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Poison Issue Comment by Pancali dd

Pancali Devi Dasi Acbsp @"those who poisoned the body of Srila Prabhupada" Dear PADA! Your folks on facebook are getting mad and spread false information! Plz read sastra, the body of a pure devotee cannot be poisoned, poison does not act! This is nonsensical statement. People in general conclude that you state that Prabhupada, a pure devotee, was captured by a gang of conditioned souls, poisoned like a rat, choked to death like a dog and made to meet a forcible death like a criminal - kicked out of his body by violence.

[PADA: The crucifixion of Jesus was not a violent act? Who told you that? Where does Srila Prabhupada say that the crucifixion of Jesus was anything other than a violent act? Srila Prabhupada says: Just as Jesus was killed, they may kill me also. Many of Krishna's relatives and His dear devotees were killed at Kurukshetra, the sons of the Pandavas were killed there as well, and so on and so forth. Where does Srila Prabhupada say none of these great devotees ever died? 

You need to make your case based on shastra. Srila Prabhupada says that there is a Ravana in his room, and he wanted to get out of the room because -- its better to be killed by Rama than Ravana, meaning -- a Ravana is in his room and that Ravana wanted to kill him. Was he making that up? Srila Prabhupada says that the Gaudiya Matha idea is to "kill guru and become guru." Is this also a "made up story" or were there people around in 1936 who wanted to kill their guru and take over?

Where does Srila Prabhupada say -- Krishna's devotees, even pure devotees, may not be subjected to being killed? Rather, Srila Prabhupada says one of the reasons Jesus is so popular is that he gave his life to preach about God. Srila Prabhupada also says Jesus is a pure devotee, and that he was crucified, and that in the same way, he may be killed as well. Where does he say Jesus was never crucified? No, he says many times that Jesus was in fact crucified. 

Srila Prabhupada says his own guru was "given injections" which he protested, and that he would have lived for many more years -- except for the nefarious actions of his disciples. A whole conversation about gurus being killed by motivated followers and disciples is part of the "poison tapes." Where does Srila Prabhupada say that Krishna's pure devotees are not subject to being attacked or even killed? 

Even Krishna was allegedly killed by a hunter's arrow, of course we never said that Krishna or His pure devotees are being factually killed, because they are eternal -- but there may be some lila that they are being killed. In sum, shastra says there may be some lila that they are being killed.]

*** In other words you state that a pure devotee is captured by the modes of material nature.

[PADA: Jesus was crucified, Krishna's relatives were killed at Kurushetra etc., where did we say that means they were captured by the modes of nature? You are making up arguments we never stated?] 

*** Whereas a pure devotee is always situated in transcendental position.

[PADA: We never said anything to the contrary? Where did we say that Jesus being crucified meant he was not transcendental? You are arguing with your own shadow.]

*** Kindly correct your polluted understanding and tell this also to your friends who are similarly stuck in this tamasic misunderstanding. The body of a pure devotee cannot be poisoned. Prabhupada left because Krishna wanted it like that. Capiche? Not because as you state, he was forced by the modes of nature.

[PADA: OK, you are the ones who are making the argument that Jesus and Srila Prabhupada were captured by the modes of nature, we never said that. You are arguing with your own shadow. The poison issue is here to stay because Srila Prabhupada said he was being poisoned, not because PADA said anything.

This is the problem we are now having with William I. Moorehouse, Prahlad das, and the IRM they support etc., they are saying that the poison issue is "PADA's lies." OK, wait a minute! Srila Prabhupada is the one who says he is being given poison. Is he making up lies? It seems to us that you are the people who are attacking Srila Prabhupada by saying his statements are "PADA's lies." He is the one who said he is being given poison, its not something we made up as a big lie? Why are you folks saying that we are making this up, and that its a lie? That is what Tamal said! 

Sorry, he said he is being given poison, everyone in the room agrees he says he is being given poison. The kavirajas at the scene say he has the symptoms of poison. The people in the room are whispering about giving him poison. Sorry, this is not "PADA's lies," as Tamal, the GBC, Prahlad and his IRM and other folks are trying to paint all this, its what happened. Is Srila Prabhupada "making up lies"? 

In any case if you think that being crucified is not a violent act, you need to re-learn everything and start all over again. If you want to discuss this reasonably, you have to deal with the direct statements from Srila Prabhupada, the statements of the people in the room, the whispers, the statements of the kavirajas, and other assorted evidences, instead of waving you hand and dispensing all this as "PADA's lies." That is not going to resolve the issue. Go back and look at the evidence, including the statements of Srila Prabhupada, and then argue from there. ys pd]  


  1. Prabhupada is a pure devotee. Poison does not act on a pure devotee. This is stated all over in sastra. That Jesus was crucified is part of their belief that he did this as a lila to take all the sins upon himself. This simply doesn't apply to Prabhupada. Because Prabhupada himself states that a pure devotee cannot be poisoned. Prabhupada: "Prahlada Maharaja was administered poison, but it did not act. Similarly Lord Krsna and the Pandavas were administered poison and it did not act. I think in the same parampara system, that the poison administered to our Society will not act if some of our students are as good as Prahlada Maharaja. " (Letter to disciple, 2 September, 1970) PADA SUMMARY OF EVIDENCE AT CHAPTER 45 - "Someone Has Poisoned Me" POISON CONCLUSIONS - SUM TOTAL OF EVIDENCE Was Srila Prabhupada poisoned? Definitely, yes. Was Srila Prabhupada killed? Definitely not. Was Srila Prabhupada leaving his body while being poisoned? Definitely, yes. Only problem with this ...

    [PADA: OK, I am not sure what your explanation actually is? He says -- he is being given poison by someone; He says -- there is a Ravana in his room; He says -- his only request is -- do not torture me and put me to death; He says there are people talking (whispering?) about poisoning him (and they were).

    What is you actual explanation for these statements? Our feeling is -- that the explanation is -- he says, just as Jesus was killed, they may kill me also. OK that's not really our explanation, its again what he says, but that makes the whole issue make sense -- just as Jesus was killed, they may kill him. And so we are not sure what the better explanation is? Pancali also did the same thing, she forgot to tell us -- what is her explanation for his statements? We cannot simply say, these statements need to be ignored and discounted. That is not an explanation at all.

    That is also the same problem we are having with the IRM, Prahlad, William I. Moorhouse group, the poison complaint from Srila Prabhupada is all "PADA's lies," so -- lets ignore the issue, -- ummm, nope, its statements from Srila Prabhupada and various validating evidences. They are blaming the messenger, again. What they need to do is recognize that these statements were being made, and the people in the room were whispering about poison, and there are other corroborating factors, and so -- they need to explain all the evidence. To simply wave all this off as "PADA's lies" is not going to fix this issue at all, rather its going to look like another GBC style cover-up. The bottom line is, these statements were made by Srila Prabhupada, we are simply the messenger, do not blame the messenger. ys pd]

  2. Prabhupada said Jesus Christ was NOT killed when they hung him on the cross. You cannot kill a pure devotee. Pada you are WRONG.


    [PADA: You are not quoting anything I actually said? I QUOTED Srila Prabhupada who says, just as they killed Jesus, they may kill me also.

    "So as Krishna was attempted to be killed... And Lord Jesus Christ was killed.
    So they may kill me also." (Srila Prabhupada, May 3, l976, Honolulu)

    "My only request is , that at the last stage don't torture me, and put me to death"
    (from SPC Vol. 36, November 3, 1977 tape recorded Room Conversation)

    I cited Srila Prabhupada. If you want to discuss this, you need to quote either us or Srila Prabhupada direct, you have not quoted either of us.

    He says, Lord Jesus was killed and they may also kill him, that is not what we said, its what he said? Of course Jesus and Srila Prabhupada were not actually killed, they are eternal, but that does not mean they were not attacked with the intent to kill them. Crucifixion and poison are pointing to the intent of the attackers.

    There are attacks on pure devotees, sorry, it happens, and even Krishna was attacked. In any case, we quoted Srila Prabhupada, and then you said that was our statement, ... you are the one who is wrong. In any case, you are attacking HIS statements, not MY statements, just like the IRM is attacking HIS statements. You need to address HIS statements. ys pd

  3. *** @"What is you actual explanation for these statements?" Explanation is that this is confidential, private. In our lineage we are taught to not go public with things what creates confusion (e.g. rasa-lila, e.g. poisoning of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta M.). Prabhupada would lecture in public that his spiritual master was a pure devotee always protected by the Lord. Now PADA says, wait, we have to tell all these mlecchas out there the TRUTH: Krishna did not help His pure devotee but allowed those poisoners to do the job! Now judge for yourself what karmis do with this message?

    [PADA: Jesus was crucified, what has that done? Its made everyone aware that pure devotees are sometimes attacked by demons. Its made people aware that preaching to the demons is a dangerous job. Its made people aware that pure devotees sometimes have one Judas, or eleven Judas in their camp. Christians were being tossed to the lions, what did that do? It made more and more people understand the dedication of the Christians, thus more people joined.]

    *** They simply use this info as excuse to go on with their karmi business and never ever never surrender to Krishna. Thanks, great TRUTH telling! There are incidents where poisoners were caught while buying the poison and thus the poisoning was thwarted. There are lots of examples when poison was administered and the whole thing was detected by police. But here we have PADA who persist: No, in our case, Krishna ...


  4. [PADA: That we went public is the reason we got the better translations of the hindi on the tapes, we got the enhanced whispers, we got testimony from the gurukuli from Mexico, we got testimony from various kavirajas, we got the poison books put together etc., and so on and so forth, because we made it public. And we still have people investigating in more detail now ...

    What you do not realize is, if we tell just a few people about a problem, we may get beaten or killed. Taru was killed for making an "internal protest" at New Vrndavana. He needed to get out of there and make his protest public.

    That is also what happened to Chatur Bahu, he told a few people about sinister crimes going on, tried to deal with the matter in private meetings, he is dead. Kulashekar tried to go to a temple to have private meetings with a few people to expose the bogus guru problems there, he was beaten to a pulp and spent six months in a hospital with broken bones. And he was in pain the rest of his life, and he died recently still suffering from the results of his beating. Private meetings do not work, duh!

    We cannot operate around a violent cult that bans, beats and kills people who are asking too many questions. We either go public, or perhaps -- die. We lived because we went public with all the issues, and we were thus protected by the police, FBI and so on. The people who tried to discuss these things in smaller and private circles, were banned, beaten to a pulp and / or put in hospitals, or killed. Randal Gorby tried to talk to a few people, his gas line was cut and his house exploded. Sorry, your idea does not work in real life. In any case, everything we did was in public and that is why we are alive today. Even Brahmananda said that, everyone knows if you get whacked who is responsible, that is why they do not kill you already. Your idea of having some small, secret or internal protest does not work in real life, and has not worked, will not work, ... you'll perhaps be killed. You have no idea how to operate around dangerous cults.Taking your advice, I'd be dead. Look at the people who made an internal private protest in the Jim Jones cult, they were all killed. They needed to leave the premises, take shelter of the police, and protest publicly from outside. Thats the system that has worked for me, the people who did not use my system, are dead. The first thing I did when I moved to Berkeley temple was to make good friends with the local police on the beat, thus the devotees all knew the police were watching me, and that is THE ONLY REASON why I am alive today. When their goonda people were chasing me with baseball bats, the police were doing surveillance, and they saved me. You would not have saved me, I'd be dead thanks to your idea. ys pd


  6. The way I see it, when Prabhupada kept saying he wanted to go on parikrama, he was actually testing to see who would insist upon him staying. He was fully aware. And Krishna's will was to take his pure devotee far away from this crazy place to preach elsewhere. SP himself, most likely felt most disgusted with the child molestations surfacing, etc. and went willingly or else he certainly could have reversed the situation.

  7. Right, this is one possible angle, maybe Srila Prabhupada had decided -- he had done as much as he could. He was now going to depart, and leave everything in the hands of all of his followers, and it would be up to them to keep things on track, or not.

    For example, as soon as the GBC announced in 1979 that Jayatirtha is still the acharya -- despite his illicit sex and drugs problem, there should have been a massive uprising of all the original disciples, to boot out the entire GBC for promoting the bogus idea that acharyas are drug fiends and debauchees, but there wasn't.

    In fact, we had recently 100 regular people in San Francisco out here protesting with signs and chanting slogans at city hall -- that there is a dangerous street intersection where people are getting hit by cars, because the ordinary man cares more about street intersections than most of the devotees cared about ISKCON.

    The rank and file devotees never got signs and protested with 100 people anywhere, ever, at least that we heard of.

    Thus, the mass of original wave of people failed the test, to defend the guru and his parampara. The good news is, we are finally getting some people to defend the guru paramapara. The bad news is, they are mostly second or third generations of people who actually understand that debauchees are not messiahs, they get it, the original wave of disciples -- clearly -- failed to defend their guru and his ISKCON.

    And now that the poison issue has surfaced, its mostly second and third generations of devotees who are taking that much interest as well. Srila Prabhupada may have figured this out, they are not going to defend me or ISKCON, they might even allow illicit sex and drugs to sit in my seat as ISKCON's messiahs, so let me leave -- and it will have to sort itself out later on in time, as it is now doing.

    In some respects, it seems some of the people we are now getting actually appreciate things better than the first wave, because they understand how bad things can get when the acharya is replaced with bogus people. ys pd

  8. "This is the problem we are now having with William I. Moorehouse, Prahlad das, and the IRM they support etc., they are saying that the poison issue is "PADA's lies." Why do you keep repeating this obvious lie (and many, many others) about Prahlad Das month after month? =================

    [PADA: Because William I Moorehouse has been citing the IRM? That PADA is a liar in respect to the poison case. William is also a great friend of Prahlad, and Prahlad is also citing the IRM as his authority. So they are citing the people who want to save Judas, Pontius Pilate and the Roman soldiers who killed Jesus -- as their authorities.

    We have caught them doing that repeatedly. Why does Prahlad love the "save Judas" society? Prahlad also says to me himself, he wants to help the GBC goondas kill us, he wants to see dead Vaishnavas, and he is going to help the Judas party come and get us, OK that means he is a direct disciple of Tamal and Judas, he admits that to us, he says he is going to work with them, so he is working with Judas party and he admits that.

    All you have to do is read shastra to find out that Krishna is not a fan of Vaishnava killers,or people like Prahlad who want Vaishnava blood on their jack boots. What kind of person wants to see Vaishnavas murdered? Just read the shastra and it will tell you!

    The IRM has severely attacked the statements from Srila Prabhupada on the poison issue, saying its all PADA's lies. And Prahlad, William and others are citing the IRM, we have seen that first hand RECENTLY. We have seen that, and so have many PADA associates. If you want someone else to verify that, send us an e-mail and we can give you the names of some others who have seen this going on.

    The IRM also told us not to make the book changes issue lawsuit, because they opposed us on that as well. Why is this a lie, its what has happened? And we reported all that at the time?

    Prahlad is also working with Mukunda, who also said that PADA is a liar as soon as we introduced the poison case, so he could chop down the poison case by discrediting it. And Mukunda is now working with Radhanatha's promoters like Bhakta das. That is not a lie, that is on their web site, they are promoting Radhanath's biggest cheer leaders, and Radhanath was marrying off 13 years old girls to older men, according to some of the victims at least, then these folks wonder why their policy alienated the children? The reason the children are STILL alienated is because they are STILL promoting folks who promoted these policies.

    Anyway, as soon as we said there is a poison complaint from the pure devotee, all of these people said we are liars, and they still are and so are you, they are defending Judas, Pontius Pilate and the people who killed Jesus. Sorry, we are not in the Judas fan club. ys pd

  9. Bhakta das promotes any apa-siddhanta there is. I know him. He is friends with the bogus gurus and he says Prabhupada's worship is atheistic idea. Bhakta das says Prabhupada devotees are atheists, so he should be avoided and not promoted by sincere Prabhupada devotees. Mukunda is making a big mistake promoting these rascal people. I did not know Radhanath victims say he was marrying 13 years old girls to older men. What kind of gurus are they? Why are these bogus people being promoted by people claiming to be Prabhupada followers? Good job PADA, we do not want another compromise with these rascals.

  10. "So they are citing the people who want to save Judas, Pontius Pilate and the Roman soldiers who killed Jesus -- as their authorities." This is not save Judas, it is that poison doesn't act on a pure devotee.

    [PADA: Srila Prabhupada is the one who says, just as the killed Jesus, they may kill me also. I never said anything, that is what he said. You are saying that we are bogus for quoting him? That means, you are attacking his statements, not mine.]

    *** You miss the whole point. PADA figures that by stating that poison does not act on pure devotee this would find the culprits not guilty.

    [PADA: This makes no sense whatsoever? Srila Prabhupada says he is being given poison, that makes the culrpits not guilty? Jesus was crucified, that makes Pontius Pilate not guilty? This makes no sense at all?]

    *** No! Prabhupada said the poison is there.

    [PADA: OK now you are going around in a big circle. You said, PADA is claiming there is poison, now you are saying Prabhupada says there is poison? You have to start making sense if you want us to adopt your idea. And what is you idea anyway?]

    *** PADA overshoots the mark and spreads, PURE DEVOTTE KILLED BY POISON.

    [PADA: OK I did not say there is poison, you just admit that, Srila Prabhupada said there is poison, You keep forgetting, I am not Srila Prabhupada? I did not say there is poison, he did, then you say PADA says there is poison. I am not him?]

    *** In other words, in order to get the culprits arrested PADA turns Prabhupada into a conditioned soul who was killed by poison.

    [PADA: I never said he was killed with poison, you said that?]

    *** This in return makes people to reject the path of bhakti because this version says that God does not protect His pure devotee.

    [PADA: Christians are the largest religion on earth? You have no idea what you are talking about.]

    *** So the right understanding is that poison was administered but Prabhupada left because Krishna wanted it like that.

    [PADA: I never said anything different? You are arguing with your own shadow.]

    *** Not that Prabhupada was killed and Lord let it happen. Krishna protected Prahlad, Pandavas, why PADA figures that Prabhupada is not protected? Why then is PADA ...

    [PADA: You keep confusing me with Srila Prabhupada? You keep saying PADA said there is poison, I never said that, he said that. When you figure out what your explanation is, let us know, you are rambling. ys pd]

  11. I and some of my associates know Prahlad personally.

    [PADA: Then -- do you support that he wrote to us saying he is going to get the GBC goondas to kill us? That means,he wants to silence us, and he even admits he is with the Judas goonda party, he says he is going to help them to get us. He is with them, he wrote to tell us that.

    OK and they already killed some of us. That means he defends the poisoners of pure devotees by wanting to silence the critics of the poison party. He says he wants to have Vaishnavas killed, whereas the karmis saved us from the Prahlad devotee chopper party. That means the karmis are more advanced than he is. The karmis do not want to kill the Vaishnavas, Prahlad says he does want dead Vaishnavas, because he is with the devotee killer party and he even told us that, he is going to help them -- to get us killed. He is with the Vaishnava's assassins party.

    So you are with Prahlad, and he told us he wants to have us killed, that means all of you are not as advanced as our neighbor's dog. The dog comes up and tries to lick us all the time, he is friendly, and the dog would never dream of trying to have Vaishnavas killed, Prahlad says he wants to kill Vaishnavas, that means, he is not as advanced as a common street dog. Read the shastra! The people who want to kill Vaishnavas are called demons, they are not as advanced as the animals who are friends with Vaishnavas. Anyway, Prahlad has a long way to go to be as advanced as this dog, and how do we know? Ask the shastra. Shastra says that the people who want to kill Vaishnavas are not as advanced as animals, they are lower than animals. And the Vaishnava attacker group will have to wait a long time to even take birth as animals, they will have to suffer first, that is what shastra says.]

    *** We know that everything you accuse him of here and elsewhere is nothing but lies.

    [PADA: But he wrote himself saying he wants to work with the GBC goondas to have us killed? He wrote that he supports the neo-nazi anti-semite site of Mukunda. Anyway, like we said, according to shastra, the people who want to have Vaishnavas killed are less than dogs. Even a dog has higher consciousness, and we see that practically, the dogs like the Vaishnavas, the demons always want to kill the devotees, ever since time immemorial. The demons have ALWAYS tried to kill devotees for the past trillion years, its nothing new even.]

    *** He is a sincere devotee 100% dedicated only to Srila Prabhupada for over 25 years.

    [PADA: He told me himself he is dedicated to having me assassinated. You people need to come up to the level of my neighbor's dog before you pontificate to others, you folks want to see dead Vaishnavas, that means, you are with the Judas party,they also want that.]

    *** Why do you make up so many lies about him constantly? This is very severe Vaishnav aparadh. Are you insane?

    [PADA: Nope, not insane at all. The dog wants to be friendly, the Judas party wants to see dead Vaishnavas. Killing devotees is not sane behavior, and your party trying to revive that program means, you are just as insane as Kirtanananda, he also thinks he has the authority to have Vaishnavas offed. Anyway, its very simple really, the dog likes to see the Vaishnavas, the demons want to kill the Vaishnavas, and that is why a dog went back to Vaikuntha in Lord Chaitanya's time, but the people who want to kill the Vaishnavas do not go back to Godhead at any time. "I sincerely want to have devotees assassinated," great, you people are less than dog. Says shastra at least. ys pd]


  12. If my recollection of the interview of H.H. Puri Maharaja, conducted by Siddhanta dasa for his "Memories of Srila Prabhupada" series, if it serves me correctly [it's been many years since I saw it], Puri Maharaja stated that he told Srila Prabhupada, "you should stay with us for at least ten more years". Srila Prabhupada's reply was something like, "How can I", and Srila Prabhupada then held up his arm asking Puri Maharaja to "feel" his pulse. And Maharaja then states that there was "NO" pulse.
    NO pulse means NO heart beat! And I took [take] that as meaning that Srila Prabhupada's body was already "dead". But, just as Grandfather Bhisma, whose body had been pierced ["killed"] by many hundreds of arrows, remained within his body to continue his lila; and only "departing" at his choosing. Also similar to the pastime of Srila Haridasa Thakura, in whose case the soldiers had done everything to beat him to death, yet Haridasa Thakura did not leave his body until he felt "compassion" for his most distressed executioners. So Srila Prabhupada's body also had been "killed", by poisoning, but Srila Prabhupada did not "depart" until he chose to do so!
    I do not believe that there ever will, or should be a "legal" conclusion via a karmi court of law. Should this issue go to trial, an exhuming, for the purpose of conclusive forensic evidence, of Srila Prabhupada's body would be a real possibility [at least in the Western legal system it would be], and I certainly do not believe that any of us should in any way want that to be an option!
    Srila Prabhupada told us that he was being poisoned, and that is all the proof his followers should need.
    Srila Prabhupada also had told us that Srila Bhaktisiddhanta had been poisoned; yet Srila Prabhupada, in spite of all the "means" available to him, spiritual as well as material, he directed no effort to bring to justice the person[s] responsible.
    There is no doubt in my mind, had somebody given Srila Prabhupada the choice of either the "poisoning" [killing] of his vapu [his body], or the "poisoning" [adulteration] of his vani[his teachings], he would have pleaded in favor of the "killing" his body, but not to "distort, adulterate, or edit" his teachings and his instructions. Srila Prabhupada knew that the manifestation of his "physical" lila was to be limited to at most around one hundred years, but that his teachings, his instructions, his books were to be the philosophical "gold standard" for the next ten thousand years.
    So, rather for us to continue pushing for "legal justice", and the conviction of those responsible for the poisoning of Srila Prabhupada's body, [ the outcome of which, absent outright confessions, can not be guaranteed, especially considering the elapsed time, as well as the passing of the primary suspect, Tamal Krsna] we rather should continue putting all efforts into the propagation of Srila Prabhupada's unadulterated and unedited teachings and instructions, particularly on the subject of 'guru tattva', while at the same time exposing those responsible for poisoning Srila Prabhupada's vani, past and present! And the evidence of who is guilty of the latter that is not at all very difficult to proof. pg

  13. Here is what POD said on krishna1008April 6, 2014 at 3:37 PM Right, this is one possible angle, maybe Srila Prabhupada had decided -- he had done as much as he could. He was now going to depart, and leave everything in the hands of all of his followers, and it would be up to them to keep things on track, or not.

    POD you fool, are you saying Srila Prabhupada MAY have been as intelligent as you think you are in order to figure out the things YOU have?

    [PADA: OK, what do you think happened? Let us hear your idea then? In Vedic debates you are not allowed to only attack the other side, you have to prove your own point. What is your point then?]

    *** This is not only insulting to the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada, but it shows how high an opinion you have of yourself. One cannot speculate on the consciousness of the pure devotee as you just did.

    [PADA: Fine except, you have not presented any other idea yourself? What is your explanation for what happened? Simply chopping at others, does not prove a thing, nor make a sensible explanation. We also did not say that is for sure what he was thinking, its a possibility only. We really do not know for sure, nor do you apparently?]

    *** Or don't you really consider Srila Prabhupada to be a pure devotee? From the

    [PADA: OK and what do you think was going on? Just tell us and get it over with. ys pd]

  14. As always, there is no evidence whatsoever for all of these ridiculous accusations against Prahlad prabhu. You are the demon, not him. No devotee would ever lie like you do. You are a disgrace to Srila Prabhupada and all sincere Prabhupadanugas.


    PADA: We already posted where Prahlad and his cohorts were making plans to have me get killed. Its been on our blog for months now. You have to comment on those posts and explain why Prahlad is trying to incite murders of devotees. We published parts of his conversations proving that he is trying to incite violence on Vaishnavas a long time ago, which were sent to us by a number of people, and we proved that he is plotting to have Vaishnavas murdered, and we proved that by posting parts of his posts.

    Where have you been? He also sent us letters personally saying he wanted to help the GBC goondas get us, he is simply Kirtanananda's sock puppet. Kirtanananda wants to see devotees offed and so does Prahlad, they are one and the same, and that is what everyone is telling us, Prahlad is simply another devotee murder orchestrator like Kirtanananda, except he is only Kirtanananda's sock puppet, so he has not got the potency of his puppet master.

    Many people say that, you guys wanted to kill the devotees of Krishna because you are Kirtanananda's sock puppets, and we have proved that by posting parts of these conversations with Prahlad awhile ago. We posted his stuff, we proved that he was trying to incite murders of devotees, and we proved that a long time ago.

    Meanwhile, you have not proven that we made one lie anywhere. Meanwhile, the police, FBI, and media always contact us for the correct story. They would never consult your people because they know: you are liars. In a recent TV interview they told us, the reason they consult us for their TV show is because they know they will not be sued by ISKCON, because all of our statements are correct. They never ask you guys for peanuts because they know you are liars, if not Kirtanananda wanna-bes like Prahlad.

    Meanwhile, while our neighbor's dog greets Vaishnavas nicely, your people threaten to kill the Vaishnavas. You are not as advanced as a dog. Meanwhile, we are getting more and more people involved in the poison issue, and you want to stop that, because you are Judas boot lickers. And more and more people are saying that, the reason you want to stop us is because you are still in bed with Kirtanananda, Judas, the poisoners, and so on. Meanwhile, Prahlad told us we are offenders for not promoting his anti-semite neo-nazi web site. He is a jack booter. He says all these crazy things, then he cries like a stuck baby when he is exposed. Anyway, in 25 years he has learned to behave like Kirtanananda's groupies, and threaten Vaishnavas with violence, that means he is not as advanced as our neighbor's dog. The dog is friendly and would not EVER THINK of inciting violence on a Vaishnava ever. You need to come up to the dog level. Meanwhile, ... oh never mind! What is the use of talking to people who are not as advanced as a dog? ys pd

  15. Thanks prabhu, yes people said PADA is a liar -- (who maybe needs to be assassinated?) -- way back in 1978, to try to get us beaten if not killed. This went on all along, we had these Kirtanananda groupies and Prahlad types who have been around ever since this all started in 1978, because even way back then they said we are liars and offenders.

    Why?, so they can get us killed, no kidding, and it worked, their propaganda got more than a few people assassinated. The problem right now is that these Kirtanananda groupies and Prahlad types, those who want to see Vaishnavas assassinated, have not yet realized that times have changed. They are totally out of touch. There are hardly any fanatical followers left who want to "get the blasphemers" because we have discredited their criminal program so badly. Around here in the San Francisco area for example, almost everyone likes our idea and they agree with us and want to see Srila Prabhupada established as the acharya. They honestly cannot believe there are still a few Kirtanananda groupie boot lickers like Prahlad around who STILL want to have Vaishnavas assassinated. He is out of touch, but yes, as soon as we said Srila Prabhupada was poisoned, Tamal and his defenders like the Prahlad types immediately came out of the wood work crying like babies that we were exposing them, and they tried to discredit us. Too little too late, too many folks are on board with PADA now, its over, they will never turn any of this backwards, its going forward from now on.

    As for our saying that the people who are trying to have Vaishnavas assassinated being less than dogs, that is a fact. Our neighbor's dog wags his tail in joy when he sees a Vaishnava, the old Kirtanananda groupies and their hero Prahlad have seethed with anger whenever they see a Vaishnava, and they wanted to see that Vaishnava die. So that means a dog has higher consciousness than these people do, its a fact. Of course every day I get up and to scoop up a few lost worms, snails and any other lost critter on our concrete drive way, and escort them to the grass, so they will not get run over. So this is the potency of Krishna, people who want to kill the Vaishnavas -- they take birth in these species where they can do no harm to anyone. Krishna nullifies the Vaishnava assassination club by putting them into these harmless species. That is what we see every day, these guys were very envious and now they are snails, worms and what not, so they are not able to harm others. That is how Krishna deals with these types of thinkers. ys pd

  16. Correct, the original gang thought they were authorized to first poison Prabhupada, and then kill his devotees like Sulochana and us. Now some of their gang wants to still get PADA editor, they just do not understand it -- that they are not authorized to assassinate any devotees, big or small.

    In one interview we some karmi media, they asked, -- "You mean that in your religion they save the cows, -- and kill people like you"?

    So yes, killing a pure devotee like Prabhupada is way beyond belief in terms of evil reactions, but the same camp of people are not authorized even to kill us insignificant ant devotees either. All of Krishna's devotees are dear to Him and are His family members. It does not matter if we are the master of the house, or the insignificant pot washer in the house, no one can assassinate anyone in Krishna's house, they are all in His family, He will never approve of that. And the reactions will be most severe for even inciting violence on any devotee, or even attempting to have His devotees treated with violence, Krishna's devotees, even the insignificant ones, are still His family members. ys pd


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