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Dear World, Where Do I Start? (Krishna Kirtan das)


Where do I start?

First of all I can't even start to tell you my own tale of disappointments in connection with ISKCON, all of which have had very personal and serious life consequences. Material consequences, that's all, for spiritually I have gained so much. I won't get into details of that but I think it should give you a basic idea. Also I was never involved with any Ritvik society or any other Vaishnava society, directly or indirectly besides the ISKCON that I grew up in. But I do want to share a little about where I stand, my heart if you will.

I have found that altogether ISKCON & Ritviks and some other existing Vaishnava groups to be pretty much just about the same.

[PADA: OK, that is a good start. This has been the problem we have had from square one. As soon as we said -- starting in 1978: 1) There was no guru appointment; 2) The children are being mistreated; 3) The books are being changed; 4) Srila Prabhupada complains he is being poisoned, etc. ad infinitum, -- then people said, we should not complain about these things, otherwise we have the same "criticism" mentality as ISKCON leaders? We are the other side of the same coin. Really? 

What this means -- in practical application -- is that crimes like child abuse should not be protested, because anyone who is protesting criminal issues is "the same" as the molester infrastructure. Really? This is how all these crimes have been allowed to take place in the first place. The people trying to address the crimes -- are branded "the same" as the criminals -- those committing the crimes. And so its a stalemate, the criminals and the victims are both "trouble makers." Who loses that equation? The victims of course. 

If the people calling the police to report a crime are exactly "the same" as the criminals doing the crimes, then no one will bother call the police, and the criminals will take over. That is what created the ISKCON criminal society. To say the criminals and the victims are one and "the same," that is how the criminals were allowed to take over  ISKCON from square one. This simply covers up for the criminal program. Sorry, we have to separate the two classes, the criminals from the victims. Saying they are one and the same, both are wrong, perpetuates the crimes against the victims.]    

*** I see them going at each other's throats with no end in sight, each side quoting sastra endlessly and cynically without ever trying to come to any common understanding. 

[PADA: OK lets review the two ideas: (A) the GBC says acharyas fall down left, right and center, and their gurus are often caught "engaged in illicit sex with men, women if not children." And anyone who disagrees with this policy is banned, and maybe beaten and assassinated. (B) We say no, acharyas are pure devotees. Where is the common ground here? 

This would be like saying, the town drunkard and debauchee -- is in the same class as Jesus, they are one and the same: they are both on common ground. Sorry, we have two distinct groups here: (C) Factual acharyas, who are pure devotees, and (D) debauchees who imitate the acharyas. Who says they are like-minded "common" items? There is no commonality between these two groups? 

Either we believe that people like Jesus are ALWAYS pure devotees, or we believe people like Jesus are sometimes, or often, debauchees. How can we accept both ideas simultaneously, and operate as a common platform? The good news is, shastra is on our side 100 percent of the time, Srila Prabhupada says -- one of the ten offenses is to consider the guru is an ordinary (fallen) man. 

Yet this year at Mayapura Anuttama das announced that the official position of the ISKCON GBC is that acharyas are often falling down left, right and center, all along since time immemorial. That means they say the parampara contains debauchees. Of course this is also what the atheists say, Krishna is a debauchee and so are His successors. How can we be on common ground with these thinkers, ever? 

That is not what Srila Prabhupada presented to the world? How can we agree with the atheists that Krishna and / or His successors are debauchees? And why would we want us to merge together the pure messiah idea -- with the debauchee messiah idea, which some seem to think has a common platform? Sorry, drunkards and womanizers are just that, people like Jesus are in another category of status, they are not one and the same "common ground"? Even the idea that the debauchee class and the Jesus-like class can be juxtposed together is itself a dividing argument, its not going to be accepted on a large scale anywhere.]   

*** Be it ISKCON, IRM, Ritviks, Society this and that, I even forget the names. Each having their good points, but ultimately nobody seems to be able to work together or even carry on a sane debate, what to speak of leading the Mission and being ready to present it in a coherent way to this world that needs Krishna consciousness so much? 

[PADA: Right, well the people who say that acharyas, gurus i.e. people like Jesus are often debauchees, are not going to be able to work with the people who worship Jesus as a pure devotee? That will never happen. Worship of debauchee "gurus" is found in certain cults in India, but Srila Prabhupada said we should not compromise with their groups. He did not want us to have common ground with for example the Rajneesh group and similar others. And he also said we should be careful of the sahaijya's ideas -- that pure devotees can act like debauchees. He also said the Gaudiya Matha made debauchee acharyas, and we should not do that. Where does Srila Prabhupada say he is on common ground with any of these thinkers, and we should cooperate with them?] 

*** Should we have public debates to settle philosophical issues like it was done in the Vedic times? "Oh no, we cannot afford looking like fools, what to speak of loosing a debate! After all, we are really not that interested in reaching actual conclusions. We mostly care about our posts and about our own platforms, however mixed up they may be."

[PADA: There is no evidence that acharyas are often debauchees to be found in Srila Prabhupada writings? Nor do the Christians accept the idea that gurus are often debauchees? Nor do the Buddhists accept that pure people are often debauchees? Even our local town village drunks do not believe that people like Jesus are often debauchees? How many people believe God's successors are often debauchees? Can we name anyone, ok outside of a few people like Anuttama?]

*** Meanwhile, where is the actual preaching? Where is the reaching out to the other 5 billion people out there in the world who don't even know (or even care) what a Ritvik is, but who are in desperate need of Krishna consciousness? 

[PADA: OK, we all need to preach, but what are we preaching? If people are preaching that Krishna's successors are often debauchees, that is mis-leading others, its not actual preaching. The problem is that the GBC bans, harasses and sues anyone who does not preach that Krishna's gurus successors are often fools, drunkards, womanizers and debauchees. So its hard for us to function with all of this harassing, never mind our people can also be beaten and killed for not agreeing that God's successors are degraded fools. There is a very sub-violent atmosphere that does not allow anyone to preach that acharyas are always pure. That has forced us to operate independently, and so we are.]

*** What about telling the people of the world they are not these bodies and finding out PRACTICAL ways to inform them about that?

[PADA: Good idea. However, the idea that we need to worship the body of a fool and debauchee means: the GBC is in the bodily concept of life. They told us that in 1979: We have to promote the worship of Jayatirtha because is a "a living person." "We need to worship the living body of Jayatirtha." OK, so the GBC wants us to worship their material bodies, and that is called bodily identification with matter. 

It does not even matter that their gurus like Jayatirtha are having illicit sex and taking drugs, they said that does not count, we STILL have to promote the worship of Jayatirtha, or leave. That means they are promoting worshiping illicit sex and drugs. That is not preaching? People are already engaged in illicit sex and drugs, why should they bother to worship illicit sex and drugs? How will that help them?    

Yet as soon as we say, we do not worship material bodies of fools and dope heads, we do not want to promote the worship of illicit sex and drugs, we are banned from ISKCON. We have to worship a material body in ISKCON, a body that may be engaged in severe deviations, or get kicked out. And maybe, we'll get killed, as Sulochana was. There is a very strict policy that we have to worship the mundane body of a mundane man, or we are treated very severely in ISKCON circles, we can die.]

*** Can we please save some money and sometime from our sadhana (and Facebook) to try to reach out to these billions of lost souls? And where is all the MILLIONS of dollars actually being spent on, in the name of what, and where are the other countless hours spent on? Is anyone spending time and money working or investing in projects that will actually preach without all the needless nonsense? Why is there so much marble on the floors, (even a black pyramid we have learned will now exist as part of a temple complex), and why so many travel expenses on flying around the world at jet speeds without real and tangible preaching results? Better stay in the dham and stop flying, it's what I think.

[PADA: Right, where are the big book distribution programs, harinama samkirtanas, and where are the farms, schools, facility for the ex-kulis, and so on and so forth? There is no emphasis on that.] 

*** Why is all the money going to such huge construction projects if they can't even hold up what already exists? "Oh no, what you speak of is not a priority for us big advanced souls! No. Our time and money is better spend on what we THINK is best! We're not going to jeopardize our position and private bank accounts."

There is just too much of that going that it's hard to even think of wanting to be involved with ANY existing institution. Most devotees are also powerless, and even when there is something important a qualified sincere soul tries to do, usually alone without support, even that is immediately politicized and neglected. Devotees have to be scrapping for pennies just to eat, what to speak of performing their qualified duty or service. So now tell me, is there a conspiracy? If there isn't, there is at least severe prevelant incompetence.

[PADA: Good. There is no support institution for most of the devotees. Its a combination of conspiracy to micro-control ISKCON to keep it exploited by a few vapuh vada body worshipers, and most of the people who abandoned and left ISKCON are -- for the large part -- incompetent to make a nice alternate. Both problems exist. A few alternate programs are going on, and its promising, but slow in progress.]

*** And what about the BOOKS? Yes, what about Srila Prabhupada's books we love to quote from so much? Be them edited books or original books, BOTH are not being distributed properly, if almost anything at all. Anyone got the numbers to share? I have heard from good sources. ISKCON cries so much about the BBT(i)'s profits being taken from them because of the original books, but in fact there is practically no profit from any books (edited or not), simply because the books are not being distributed widely.

Very little there is compared to what should be really happening. Even the so much loved original books (with the changed covers, I just had to mention that), their selling is so little, so little, that probably the yearly profit from it could not even pay for a goshala. What about re-printing the biggest and fastest selling Gita in the world, the pocket Gita? Politics are generated so it doesn't happen.

For some the printing of that edition was probably an unfortunate accident. So where is the plan and action (not just talk) to truly increase book distribution world-wide? Is any of the big shots and their followers talking about actual direct and practical solutions? We barely can get past quoting sastra on Facebook, what to speak of real tangible solutions that requires ACTION? Seriously, it's not that hard you know.

As it stands now everything comes down to sumptous maha prasadam, that's all! Such big shots everywhere, who pretty much only know when it's time to eat the maha prasadam coming off the altar. Such big shots, so learned, dressed so impeccably, yet so incompetent to say the least. It has been like this for way too long. Not to say there aren't sincere people trying, but generally leaders and devotees in general have become complacent and satisfied just doing the bare minimum. Real and fearless expansion of the movement is not for the faint of heart. It does require some sincere efforts and more importantly, complete surrender despite all the odds the world is ready to throw at the devotees.

Where are the farm communities in ISKCON doing what they are supposed to do? Not even milking some cows and making some ghee, feeding the devotees, they seem to be able to do? Where is anyone actively speaking and working on implementing Varnashrama? So important! Most leaders and their herd of followers actually don't even want to touch on the subject of Varnashrama. Why? Because most of them are either rascals or cowards, usually both. The mundane leaders of society hate just the thought of Varnashrama, so they will do whatever they can to destroy it, starting with any serious talks about the subject.

Oh how I really wish there was a Vaishnava King (not a brahmana) to come and help settle somethings straight!

Well, overall I understand that most leaders and some of their followers in ISKCON, Ritviks, and other groups tend to be so enamored with their own voices and their little power, that they have completely forgotten there is a whole world population who could care less about their pitiful argumentation. Even most actual sincere devotees of the Lord, wherever they are, could care less about so much argumentation. People want solutions, not problems, not so many endless argument! That's what people want and need.

So as far as I'm concerned, for those who are curious and try to know me as an individual, I will share this. I'm only a RESEARCHER, a loner at it, all by myself, not representing or taking sides of ANY institution whatsoever, and on a search to finding out the truth about things. I'm not afraid of any ISKCON, Ritviks, NWO, Illuminati, Jews, the CIA, NSA, FBI, or Mossad, or even Kiwis with green heads. Moreover, although being the fallen dog that I am, I have surrendered to the Supreme Lord in my own capacity, and somehow Krishna has offered me some protection. I have seen ongoing miracles in my life, and all I know at the moment is that I will die with the Lord within my heart.

Other than that, I simply want an opportunity to serve Srila Prabhupada, however possible, that's all. I will continue to work on my own spiritual life, my projects, and as I'm finally learning daily from Srila Prabhupada's wonderful lectures the actual deep meaning of things, continue to live a sane life gradually steering away from Maya, and work my way back to Godhead, or wherever in this material universe Lord Hari wants me to go to.

I certainly wish I could work in cooperation with an institution, and of course, I grew up in ISKCON and worked with them in the past, but knowing what I know today I simply can't work with them with a full heart. None of the current leaders are qualified to be leaders in my opinion. There are rascals pretty much everywhere, leaders, sub-leaders, and many followers, that's the reality of not only ISKCON but also of several other camps that I know as well. Even real devotees are so rare to find and have a good and honest engagement with these days, but I know they are out there in the midst of different groups, and they are recognized by their kindness. I have learned that much.

I've had Srila Prabhupada's books since I was a child in Gurukula, and my only solace in this remaining life of mine is his books and teachings, and I will be doing the best I can despite all the odds. One of Krishna's names after all is akincana-vitta, or He who is the only possession of His devotee who has no material possessions. Isn't that wonderful?

"So Kirtan, why then bother so much with all this? Why so much writing and kicking and screaming?" I will tell you why:

There is one thing I simply can't quite yet let go completely, and that is what was done to Srila Prabhupada during his last days, namely the attempt to poison him. Perhaps even that issue I'm also slowly letting go as I try to get on with a more serious spiritual life, but it's hard. That is still the one item that got to me too severely for me to just let go so easily. Therefore, at this point in my life, anything connected to any of the individuals involved with that nefarious affair has become of my interest and it is one of the reasons why I write what I write sometimes, such as some of the comments you've seen on Facebook.

I will leave with this.

At this moment in my personal life I'm starting to care care less and less (and less) about all the politics involved with the world and even between the diferent Vaishnava institutions. I certainly only speak for myself and my experience. I forgive all the Gurukula teachers for their stupidities. I also forgive all that was done to my mother during all her years in ISKCON as she is no longer here to speak for herself. It's alright.

We all die one day, rich or poor, ugly or handsome, weak or strong, death is for all. And where am I going after death? That's all I care to know. I suggest that's the only research really worth anyone's time and life dedication.

May all the spiritual answers and realizations come to you, Dear World, and may Srila Prabhupada bless the endeavors of every sincere devotee out there who is struggling, but who is truly sincere and honest in their endeavors.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

Your servant,
Krishna Kirtan
12 April 2014

[PADA: Great ending! Anyway, yep the poison issue is a key issue to understanding all of this. Agreed. We are all doing what we can with what we have, some serving is better than none, it will be to our eternal benefit to do at least some serving the Lord and His pure devotee. Good mood to your writing, very heartfelt, and very much on the mark for the most part. Keep your writing up, its getting better. ys pd]

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  1. (I have found that altogether ISKCON & Ritviks and
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