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Hansadutta Attacks Jesus to Rationalize Poison Issue

Hansadutta replies to PADA (04/15/14)

@"Justice for our Spiritual master"

Below Hansadutta prabhu suggest that all this poison talk turns Prabhupada into a fool. So Hansadutta pr is asking us to stop turning Prabhupada into a foolish conditioned soul.

Dear Rammohan Prabhu, Obeisances, all glories ti Srila Prabhupada.

All this talk and speculation of Prabhupada being poisoned started years after Srila Prabhupada disappeared, I noted that it was mostly disgruntled and frustrated devotees, who had some axe to grind with Tamal Krishna or others. Do you really think Srila Prabhupada would silently, without clearly, unambiguously and specifically saying by name, time and place "Tamal Krsna, or Bhavananda or such and such devotees are poisoning me with Arsenic." He was such a fool?

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada does say he is being poisoned by someone. For example, Bhakti Caru swami was in the room, and then crying outside of Srila Prabhupada's room. When asked why he was crying, he said "because Srila Prabhupada says he is being poisoned." Adridharana das was also in the room, he says he was "very alarmed" by the poison complaint. In short, everyone in the room agrees Srila Prabhupada says he is being poisoned by someone. Bhakti Caru swami sums it up: "someone gave him poison here." The kaviraja also says -- some demons are giving him poison, and so on and so forth.

THUS! The people in that room did know that Srila Prabhupada is saying he is being poisoned, because they ALL confirmed they heard the poison complaint at that time. Hansadutta claims that there was no poison complaint, and no confirmation from the people in the room, but clearly -- he is wrong.

Prithu Putra swami also said he knew Srila Prabhupada had been poisoned, and that is why he left ISKCON. Nanda Kumar says he knew there was a big demon in Srila Prabhupada's presence, a demon that he should have killed. Various kavirajas said they knew Srila Prabhupada was being poisoned. Srila Prabhupada says "yeh sab friends" are talking about poisoning me, and they were. The whispers prove that. One whisper (for example) says, "the poison is going down." Hansadutta fails to explain these issues, other than to say its all foolishness. Really? The poison is going down -- is some sort of silly foolishness?  

And if Srila Prabhupada did not trust the people in his room, and he didn't, apparently because he felt most of them were simply waiting for him to die so they could sit in his seat, why would he say anything to any of them at all? He had already said on November 3rd 1977, -- "my only request is, do not torture me and put me to death." Why would he even have to say such a thing, unless ... he is being tortured and put to death? 

READ: He is being "tortured and put to death" by this group.

Srila Prabhupada said he was being poisoned in Hindi, to make sure at least some people knew he was being poisoned. He knew that Hindi portion of the tape could come out eventually, and the whole issue would be exposed, and that is exactly what happened. That is very clever, he knew his poison complaint was being tape recorded, and EVENTUALLY it would get into the right hands, and come out in due course, because it was hidden in the hindi tape. 

We heard there was such a tape in existence in the year 1990, so we prayed to Krishna to get that tape, and in 1997, Krishna answered our prayers and He got us the tape. Thus Krishna arranged that the poison complaint would become openly evident after some time, and it did emerge later on. 

Of course not only the poison complaint surfaced, eventually all sorts of other crimes of this GBC guru clique -- ALSO -- "came out later" on as well. Thus all the banning, beating, molesting, assassinating, is now very clear. All this emanated from this group, just like the stink of dog stools emanates from the stools itself, this group committed ALL these crimes, and this could be just the tip of the iceberg as far as we know. 

Since this guru clique is now WELL known publicly and worldwide as deviated criminals, why would they not poison someone to take over their victims assets, money and property, that is what criminals do every single day of the week? One reason the poison issue is accepted so widely is -- exactly because its CRYSTAL clear the guru clique leaders are great criminals. Look at the way these leaders collectively treated the devotees of Srila Prabhupada, banning, beating, killing them, why would then not treat the father of these devotees the same way? What many folks NOW say is -- "Of course they would treat the father the same way they treated his children." Makes perfect sense!

By 1985 Hansadutta has banished and banned 99.99 percent of his God brothers and sisters from the Berkeley temple. That means he demonized the worship of Srila Prabhupada, and made them fear for their lives. Devotees of Srila Prabhupada told us repeatedly, they feared for their lives from Hansadutta's regime. That means Hansadutta killed their service to Krishna, and killed the worship of the pure devotee. Is there a whole lot of difference between killing the guru, and  killing the worship of the guru? Not a whole lot!  

For example, one poor ex-poojari lady told us -- since Hansadutta had kicked her out of her service to the deity, she lost her will to live. Shortly after that (1986) she died from cancer. She had lost her will to live means, Hansadutta killed her spirit, and then her body followed suit. Krishna mercifully took her away from  these Hansadutta-ized people. De facto, Hansadutta killed her, and slowly by cancer disease, she was indeed "tortured and put to death" by Hansadutta's program. If Hansadutta would de facto kill the devotees of Srila Prabhupada by killing their spirit to live, and torturing and putting them to death, why would his regime not attack the father of these same devotees? Most folks agree, they would treat the father the same way as his children. 

And now Hansadutta says because all of these devotees had their service killed by his party, if not their lives were killed, they are fools? Demons have always attacked the service of the devotees, they passed urine on the brahmana sacrifices, burned their houses, kidnapped their wives, even killed the brahmanas, that is what demons do since time immemorial. Does that means brahmanas are fools because they are always attacked by demon enterprises like Hansadutta's? 

And in 1986 the GBC wrote that Kirtanananda is "like Jesus," and Hansadutta was a big kirtana leader of that "Jaya Bhaktipada" parade. Hansadutta was saying Kirtanananda is "the purest devotee on the planet." Hansadutta is comparing his homosexual pals like Kirtanananda to Jesus, and we are getting killed as a  result, does that make us fools? 

Saying we have to worship deviants and not Jesus is what happened to Jesus himself when he was here! Pharisees like Hansadutta said we need to worship deviants and not Jesus, even when Jesus was here, thus the propaganda of people like Hansadutta is how Jesus was killed in the first place! Hansadutta types have displaced the worship of pure devotees in favor of deviants, and had the pure devotees or the devotees of the pure devotees beaten and killed, ever since time began. What difference does it make if Pharisees say the worship of Jesus is bogus whether he is physically here or not, the mentality is the same, to kill the worship. 

Devotees great and small are "tortured and put to death" by Hansadutta type regimes -- ever since time began. Anyway Srila Prabhupada says, the way you treat the master's dog is how you treat the master. Thus the servants of Srila Prabhupada were banned, beat and killed by Hansadutta' regime, that is apparently, how he treats the master as well, at least according to Srila Prabhupada. Sorry Jesus was crucified, thousands of Christians were tossed to the lions, Sulochana was killed, in sum -- Vaishnava preachers are arrested, tortured, killed, since millions of years ago, that does not make them fools, that makes them Krishna's heros. Krishna loves these preachers, all of them, great or small.] 

HD: Srila Prabhupada ran a pharmacy as a business, made his own medicine, was quite familiar with chemicals ( Worked for Bose's laboratories ) and their effect, one of his close friends was Dr. Ghosh.

[PADA: And that is one reason he knew he was being poisoned. He knew the symptoms, he said he had the symptoms, he says he read it in a book somewhere. Yes, he would know he had the symptoms of poison from his pharmacy background. Correct. 

Dr. Bonamali confirmed that as well, Srila Prabhupada DOES HAVE the symptoms, and he said that Srila Prabhupada's urine sample showed signs of blood and bone marrow in the blood, which is a symptom of heavy metal poison (such as arsenic and cadmium). Excess of arsenic was found in his hair sample. 

A gurukuli said he saw Bhavananda pouring white powder on Srila Prabhupada's food, and arsenic also comes in powdered form. And this gurukuli said he heard them talking about poison when he was hiding under a desk. Where was Hansadutta when all this was going on? We cannot say for sure, but we can say that immediately after Srila Prabhupada departed Hansadutta and Tamal were hanging around together in Topanga, plotting how to drive us all out and remove all the Srila Prabhupada worshipers from ISKCON, and make ISKCON into a criminal operation in the name of God Almighty. 

They were peas in a PADA. Hansadutta was Tamal's bucket boy, and we hate to say it, being the bucket boy of Judas is not good, at all. Hansadutta's real reaction is because, we can all link him to these fools like Kirtanananda, Tamal, etc. As Canakya says, "the real action is in the reaction."] 

HD: Prabhupada also told us that is was said by an astrologer "This man was a doctor in his previous life"..... etc...... So - Srila Prabhupada was oblivious to who and what was going on around him and he was being administered arsenic poison by the people ( Disciples ) attending him? He just mystically ( inexplicably ) endured the administration of arsenic poisoning by some neophyte disciples?

[PADA: And Jesus was crucified because he was betrayed by his neophyte disciples. Does that mean Jesus was foolish?]  

HD: When Prabhupada was so particular about every detail of his books, deities, art work, temple construction, preparation of his and devotees' prasadam, etc....... meticulous in every endeavour and every thing he encountered.. We are to believe that at the time of his passing, he simply became indifferent, he could not say "Hansadutta ... Tamal Krsna Maharaja and so and so devotees .. are giving me poison, please help me, take me out of this situation ??" Would any ordinary man knowing he was being betrayed by his closest friends and relatives simply submit to that ?? I dont think so. Do you, does anyone?

[PADA: Jesus did exactly that, he was betrayed, he knew he was being betrayed, he could have walked down the hill from the garden of Gethsemane and left town, but he chose to stay. That was foolish?]

HD: Stop comparing Srila Prabhupada to Jesus Christ, of who no one knows (none of you all know anything about, except from imperfect hearsay ) anything, since in Christianity there is no standard.

[PADA: Christians have a far higher standard that Hansadutta. They do not pose themselves as messiahs and then have illicit sex with followers, while getting high on intoxicants. They would never dream of conducting themselves in such a degraded manner, because they have some integrity, and no small amount of respect for God and His messiahs. 

And when Kirtanananda was at the height of foolishness, and he was molesting boys etc., at that time Hansadutta declared that Kirtanananda is another pure devotee, and the GBC were advertising Kirtanananda as good as -- Jesus. This is an insult to Jesus, and Hansadutta participated in this odious deviation of comparing a homosexuals to Jesus, because he became the biggest foot kisser of Kirtanananda on the planet at that time.] 

HD:  Christians lack a Vedic system of disciplic succession perfect system of GURU PARAM PARA (as in our line).

[PADA: Christians worship Jesus, as such they would never promote the worship of deviants, drug addicts, homosexuals and criminals like Hansadutta was doing. Hansadutta has no idea what the parampara is or he never would have promoted these deviations in the name of the parampara in the first place. The real reason Hansadutta is upset with the Christians, their police and courts had to follow him and drag his cult into court to stop his crime spree in the name of God. In any case, this is another smoke screen, and does not explain the poison complaint from Srila Prabhupada.] 

HD: A line from which we can receive the perfect account of his teachings ( Words ) and his activities. Actually at the present moment, one would be hard pressed to find ONE PERFECTLY FOLLOWING AND REALIZED DISCIPLE OF LORD JESUS ON THIS PLANET.

[PADA: Even the worst Christians never promote the worship of their homosexual pals as Jesus like messiahs like Hansadutta was doing? Even our trash man would never even dream of posing as a messiah, while taking drugs, having illicit sex, and orchestrating murders of God's devotees like the Hansadutta / Kirtanananda regime was doing. And then the Christian FBI had to contain these demoniac activities, otherwise these criminals would have been unchecked, and we'd be dead as well.]

HD: When I was singing for Srila Prabhupada in those last two months, if I mispronounced a word, or omitted a word of the Bhajan, Srila Prabhupada would interject and correct me.. Does this sound like a man who had become hopelessly indifferent, depressed and in a mood of "Let it all hang out" who cares, these disciples are useless demonic persons, so let them do what they want.... I humbly accept it as the will of KRSNA? I don't think so, that was never Srila Prabhupada's attitude never, he was full of determination, and TRIKALAGNA, knower of Past-Present and

Future. Srila Prabhupada could not specifically identify who is doing what? Hard to believe.

Puranjan's stupid insane suggestion to advertise "SRILA PRABHUPADA WAS MURDERED" to establish that he was the true representative of KRSNA... "LIKE JESUS CHRIST" is .. well ! in a word .... LUNACY !!! INSANITY... the ravings of a MADMAN.

I suggest to you find the VVN article mentioned in my previous post. You go through it and decide if it is relevant..I also suggest that there should be a filtering system to determine a devotees qualification before posting his / her writings. Maybe something like , having read all of Prabhupada's books and heard his audio ( especially darshans and morning walks ) having or being a part or present temple president, actively preaching. Some standard, like a king would have a council of learned Brahmins who would give the King and his ministers sound advice on ruling his kingdom.

The idea of "Free speech / Freedom of speech" is a modern absurdity as much as "free love / sexual freedom" women's rights ( Women Gurus) ... Gay rights, ( Gay Gurus, for the Gays ?? ) same sex marriage.... non discrimination, Democracy, Anarchy etc.... this is all non - sense ( Prabhupada taught us ) but it is being introduced more and more in the community of Prabhupada's disciples world wide... Why? you want to have a Gay Guru? a woman Guru? a lesbian Guru? a Pedophile Guru? a transgender Guru??

CORRECTION TO MY PREVIOUS POST; I realised, Actually Puranjan is not a fly... He's a maggot or worm in the stool, flies at least touch and go, but maggots and worms in stool are perpetually absorbed and at home in stool. Puranja's exclusive engagement is finding out, eating and serving up stool 24/7. He's not a fly, he's a worm in stool. I wanted to correct that.

Your servant,
Hansadutta dsas

[PADA: As tri-kala jna, he knew I would get my hand on his tape and expose you rats. Yep, you demonized us and had us killed, and you are still at it. Saying that Jesus is a fool because he allowed himself to be betrayed is not going to help your argument. Srila Prabhupada's astrology chart says, you will live for ten more years, if you can live for the next six months, the real danger is from your "juniors and subordinates." Danger from juniors and subordinates? That means, no one else other than your party Mr. Hansadutta. ys pd]

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