Tuesday, April 15, 2014

ISKCON Leaders Lost Credibility (Amar Puri)

AP: I find this personality Hansadutta Dasa as a devotee leader whose mind is very unbalanced, like so many other leaders in Iskcon. The reason being, that all these so called leaders have had a strong desire to take the place of Srila Prabhupada, and take over His world wide Iskcon. That is what they did.

This is also what happened in the Gaudiya Matha, they were motivated and took over their guru's seat and assets, and then they ruined His mission. Same pattern. Unfortunately, some of them were not able to hold on to their respective self-created imperious, grandious, and pompous positions, and thus they fell down in due course of time.

Those who seem to be holding on to their personally desired agenda for their bogus guru POSITIONS etc. within the present Iskcon, are constantly creating changes, changes not only in the Books of Srila Prabhupada, but always implementing new and different sets of rules and regulations in order to continue holding on to their created respective positions within the present Iskcon. Now they simply say its common for acharyas to be attracted to illicit affairs, they have changed the entire siddhanta of Krishna and ISKCON.

ALAS …. Hansadutta Dasa has happened to be one of these unfortunate fallen persons who could not hold on to his false self-advertised position, but he is still being desirous for certain Labha, Puja and Prathistha, as it seems, so he is still unable to humble himself and learn from his very own MISTAKES, mischievously done in his own life up until now.

That is the dilemma. That is why even his own preaching as being a Ritvik Representative of Srila Prabhupada is not efficiently effective, neither in the Iskcon nor out side of the Iskcon. He is still not taken seriously because the underlying attitude problem does not seem to have fully changed over.

Giving him and the readers the benefit of doubt, that he is humble, then WHY Hansadutta dasa is not humbly admitting his wrong doing and exposing the FACTS, such as this Poison issue, the bogus appointment, the crimes that went on, and so on ………AS AN ORDINARY HUMBLE DEVOTEE and work with the other like minded group of people who are following Srila Prabhupada.

Why he is not doing this ?

It simply means that he has no CREDIBILITY at all. Is this not a FACT?


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  1. Trust me, I met this Hansaduta once and he is a scary individual, very scary.


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