna's messiahs. More and more people now cooperate with our idea, but we still have a few foot dragging people attacking us, since they are still trying to compromise and cover up for the debauchee guru's process. 

For that matter, even our little old lady neighbor is inspiring. She sits in her rocking chair out here, on her front porch, singing Christian hymns -- sometimes for hours together. She inspires people to think about God. She even inspires us. Every time we hear her singing -- our hearts feel joy. Point is, we should learn from others. This boy is doing more to inspire people to worship God than almost all of our so-called Vedic devotees put together. We should back up for a minute and think -- why has this happened? ys pd     

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