Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another Paramahamsa Emerges?


  1. Another Paramahamsa? Here is something else that has been bothering me. When Prabhupada was present he did not tell his disciples to never criticize his godbrothers because it was the biggest offense on the planet. He told his disciples to not go near them, stay away from them, which ones were the most envious and ruined the Math and so on.

    When the dirty 11 post '77 gained control they stated that none of their disciples could criticize any of their godbrothers. This gave the godbrothers who supported the gurus an elevated status that they still enjoy today. "How DARE you criticize the godbrother of your guru! That is equal to criticizing THE guru himself!" is often the chastisement a neophyte devotee will get from a senior devotee. The problem is the senior devotees in this movement and the gurus themselves are ALL neophytes! Therefore to criticize them for pretending to be more than they are is not an offense. The real offense is perpetrated by these offenders and pretenders who are using this false philosophy to maintain a material position of superiority over the new devotees. Even up to the point of creating a GBC emeritus position, something that Srila Prabhupada never created, for someone as fallen as Mad Dog Ravindra Swarup. The only reason I can think of they could possibly have for doing this is to try to maintain their positions of artificially created superiority to the very end. That is the very personification of envy of every devotee who has joined the movement after Srila Prabhupada left the planet. They want to maintain the claim that they are the most advanced devotees on the planet simply because they joined before we did.

  2. "Devotees" just need to follow the LAW! Srila Prabhupada said to follow the laws of the country. Yet we have seen in the past K. Swami had a henchman who murdered on his behalf, just because a devotee spoke out against him. And what the devotee spoke out was so bad, so awful, and so true it would have ruined K. "Swami". So since K. Swami was so bad did his "honor and false prestige" need defending like that? Of course not. And now the devotee who did the killing, was convicted for it, is out of jail. Can you beat that? I had heard it was going to happen but did not believe it. Many devotees are still afraid of him now. K. Swami gave him sannyasa but does that mean he can no longer kill on Krishna's behalf if his twisted Vietnam mind decided he should once again? And who knows how many devotees he killed besides the one he got caught doing? ISKCON kicks out so called gurus from time to time they need to kick out so called ksatriyas who like to beat up devotees as well. One time is more than enough to kick someone out like that for life. If nothing else it will set the example for others of like minds so they won't do the same thing. And "gurus" should also learn not to have their own hit squads as well. "Gurus" are not above the law. No one is.


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