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The Guru-less Sampradaya Sun Speaks Up!

[PADA: Thanks prabhu, good questions. Did Rocana say his wife is actually running the Sampradaya Sun site? Is she listed as the owner - operator? Is Rocana's wife initiated by any GBC gurus? Did Rocana say his wife wrote much of the DOR? If Rocana accepts the GBC guru system, has he surrendered his wife to that system? Is Chakra Vyuha Devi Dasi actually Rocana's wife writing under a pen name? And if Rocana has not got her to surrender there, why would he expect others to surrender there? Good questions! Lets see what people reply, we really am not sure. ys pd]  

Apasampradayas and the Fate of the Ritviks


[PADA: Notice, the author cannot even state -- what is the actual sampradaya? Who is the guru of their Sampradaya? The ritviks have deviated from, what sampradaya? We do not ever know, and the author never says. The ritviks have deviated from -- nothing that can identified? The ritviks at least can identify their line, this author cannot do so. The ritviks have gone astray from -- the phantom guru program, that has no guru at all? Does this make any sense?]

*** As told in Mahabharata, there was once a tribal prince whose name was Ekalavya.

[PADA: This author is in the line of the Mahabharata? If the author has no identified guru line, how can they comment on the Mahabharata? OK, and what does Ekalavya's line have to do with Srila Prabhupada and his disciplic line? Ekalavya is not listed by Srila Prabhupada as part of his line. The author never lists their guru line, nor even says they are part of any line, and they want us to accept their phantasm non-existing line?]

*** Today there are shadowy reflections of Ekalavya rising up who call themselves Ritviks. They are panthis because they have created an unauthorized panth, a temporary and unsupported "sampradaya" which in fact is an apa-sampradaya or a false disciplic line that in truth sits outside the pale of the genuine order. 

[PADA: What order? What sampradaya? What current guru's worship are the ritviks avoiding? Who is the current guru the ritviks are avoiding? Where is the program of the guru the ritviks are avoiding? Why doesn't the author ever tell us who their guru is, and what line they are following? How can we follow a system where they never tell us what line, what guru, what program, they are promoting?]

*** As proof of their fantasy, these so-called Ritviks are preaching that Shrila Prabhupada can easily be accepted as one's guru without his consent. 

[PADA: Except that we now have to worship no line, no guru, no one, because no one is ever mentioned by the author? We have no idea who is supposed to be worshiped as our guru instead, as no alternate guru is ever mentioned in this article. The author says we need to get a non-existing person to accept us? This makes no sense at all.]

*** And even though their worship may appear to offer some remarkable results, there will come a time when they will have to face Shrila Prabhupada himself, as Drona confronted his "disciple" Ekalavya. Who can say what dakshina will be requested of them then?

[PADA: Ekalavya was not listed in our line. In any case, there is no result from worship of no one, as this author is recommending.]

*** In the Bhaktivedanta Purport to Srimad Bhagavatam (4.17.5) we find this eye-opener: "There are four Vaisnava sampradayas (systems) of disciplic succession. One sampradaya comes from Lord Brahma, one from the goddess of fortune, one from the Kumaras, headed by Sanat-kumara, and one from Lord Siva. These four systems of disciplic succession are still going on. 

[PADA: Going on where? Who is the representative of this line?]

*** As King Prthu has illustrated, one who is serious about receiving transcendental Vedic knowledge must accept a guru, or spiritual master, in one of these four disciplic successions. 

[PADA: The author has failed to do that, and never mentions who their guru is, or even if they have a guru.]

*** The rascals of these so-called sampradayas do not observe the Vedic rules and regulations. Although they are addicted to all kinds of sinful activities, they still offer the people mantras and thus mislead them. Intelligent persons, however, know that such mantras will never be successful, and as such they never patronize such upstart spiritual groups. People should be very careful of these nonsensical sampradayas. To get some facility for sense gratification, unfortunate people in this age receive mantras from these so-called sampradayas."

[PADA: This exactly describes the GBC's guru lineage supported by people like Rocana. Their gurus are not following the Vedic rules.]

*** Everyone has a limited degree of freedom here in this material world, which is what makes it such a mad place. One may claim to be either this or that—and then try to create an imagined persona that substantiates their claim. 

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada is an imagined persona? No, the guru this person is recommending is imaginary, no guru is named by this author.]

*** It is to be understood that advanced disciples were being trained to take on the duties of guru once the spiritual master departed.

[PADA: Here we go again, the illicit sex guru project was "being trained to take on the duties of guru." Who has been trained, where is this trained person? Why isn't the name of this trained person ever mentioned?]

*** Having deviated from the established system of parampara, the new age Ritviks invite everyone to join their club while avoiding the burden of taking any responsibility of dutifully becoming representatives of the previous acharya. 

[PADA: Established where? Who is the guru that has been established? Who has accepted the responsibility of being the acharya? Why does this author never say who that is? We only accept the established system, which does not exist, has no name, no guru, no nothing!]

*** Either the Ritvik dreamers will meet the previous acharya at the time of death, or (since they have no real tangible link to the sampradaya) they may fall victim to Maya in the form of drug. alcohol or sex addiction. 

[PADA: Exact description of the gurus promoted by the GBC and Rocana.]

*** For the Ritviks, time is running out for their opportunity for redemtion. If they do not return to the genuine sampradaya as humble servants of the servants of Shri Guru, they will soon entirely lose their spiritual moorings. 

[PADA: We cannot return to a guru sampradya that has no name, no guru, no shastra, no programs, no existence at all? How can we surrender to a guru that has no name, and no known existence? This proves the GBC and Rocana have become Mayavadis, they cannot even list the name of the guru in their sampradaya! ys pd]

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