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Kirtanananda "has caused me much pain"

“this has caused me much pain”—SP‏

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Hare Krsna to all

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Below are a few points about the basics of Krsna Consciousness.This means we are originally servants, and to regain this mentality one must chant Hare Krsna mantra. The problem arises when we add our “own” twist to the tune….


67-10-14. Letter: Brahmananda

“Swami Kirtanananda has returned to the United States and is causing quite a stir among the devotees. Following his suggestions, we have stopped wearing robes and have cut off our flags. He said these appurtanences are too strange-looking to outsiders and only make it more difficult for them to consider chanting Hare Krishna. Swami Kirtanananda has said we must avoid appearing to be Orientalists if we are to have 108 centers in the US.”

This is very much disturbing to me; has caused me much pain. Please therefore stop Kirtanananda from making his mental concoctions. Do not be misled by him. I have never advised him to act like that. If he is causing such disturbances he should not be allowed to indulge in such nonsensical activities. I have already written you to inform you that somehow or other he has become crazy; otherwise he would not have disobeyed me to go directly to N.Y. For the time being he has cut all link with me, therefore any instruction given by him is unauthorized; should at once be rejected. He has no right to dictate as he has without my sanction. Whatever is to be done will be executed when I return.

He is too much puffed-up nonsensically…

67-09-23. Gargamuni

I entrusted this matter to Kirtanananda but he has disobeyed which has given me a shock. Once he disobeyed my order and we lost $1200.00 in connection with Mr. Payne. This time he has again disobeyed me. If he sets such example in the Society it will be a great impediment. Obedience is the first law of discipline. We are thinking of a great world wide organization which is not possible to be executed if there is disobedience.

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
710215SB.GOR Lectures

There is a Bengali proverb that how God works, that one man, a householder is praying to God, “My dear Lord, there may not be any theft case, burglary, in my home this night. Please save me.” So one man is praying prayer, praying like that. Another man is praying, the thief, “My dear Lord, this night I shall commit burglary in that house. Please help me to get something.” Now, what is Krsna’s position? (laughter) Krsna is everyone’s heart. So Krsna has to satisfy so many prayers. The burglar and the thief and the householder, so many prayers. So Krsna’s adjustment… But He’s still… That is Krsna’s intelligence, how He adjusts. He gives everyone freedom.

And everyone is given facilities, but still He’s in botheration. Therefore Krsna advises to his devotees that “Don’t plan anything. You rascal, you nonsense, you don’t give Me trouble. (laughter) Please surrender unto Me. Just go under My plan; you’ll be happy. You are making plan, you are unhappy; I am also unhappy. I am also unhappy. (laughter) So many plans are coming daily, and I’ll have to fulfill.” But He’s merciful. If a… Ye yatha mam prapadyante tams… So except the [pure] devotee of Krsna, everyone is simply giving Krsna trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble. Therefore, they are called duskrtina. Duskrtina, most miscreant, the miscreants. Don’t make any plan. Accept Krsna’s plan. That will be simply giving trouble to Krsna. Therefore, a devotee does not pray even for his maintenance.

That is pure devotee. He doesn’t give trouble to Krsna even for his bare maintenance. If he has no maintenance, he’ll suffer, fasting; still, he’ll not ask Krsna, “Krsna, I am very hungry. Give me some food.” Of course, Krsna is alert for His devotee, but a devotee’s principle is not to place any plan to Krsna. Let Krsna do. Simply we have to do according to the plan of Krsna.


Devotee: Prabhupada, I heard it said that the spiritual master will always come back until his devotees, his disciples, have achieved God realization. Can you explain that?
Prabhupada: Yes. But don’t try to take advantage of it. (laughter) Don’t try to give trouble to your spiritual master like that. Finish your business in this life. That is especially meant for those who are slack. His devotee, his disciple should be serious in serving spiritual master. If he is intelligent he should know that “Why should I act in such a way that my spiritual master has to take the trouble to reclaim me again? Let my business be finished in this life.” That should be the right way of thinking. Not that, “Oh I am sure my spiritual master will come, let me do all nonsense.” No. So if you have got any, I mean to say, affection for the spiritual master, then you should finish your business in this life so that he may not come again to reclaim you. Is that all right? Don’t take advantage of this business. Rather, be serious to finish your business. That is a fact.

710211SB.GOR Lectures

In this life we want to finish this material existence for good. That should be the responsibility, that “We are going to finish this material existence for good. No more coming.” Tyaktva deham punar janma naiti. If you take responsibility in that way, then everything will be adjusted. Serious. My Guru Maharaja used to say like that, that “Finish this business in this life. Don’t delay for the next life.” He was telling also that “Don’t give me trouble again to come here to deliver you.” That is the responsibility of spiritual master. Spiritual master responsibility is to take the disciple to Krsna, until he is able to do, to help him, to help him, to help him. That is the verdict of the sastras.

SB 4.18.5    A foolish person who manufactures his own ways and means through mental speculation and does not recognize the authority of the sages who lay down unimpeachable directions is simply unsuccessful again and again in his attempts.

PURPORT At the present moment it has become fashionable to disobey the unimpeachable directions given by the acaryas and liberated souls of the past. Presently people are so fallen that they cannot distinguish between a liberated soul and a conditioned soul. A conditioned soul is hampered by four defects: he is sure to commit mistakes, he is sure to become illusioned, he has a tendency to cheat others, and his senses are imperfect. Consequently we have to take direction from liberated persons.

Conclusions: When one gives us the mentality of wanting to serve his spiritual master and the Vaisnavas, he becomes asara, or useless. Prabhupada tells us there are three kinds of “disciples”. Guru bhogi, gutru tyagi and guru sevi. The disciple who wants to enjoy the assets of his guru maharaj is useless as he only wants to imitate Krsna as enjoyer, completely forgetting his actual position as servant.

For example, -the “devotee” who comes to regular programs,likes prasadam and kirtan, but refuses to do things when asked,or finally does something after being badgered a hundred times. This person has not understood the servant mentality, even though he or she may have a dasa or dasi after their name. The guru tyagi renounces the orders of his guru because he thinks there is something “else” better, or that what his own guru has given him is no longer relevant in so called modern times. For example, all the Prabhupada book changes currently going on is an example of one who has renounced the order of his guru because he thinks he knows better than his own guru.

And the guru sevi disciple the one who actually tries to understand and serve his gurus orders, without concoction,he is disciple, and no others. Srila Prabhupada gives a nice example above about the position of the Supersoul who has to “adjust” the position of those who pray to Him for all kinds of material things. The thief and the householder, both want something and Krsna is being troubled by this constant wanting wanting wanting of Himself by these people. The same principle can be applied to aspiring devotees, if we have not learnt or have forgotten, that when we chant Hare Krsna maha mantra,we are supposed to be praying for selfless service—not this— Dear Lord Krsna, Hare Krsna Hare Krsna, please give me this or that, or remove this or that.

The more we understand our actual position as servant, the less pain or bother we will be giving to Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krsna. After all, pure devotional service is supposed to be without mental speculation or fruitive desire and that which is favorably rendered to please Sri Guru and Sri Krsna. Hare Krsna
Damaghosa das

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  1. We have stopped wearing robes and have cut off our flags. He said these appurtanences are too strange-looking to outsiders and only make it more difficult for them to consider chanting Hare Krishna. Swami Kirtanananda has said we must avoid appearing to be Orientalists if we are to have 108 centers in the US.” Doesn't this sound exactly like Hreedyeanandana and Beer Krishna Goswmai's? Don't they say we need to stop doing these things that Prabhupada said to do? They are a** holes.


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