Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Message from Mr. Skunk

Question: Which of the honest politicians is the working man's friend?! Which form of God is the friend of the false ego?

Answer: none.

A realized guru, a pure devotee, has access to all three of his bodies; namely His spiritual body, His subtle body, and His gross car body. KRSNA protects His spiritual body in all cases and circumstances.

Normally, the average human can access only two bodies: his car body, that gets demolished and turned to dust, at the time of death; and his subtle body, consisting of mind, intelligence and false ego, which travels on, according to the karma, to their next assignment.

So ..... in the case of Srila Prabhupada, His subtle body: ISKCON was poisoned within by Tamal and the phony gurus, years before His gross body left the scene. Srila Prabhupada says -- ISKCON is my body, he said the money of ISKCON is my blood (and you are wasting the money, and its draining my blood) and so on. And they were already plotting to destroy his ISKCON body even when he was here, and drink his blood by taking over all the money.

Now, was He or wasn't He poisoned by Tamal? Only His hair dresser knows for sure. However, the arsenic poison content in his hair was very high, according to forensic analysis. Who didn't know that the ISKCON leaders were already skimming the money? And those who emerged as phony gurus, were all lower than whale stools? This is an obvious, and an irrefutable fact, that everyone knows.

Now, King Puranjan can point his finger at the phony gurus for the past decades. But, what he didn't uncover for quite some time, and which would earn the phony gurus the title of ''LOWER than whale stools'' absolutely, was the poisoning of ISKCON.

So ..... these lower than whale stools blew their smoke screen, of always asking: did the realized guru die a natural death? And ....... aren't we possibly innocent or something? Srila Prabhupad said, for years before his departure, he in fact often said things like: "Kill guru; and become guru." This is sometimes the Indian system, taken over by the dancing white elephants, who would probably follow that Indian system.


1 What about ALL the money they stole? Out of the poor box?!!
2 What about the fact that they are obviously unrealized?!!
3 What about all the sexual hijinks, they are doing in the name of celibacy?
4 What about the drugs?, And in some cases: murders??
5 What about the 'boss hog' trip, they so pompously portray?!!
6 They turned it into a distorted fun house mirror version of the absolute truth;  that hopefully the demi-gods and KRSNA will find amusing!!

HOPEFULLY. If not, they are in deep trouble with Krishna and the demigods.

Mr. Skunk

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  1. @"However, the arsenic poison content in his hair was very high, according to forensic analysis." FBI, CIA also checked it and concluded this is not a proper forensic analysis. Thats why in US and any other country all news media refused to publish: Hare Krishna Founder wanted to be poisoned by his own secretary in order to leave this world earlier.

    [PADA: Not correct. FBI in Gainseville Florida said that the evidence points to a homicide, and they would have prosecuted it if this had happened in the USA. They said the hair sample is valid additional evidence, as are the poison whispers and etc.

    They said from their point of view, this is a homicide. India is not in their legal juristiction. CIA was not consulted that we know of. Where is the alleged CIA report published?

    Tamal said that Srila Prabhupada wanted to be poisoned, that was his cover story in case we found out. This is recorded on tape, Tamal tells Satsvarupa -- Srila Prabhupada wanted us to give him something so he could leave, right, that was their cover story in case we discovered all this. Their cover story is not working very well, most folks now think there was foul play involved. ys pd


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